New year wishes for Son | Lots and lots of HNY messages for him

New year Wishes for Son

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When it comes to writing a quality New Year wishes for son, it is difficult to jot down a heartwarming HNY wish at the last moment. 

For a parent, nothing is more satisfying to them than to see their son succeeding. Needless to say, but a son is an important member of a family and he is likely the one to stay with his parents forever and look after them as per the tradition. 

So without further wasting your time, let us give you the New Year wishes for son for which you have come to this post.

New year Wishes for Son

Nothing could be more precious than you, the one who was gifted by God, the one who gave us immense joy. May this New Year bring you loads of happiness, luck, and prosperity. You deserve everything. Happy New Year my Son. You are amazing!

If there was ever a time to start a new journey, to forge a new path in your life, it is right now my son. May this New Year propels you to work hard and fulfills all your dreams.

Last year has gone and the new one has arrived with a new decade also. May this year, exuberance be yours, and may it gives a breakthrough in your career. Happy New Year my Son. God Bless you.

Never let your dreams intimidate you. The universe always arouses anxiety and anticipation at the same time if you are following your heartfelt desires. I wish this New Year gives you vitality and exuberance to do the necessary. Happy New Year my dear Son!

Know that your unspoken words always reach our heart and soul. Know that in times of need, we will always fully support. Happy New Year to our Son. May this New decade lavishes him with success, vigor and amazing life partner. Lots of love!!

Your smile entrenched me into the existence of the divine. Your cute little face melted me into tears of happiness. Blessed are the parents, who witness your jovial smile in their lap, lucky are those parents who brought you into this world of life. A very happy New Year my handsome son. Lots of love from mommy and daddy!

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You are the precious gem of our life. You are the star that illuminates our every moment. The wind, the breeze and the life itself stop for us when you are not around. May this New Year, we get to spend a lot of time with each other. Love you, my Son!

May this New Year surrounds you with optimism. May this New Year awakens you from the hibernation of procastination. May you conquer your deepest fears and anxiety, and the world will reward you deeply. A very Happy New Year my Son. May God bless you!

The Divine has an uncanny knack of throwing surprises every now and then. Consider them as opportunities and it will reward you far better than you expect. Happy New Year my Son!

May this New Year drives you to chase exultation through hard work and perseverance. Know that nothing is impossible for you my Son. The almighty has instilled in you, every bit of potential to succeed in this world. A very Happy New Year to you.

A life on your terms can only be lived if you are willing to sacrifice some pleasure. I hope the new year compels you to take massive strides in your effort. I pray to almighty to give you some jolt of invocation this year. A happy new year and new decade my dear son!

There are no dearth of opportunities in this world my Son. May this New Year surrounds you with lots of them. May the blessing of the new year and new decade cushions you against the negativity of life. You are a star of one of its kind and you deserve stupendous success.

Let perseverance be your sole motto this year. Know that perseverance is to success what Carbon is to steel. May the almighty showers its blessings on to you this year. May you achieve the unthinkable.

This New year marks the beginning of your chase towards your ultimate vision. A vision to have your own empire. You have all my blessings and support my dear. A very happy new year to you!

Wishing my son happy new year

Hello Son, hoping this New year revels in you the feeling of your past accomplishments so that you take up bigger challenges with more zeal. Never take shortcuts to success as they do not provide long-lasting rewards. Happy New Year buddy!!

May this New Year yields you success beyond your wildest dreams. May you acquire accolades from all spheres. Victory is guaranteed to those who perspire and persevere, and may you achieve behemoth of financial revenue this year. Happy New Year my champion!!

The real pleasure of life only exists when a man chases his dream with full force. I hope this New Year, the divine instills in you the courage, willpower, and perseverance to transform your goals into reality. Happy New Year!

Never ever compare yourself to others. Their path and perceptions are likely to be different. This New Year, I give you my blessings to forge your own path and to trust your gut instincts. Happy New year my handsome sonny!!

New year wishes for son from dad

Let your character speaks volumes about your strong intent. May your demeanor keeps the negative people from yourself. The world obliges to those who persevere, I hope that you built an empire all by yourself. Happy New Year Son. Lots of love from Daddy.

Nothing boosts the ego of a father than to see his son as an exact replica of his demeanor. May your success surpasses mine with ease. May the almighty grant you vigor, effervescence and vitality in abundance. Happy New Year champion!! Daddy loves you a lot!

Work day and night. Do not look at the clock, until the sun beams into your eye. Move fearless with intent and hard work and let your success do all the noise in the night and day. A very very happy New Year to you my Son. May God Bless you!

God gave me you so that my unfulfilled dreams could be transformed into reality. I have high hopes for you. May this New Year take you up to immense heights of success. Happy New Year. Your dad has full faith in you.

Old man and Young handsome son

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Know that my love and faith in you will never waiver. Know that my hopes are always high for you. Let this New Year heals the bruises of the hardship that you had to go through. Know that success will be 10 times more rewarding to you. Happy new year My Son!!

Success only comes to those who value it by chasing it with a full heart. Remember it is only the initial success which is hard. May this New Year catapults your hard work into an extreme reward this year. Hoping this New Decade sees you become a millionaire! Happy New Year to you My Son. Daddy has full faith in you.

Let this New Year and new decade instill in you the values of hard work, perseverance and the ability to cope up with the bad times. Know that everything will be yours if you are willing to pay the price! Happy New Year Son! Daddy is always there for you.

The character of a strong man truly reflects when he forges an empire from scratch. Let the positive occasion of New year reminds you that there is no such thing as failure. Either you win or you learn! Happy New Year Son!! Lots of love

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Let this New Year gives you rejuvenating powers like the phoenix who always rises again from her ashes. May God gives you infinite strength to bear the failures. Keep moving my Son, victory shall be yours sooner than later. Happy New Year!

Let simplicity be the virtue of your character. Let altruism be the sole motto of your life. May this New Year showers loads of courage and hard work for you. May you have the strength to keep crawling forward this year to your goals without any respite. Happy New Year to you my son!

Do remember that you are unique. That the world has never seen the likes of you. That they never ever will be able to measure the untapped potential in you. Forge your own path in life and see the world falling into your feet. Happy New Year son!

New year wishes for Son from mother

You are my replica in this world. You are my lifeline. My world revolves around you. My heart beats with you. May you achieve all the goodness in your life this year. Happy New year my lovely son.

You will always be the average of five closest people in your life. Surround yourself with greatness and life will offer you the very best of it beyond your wildest expectations. Happy New Year dear

You are the apple of my eye. You are the star destined for great success. May you become invincible and unstoppable to sail through the hardships. Happy New Year my lovely Son!

How can God be so kind to me? How can such a wonderful boy come to my life? I must have done some good deeds to have you in this life. Happy New Year my handsome son. You are the pie of my life. You are the champion of my life.

When I look into your sparkling eyes, I see a glimpse of the divine. You are the perfect son for me more than what I wished from God. Happy new year to you my sweetheart!

Mommy and son at New Year

Image Source: – Photo by Stacy Brumley from FreeImages

You are the epitome of a Son. You are the bearer of our expectations. May the cosmos give you astounding exuberance, cheerfulness, and sunniness. Lots of New Year blessings to you my handsome Son. You are my lifeline.

May your business witness profound proliferation. May your enthusiasm reaches the zenith. Lots of new year blessings to you my Son. I hope this New decade sparkles your life like never before. Happy New Year once again.

Your chirpiness exudes so much innocence. Your smile reflects a lot of confidence. May the divine bestows more liveliness, more zeal, and happiness to your life. A very Happy New year my handsome son! You are the perfect child any parent could have!

Funny New Year wishes for Son from Dad

May this New Year drives you to integrate more altruistic values in your life. Just don’t give too much to the needy so that you end up borrowing money from your Daddy all the time. Jokes apart. Happy New Year my handsome son.

May this New Year, you divert all the attention from the gazillions of beautiful women in your life. Time has now come to chase the behemoth of success instead of the women. Happy New Year my son!!

Nothing feels more satisfying to a Father than to see his son settling down with a beautiful, charming lady. Hope this New Year, you find the woman of your dreams so that I can spend the rest of my days relaxing. Happy New year by the way!!

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The time now has come to put an end to your procrastination. The upcoming year is available with brimming opportunities. May the New Year withers you from your partying, vacationing and shopping spree. Happy New Year my handsome!!

I hope this New Year catapults you into the stupendous work ethic so that you can give me a new car on my birthday. Happy New year my champion!!

I hope this new year gives you a voracious appetite for success. Well, a bit of that can also be channeled into other things, if you understand what I mean! Happy new year handsome sonny!!

Let this New Year encourages you to accomplish the resolutions of the last two years. Happy New year my lazy Son. May the almighty yields you some vivacity this year.

I wish this New Year jolts you out of the mediocrity and spurs on to you some strenuous situations so that you stop relying on your rich dad every time. Kudos to our father-son relationship. And know that daddy loves you. A happy new year my handsome sonny!

Dad and son having a fun time

Image Source: – Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Two things your daddy never settles for. The first is mediocrity, the second is bullshitting. If only God can make you acquire these two traits of mine, I will be on cloud nine. Kidding, well not actually! Hoping that this New year, you inclined towards those traits. Happy New Year Sonny!

There is no better feeling in the world than to see your Son settle down. After all, your father needs to get rid of your bloody responsibilities. Jokes Apart! May this New Year settles you down very quickly. Happy New Year Son!

I wish this New Year, you get rid of your habit of being a couch potato, I wish my boot was always up there, at the place which you already know by the way. Kidding only Son! God bless you and a very happy new year!

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May this New Year you score tons of chicks. May it give you unbelievable experiences, if you understand what I am saying. Just don’t let your mother known about this wishful thinking of mine for you. Happy New Year handsome!!

May this New Year installs in your thick head about dealing well with the colleagues. Ahh, I forgot that you are my son. But nothing wrong in wishful thinking! Isn’t it? Happy New year my Son. May you acquire tons of riches.

People say that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I differ with them straightaway. It was me who contributed to your existence. So technically, it is me, who has been the best thing ever happened to me myself. Jokes apart! Happy New Year to you lovely Boy!

May this New Year you settle down pretty quickly, so that your mommy and I can have the entire house to ourselves all the time, if you understand what I am trying to say. Happy New year my darling son!

Hilarious New year wishes for Son from Mom

Let this New year teach my son how to wake up early in the morning. May it propel him to be fitter so that the opposite sex would eye him even more. Sending you all my love on this New Year. Lots of love from mommy!

Cute Son and Mom Image

Image Source: – Image by Tammy Cuff from Pixabay

There is nothing in this world that my son cannot do, except for hearing his mom’s timely advice. May this New Year urges him to lend ears to my opinions and suggestions. All the very best for your career my handsome son!

If there is an Oscar for being a lazy bum, my son would surely get it. Hoping that this New Year, you start to move around your a** in all spheres of life. A bit harsh I guess? But know that your mother’s support is always there for you. Happy New Year Sonny!

This New Year, I hope your mind, heart and the important part of your body will stay away from women. Let this year be solely dedicated towards your career my Son. Opportunities are ripe this year and you need to grab them with both hands. Happy New Year. Lots and lots of love from mommy!

A man’s character is directly proportional to his capacity for bearing the tantrums of the opposite sex. So for goddamn sake, do lend your ears to my advice from next time. Happy New Year to you sweetheart!

There is no better feeling in the world than to see your son getting chased down by all the opposite sex. Wishing you a blastful time this upcoming year, if you understand what I mean! Happy New Year Sonny! Proud of you!

Happy New Year to your son when he has recently joined a college

Your college years will play a profound role in your career. Let this New Year impel you to study harder. Let this new decade witness your rag to riches story. Happy New year my son. Lots of blessings from mommy and daddy.

New Year Wishes for son and daughter in law

God has been kind to give you a beautiful loving wife. May you both enjoy the pinnacle of pleasure, happiness, and abundance. You both are a source of joy for me. I hope this new year and new decade brings you immense success in your personal and professional endeavors. Happy New Year to both of you.

Ever since you two have got married, our family has been on a spree of joyous time, exuberance and vitality. I wish that this camaraderie between us becomes stronger with the passage of time. Happy new to you guys from mommy and daddy!

New Year Wishes for son and his family

May the cosmos bless your family with euphoria, abundance, and great health. May this New year and new decade bring you stupendous success in your career. A Happy new year my lovely Son!

There is no such pleasure as seeing your son and his family living the life of their dreams. I hope this New Year brings you even more joyous news. May the Almighty bestow upon you the liveliness, vigor, and zeal. Happy New Year to you guys!!

A very warm blessing on this New Year to the beautiful family of my darling son. You are the apple of my life and I am forever grateful to have a son like you. May you keep climbing the mountains of success. Happy New Year!!

New year wishes for Son in Law

I am proud of my daughter for choosing a husband like you. May this New Year gives you long-lasting happiness, pleasure and loads of success. Know that the family is always there for you. Lots of New Year blessings to both of you.

As a father, there is nothing more content to see his daughter in the arms of a dashing, exuberant handsome young man who is ready to conquer the world for her happiness. Happy New Year to you my son. We are blessed to have you in our family!

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The foundation of any relationship is always tested during hard times. May the cosmos gives you loads of energy to keep strengthening your love for each other. A very happy New Year to both of you. You guys are great!!

Ever since you have come into our lives, our daughter has felt nothing but joy, exhilaration, and vitality. Her beauty and glow reflect your immense value in her eyes. Happy New Year my dear son in law. We love you a lot!

New Year Wishes for my son if he is upset

May the gloom of last decade be forever replaced with exultation, euphoria, and jubilation. May the cosmos showers upon you lots of effervescence and vivacity. A very Happy New year my lovely son. May you live for eternity.

What might seem like an impossible dream is only a matter of small steps taken at frequent intervals. Always keep sight of your vision in order to recuperate faster. May God help you to work like a slog to achieve your dreams. Happy New Year my sweetheart!

Let bygones be bygones. Don’t let the wounds of the past bring you pain in the future also. Know that time is always the best healer. Lots of love to you my honey! A very Happy New Year!

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Don’t wish for an easy life, my Son! While the journey may be filled with thorns, highs and lows, troughs and crest, the reward will be damn sweeter in the end. Happy New Year Sonny!!

The challenge of the uncomfortable zone is always to keep moving forward. Very few are able to accomplish it. But the ones who do reaps tremendous rewards in their life. May you remember this note of mine and keep pushing yourself through the challenging period. Happy New Year my handsome!

Let this failure do not mark the end of your efforts. Remember that perseverance is to success, what Carbon is to Steel. Hoping that this new year will revamp your zeal to chase your dreams with full force again. A very Happy new year my lovely son!

Let the hardships of today do not make you feel miserable. For success will completely take away all your tiredness and the rewards of it will be so much sweeter than you expected. A very happy New Year my handsome son!

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Words sometimes may not align with the intention of the hearts, especially when they are absolutely pure for their near and loved ones. Let the bruises of the past year, makes you strong-willed for the upcoming challenges of the New Year. Happy New Year Son!

Just like people come in all shapes, so does the opinions. Sometimes they may sync with your beliefs and at other times they may contrast your self – confidence. Be wise, and don’t let the opinions wither you away from your far-sighted goal. Happy New Year Son!

The difference in opinion should not let the difference of attitude. Let us harbor no ill will towards each other but only love, admiration and encouragement in each other’s personal and professional endeavors. Happy New Year my Son!

It is only on our loved ones, that sometimes we humans vent out our unbiased and unfiltered opinions and behaviors. But always know that our hearts and minds are always aligned to make your life far from the hardships, something which your mother and I faced in our early days. Happy New Year!

New year Wishes for son if he is not well

I hope this New year marks the resurgence of your great health, well- being and mojo. The blessings of us and your loved ones are always with you my child. A very Happy New Year to you!

The beauty of the universe lies in its dynamic nature. There is no such thing as static. The circumstances can be changed through hard work, faith, and perseverance. May your belief be strengthened this year and hopefully, you will achieve breathtaking health and success. Happy New Year my Son!

This New Year brings along with it, a new decade. May the dawn of both of them, propels you to take good care of your health. May your vitality quadruples in this new year. Happy New Year dear Son!

May the divine shields you from the negativity of people. May the almighty propels you to accelerate towards success. This New Year, let your health be the main priority, my Son. My lots of blessings, love, and care to you on this New Year.

A wise man has rightly said that health is wealth. Let this be your new year resolution, my Son. Success and wealth can only come if a man possesses health. Get well soon my child. A very happy new year to you from mommy and daddy.

Wishing my son inspiring happy new year messages

Always remember that time is the most valuable commodity in life, even though it is intangible. Let this New Year spur you into a gargantuan action plan so that all your dreams can come true. A very happy new year and a new decade to you!

Let the cycle of every year teaches you that there will always be highs and lows in your life. But life always moves in the forward direction. Constant motion is the name of the game. Hoping this new year jolts you up for some badass work ethic. Happy new year young man!!

Always ensure that the troughs and the crest of life do not wither you away from your far-sighted goals. Let the New Year and new decade makes you even more determined to chase bigger goals. Happy New Year my Son!

Don’t let the mediocrity of your surroundings makes you settle for less. You deserve so much more than you can guess. A warm hug from mommy this New Year! May the almighty grant you life for eternity.

Always appreciate small endeavors of your near and loved ones, for happiness doesn’t require a gigantic material gift. It usually comes from small little things. I hope you make lots of supportive friends this year. Happy New Year Son!

Success may not come with a guarantee, but failure is never the end of a journey. May you keep propelling towards your desires for success only rewards those who want it with all their hearts. Happy New year my lovely son!

Let there be no iota of doubt in your mind about your success. You are brimming with essential talents and success will be yours, sooner than later. Keep faith dear. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Happy New Year to you!!

A wise man once said that success can never be acquired with only brute force. It requires constant chasing through hard work with the noblest of intentions. Let the upcoming year illuminates all your previous negative experiences into the learning curve. A Happy new year my Son!

There is no harm in losing if you are ready to get up and keep moving. Prayers and blessings are bestowed upon you by the almighty. I hope this dawn of the new decade showers you with unimaginable success.

Special Heartwarming New year wishes for Son

There is no son like you in the entire cosmos. There are no blessed parents like us in the entire world. We revel in your success, we shed tears in your failures. A very Happy New Year to you Son. May you keep making us proud for eternity.

We still remember the moment of your first cries. We still have the clothes of your first night on this planet Earth. In all these years, our Son has gone from being a cute little kid to the dashingly handsome man. We are proud of you dear. A very happy new year to you. May all the parents get a son like you!

If we could ever wish one thing from the almighty, it is to have you for eternity. Your love invigorates us. Your demeanor and altruism inspire us. I wish this New Year takes you to the zenith of success in your professional endeavors. Happy New Year Son!

Mother to Son Happy New Year wishes when he is far away 

While we may be far apart, know that my breath is synced with you. Know that my heart is rhythmed with yours. You will always be the center of my universe no matter how far you will ever be from your Mumma. Lots of love my Son and a very happy and prosperous New Year!

We may be separated by oceans, seas, and continents, yet my blessings will always find a way to your heart. Know that my vigor and zest will always invigorate you no matter where you are. Happy New Year my handsome Son!

May the blessings of the cosmos keep you safe all the time. May the almighty lavishes you with sound health throughout life. Happy New year my handsome Son!!

My mind dwells on your memories, and my heart yearns for your success. Know that the blessings of your mommy will always be with you no matter how far you are from her. Happy New year my lovely boy. May the almighty give you tons of strength to chase your dreams.

God transformed my life into sheer bliss when he presented me to you. Your smile is what I always pray for. Your success is what I always dream of. Happy New Year my son. May you achieve staggering success in your career this year.

While we may be far apart, know that my prayers and blessings are always there for you to protect you from the intangible negative forces of life. You are the sun of our family solar system. And we are always there for you. Happy New Year handsome!


I tried my level best to cover all the scenarios for the New Year’s wishes to Son. There still may be some scenarios that I can cover later on.

I hoped that you enjoyed reading the various wishes that I prepared for you to wish to your son. If you liked this post, please share it with your loved ones. Thanks and lots of love.

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