Short new year wishes for friends, colleagues, Boss, Gf, Bf, Etc.

Perfect Short New Year Wishes for everyone

Looking for Short simple sweet New Year text messages that are very pleasing? Find them here for everyone. While they may not contain a lot of words, but they do convey the essence of the Grandeur occasion such as the New Year.

Lots of people search for the Short new year’s wishes and this is why we are jotting down very our own short messages that you can send to your loved ones on the New Year 2020. So without wasting any more time, let us give you the 2 line short messages that you came here for.

Short new year wishes in English

May the dawn of New Year and new decade propels you to massive success. A Happy New year to you and your family.

Let the exuberance of New Year brings out the very best of you. May all your hard work comes to fruition this year. A very Happy New Year

I hope this New year surge you to evolve your life into all your areas. May you sail pass through the difficult circumstances and emerge out as the victor.

May this New Year surges you to the pinnacle of success in your career, health, and fitness. May the world falls at your feet. Happy New Year 2020!!

I wish this New Year brings out the very best of you. May it unleashes your potential. May it bestows you with all the blessings that you need. Happy New year !!

Soak in the positive aura of this New year which also brings along with a new decade. May you capitalize on opportunities and may success blankets you from all corners. Happy New Year!!

Let this New year teach you you may oscillate between the extreme of success and learning but there is absolutely no failure in life. May life gives yields you massive success this New Year.

Allow this New Year and decade extract every ounce of your potential. May you reach the pinnacle of success and may success chase you hard. Happy New Year!!

Let success be your sole vision this year. Let the vision of becoming a millionaire arouse all senses of your core so that you leave no stone unturned in turning your vision into reality. Happy New Year!!

Success may not be predicted tangibly but it could lie just a few steps away. Keep pushing yourself. And I wish this New Year rewards you substantially for all your hard work. Happy New Year 2020

Let this New Year define your personality with ebullience, vitality and strong will power. Sail through the hard times because the light is there at the end of the tunnel. Happy New Year

Let dreams transform into realities. May joy and abundance shield your life from the negativity. A very Happy and eventful New Year! God Bless you!!

I pray to the Gods that this New year opens up a galore of opportunities and paves the way for your success. You deserve happiness, wealth and prosperity. Happy New year to you and your family.

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Short new year wishes for friends

Friends are an integral part of our life. The occasions like New Year are perfect to wish them and to strengthen our bond with them. We have created some nicely written wishes and messages for friends that you can send them on New Year

Let us rejuvenate our level of excitement, ruthlessness, and perseverance to a whole new level this New Year. Happy New year to you!

Life has never been the same ever since you came into my life. You are my permanent source of motivation, fun, and pleasure. Happy New Year to you guys. May God bless you!

There is no better joy than to witness the success of our friends. May each and every one of you earns their deserving success this year. Happy New year Guys!

I am proud to have such a friend circle who are doers and have a progressive mindset. Very lucky to have you guys around me. Happy New Year to every one of you!!

I am the average sum of all my hard-working, kind-hearted and visionary friends. Blessed to have such friends around me. Happy New Year guys!!

You guys have made me realize the value of self-belief and perseverance. I cannot thank you guys enough for staying by my side even during the tough times. Happy New everyone guys!!

You guys have clearly turned me into a diamond. The success I enjoy is largely attributed to your motivation who kept marching me forward despite the difficult circumstances. Happy New Year Guys!!

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Short New Year wishes for best friend

You are the supremo of my success. You are the one who propelled me hard to achieve success. You are my confidant. You are my bloodline. Happy New Year my best friend!

The joy of this New Year would wither away if I don’t message my best friend. Dear…….(friend’s name)……….., may the almighty grants your every wish. Happy New Year buddy!

You are my pillar of strength. You are my rejuvenation power. Our heart and mind travel on the same wavelength. May this New Year bond our friendship for eternity!

May this New Year bestows you heavily with exuberance, youth, and vigor. May you succeed in all your professional endeavors. Happy New Year my best friend!

I wish that this New year makes you fly like an eagle, soaring in the sky, for we both are borne to shine in our personal and professional endeavors. Happy New Year buddy!!

Every New year teaches us to Let go, and Let God. I wish all your hard work results in fruitful results this year. Happy New Year to you!

We may be far apart, but our thoughts are always coherent despite time and space. I feel immense gratitude to our friendship and may it continues for eternity. Happy New Year my best friend!!

There is no better joy than giving. And you are the perfect individual to represent altruistic values. May those values retain and you climb success of ladders every passing year. Happy New year my best friend!!

Short Wishes on New Year for your GirlFriend

My soon to be wife, I wish this New Year makes us inseparable for the next lifetimes. May this New year gives you more beauty, health, and vitality. Wishing you a very happy new year my ladylove!

You are the epitome of beauty. I remind myself how grateful I am to have a lovely girlfriend like you. Sending you tight warm hugs to you this New Year. May it brings us closer!

Let this New year remind you, that you are the most exotic, beautiful and loving girl that any guy can have. Know that we may be far, but I always think of you! A very Happy New Year my love!!

Let the dawn of this new decade broadens your joy, and accelerates your growth in every endeavor of your life. Happy New Year my girl!!

Your beauty is like wine. It becomes finer with each passing year. I pray to God that it notches it up even more. Happy New Year dear!

May this New year witness your rise in fame, wealth and prosperity. May you become even naughtier with each passing day in this year. Love you sweetheart!!

For my heart, you are the epitome of resonance. You are the one who makes it purer. I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life. Love you, sweety!!

A strong man feels privileged when he finds the support of an equally strong woman. You are my strong woman baby. Don’t ever leave my side. Happy New Year!!

You are the drug that every man craves. Needless to say that your demeanor, personality, and physical beauty arouses all my senses. Happy New Year sweetheart!!!

You are a breath of fresh air. You are the shining light in my life. I am so blessed to have you by my side. Happy New Year my Lady Luck! May God unveils unimaginable joy to you!

Short New Year Wishes for GirlFriend when she is far away

We may be far apart. But my love always transcends the time and space for you. May this New Year brings more smile, more vitality, and joy to you. Your Handsome Prince!!

1000’s of miles apart, but my heart skips a beat, every time it thinks of you. The body yearns for you. The mind dwells on you. Happy New Year dear!!

Even if am miles away, my heart beats with the same rhythm of yours. This New year, you will be missed a lot, but I promise, that I am gonna make up a lot!! Happy New Year!!!

You are my pride, you are my angel. Even when far away, I could sense you sparkling with joy and serene beauty. May this New Year brings forges our relationship to a new level. Happy New Year!!

This New year is a reminder of how much I miss you. You are an integral part of my core and will always be my pillar of success. Love you sweetheart and Happy New Year!!

We may be countries away, but nothing could wither my yearning for you. My mind craves for your presence, it craves for your touch. Coming soon, baby. Happy New Year!!

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Short New Year wishes for Boyfriend

My dear love. May this New Year makes you soar high in the sky and unleashes your true potential. Soak in the exuberance of New year and keep moving forward. Happy New Year

May your career shine like a rising star in this New Year. You are the center of my universe and I wish you loads of love, prosperity, and health. Happy New year my love!

May the blessings of this New Year bond our relationship for eternity. My world revolves around you and I long for nothing but you only. Happy new year dear!

My comforter, my handsome, my love buddy, may this New Year elevates your success beyond your wildest dreams. Happy Birthday my handsome!

This New Year I pray nothing, except that our souls become intertwined for all the lifetimes. I wish to grow old with you. I wish to bear your kids. I love you. Happy New Year my handsome prince!

It was God’s destiny that we came across each other. You are truly what I have been asking for my entire life. A load of hugs and kisses to you my love on this New Year! My love has no boundaries for you!

Short New Year wishes for Boyfriend when he is far away

While your presence may not be in my proximity, know that my heart feels your rhythm. That my breath matches your pattern, and that my thoughts are wild for you! Happy New year my love! Come back soon!

I miss those caring hands, the warm chest of yours and the charming personality. You may be far away but know that you are all that I daydream all-day. Happy New Year dear!!

We may have countries separating us, but none could come between our hearts. Our hearts are intertwined with each other. Happy New Year my love!!

Short New Year wishes to Inspire Boyfriend

I understand the gravity of the situation, but I also know that you are far capable than you think. Happy New Year my handsome guy!! Lots of love

Time has now come that you remain staunch with your goals and visions. May this New Year and new decade fuels you to escape the doubts and fears. Happy New Year handsome!!

Roads to success are usually rough so that only the most deserving are able to walk through it. Keep pushing yourself, my love. Success will be inevitable. Happy New Year!

Success can only be predicted intangibly until it’s achieved. Know that you will overcome this difficult phase. My love and strength are with you. Keep moving forward. Happy New Year!

My Handsome Prince, soak in the exuberance of New Year and a new decade. Know that you are a unique star with unbelievable potential. And that I love you and have faith in you. Happy New Year!

Dear……..(Name of boyfriend)………… May you achieve the unthinkable this year. Have faith and keep marching. Know that I am always by your side. Happy New Year dear!!

Short New Year wishes for younger sister

Dear sister, may this New Year brightens your life in the most unimaginable way. May you reach the zenith of your career. Love, peace, and blessings to you. Happy New Year!

May you soar high like an eagle this New Year. May this New year notches up your beauty and your bubbliness. Happy New year to you sister!

Let beauty surge throughout you this New Year. Let the world witness the unbelievable potential of my lovely sister. Happy New Year to you! May God give you lots of health!

Short New Year wishes for elder sister

Dear Sister, your caring and jolly nature has been an intangible source of my inspiration. You will always be special to me. May this New Year yields vibrant health and lots of happiness to you.

You are a second mother to me. Your prayers and heartfelt wishes for me are always in my proximity. I wish you loads of love, kisses and warm hugs. Happy New Year sister!!

While you may not be my mother, your caring instincts for me are equal and even more sometimes. I wish that every man gets an elder sister like you. Happy New Year sister!

Short New Year wishes for Teacher (Professor)

Sir (Mam), you are the intangible pillar of my life who instilled the right values of hard work, work ethic, and kindness. I may conquer success but I will always be your dearest student. Happy New Year!

Sir (Mam), I cannot fathom moving ahead in life without your support. You are the embodiment of a great teacher. You mean a lot to me, more than you realize. Happy New Year Sir (or Mam)!

Sir (Mam), if there is anyone who has propelled me to this success, your name would be at the top. I wish this New Year brings all the joy, love and prosperity to you and your family. Happy New Year!!!

After my parents, you are the only kind soul who selflessly helped me to achieve my dreams. I look forward to reciprocating you with the same kind of help. Happy New Year Sir (or Mam)!

May the abundance of exuberance, vitality, and youth be bestowed upon you and your family. You are my favorite teacher and will always be. Happy New Year Sir (Or Mam)!

Your joyous personality, kindness, and altruistic values remain firmly instilled in my heart and mind, courtesy to your perseverance to stick with a cocky student like me. I cannot thank you enough. Happy New Year Sir (Or Mam)!

Short New Year wishes for family

Dear Mom, Dad, brothers, and sisters, may this New year rejuvenates our vitality, and gives us unforgettable moments to enjoy. Happy New Year to all of you!

Let bygones be bygones, and let the new year illuminates the ego and anger. This New Year, let us promise to acknowledge the difference in opinions. Let love roar. Happy New year everyone!

May our love for each other make us more kind. May this new year makes us more vulnerable. Let us promise to care deeply for each other until our last breath. Happy New Year guys!!

I feel blessed to born in this family. My heartfelt New year wishes to all you guys. May we be together for eternity. Happy New year and a new decade.

It would be an understatement to say that this family has been the pillar of my success. I owe all of my happiness, love and work ethic to you guys. Happy New year to all of you!!

There is no better feeling in the world to love and to be loved deeply. You guys are the part of my soul and will always remain so. Happy New year all family members!!

Your love is omnipotent. I may be far away from you guys but my heart is synced with your happiness and sorrows. I am grateful to be part of such a fantastic family. Happy New Year everyone!!

Short New Year wishes for Boss

You are the best thing that could happen to my career. I wish more leaders like you in this world. Happy New Year Boss. Know that you are fantastic!!

There is no exciting thing better than to work with someone who stays optimistic, walks his talk and delivers under the pressure. Happy New Year to you Boss and to your family.

You are the boss in the truest sense. I admire your altruistic values and your ability to walk your talk. Happy New Year Sir.

Your subtle charming personality is a big motivation for all of us. Your self-belief is infectious. And your hard work is phenomenal. Thank you for grooming us. Happy New Year Sir (or Mam)!!

Respected sir (Or Mam), Your hard work and work ethic is contagious. I wish to soak all the positives from you this New Year. Happy New year to you!

Dear Sir (Or Mam), your trust and faith in me were paramount in making me what I am today. I owe every bit of my success to you. Thank you for all of it and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Dear Sir (Or Mam). May this new year,  the divine yields good health, love, laughter, and joy to you. Your positive aura and friendly nature are extremely contagious. A very happy New Year to you!

Dear Mam. May this new year encourages you to groom more people like me. I feel fortunate to be your student. No matter how much I succeed, you will always be my teacher. Happy New Year!!

May this New Year delivers all the joy, glory, health and happiness to you and your family. May you always rise above the phoenix. Happy New Year Sir (Mam)!

All my jubilation and triumphs are attributed to you who taught me the intrinsic values of success. You are the best boss I have ever witnessed in my life. Happy New Year (Or Mam)!

Dear Sir(Or Mam), I could never thank you enough for planting the seeds of perseverance. I feel blessed that you were (you still are!) my boss. May this New year bring loads of joy and laughter to you.

Hello Sir (or Mam!), you have been a stellar foundation for my success in not only my professional endeavors but also my personal life. I credit all my success to you. May you achieve a lot of glories throughout life. Happy New Year Sir (or Mam!)!

Short New Year message to employees

Dear Team. You are arguably the best group of people that I could work. The last year has been phenomenal. I wish you all you guys and your family a very Happy New Year!

My Dear Team. You guys have made my success inevitable. On this New Year, I wish that all of your wishes come true. A very Happy New Year to you and your family.

My team guys. Time and again I have admired your perseverance, your work ethic and I revel in those qualities. I feel nothing but immensely proud of you guys. Happy New Year!!

On this grand occasion of New Year, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all my team members. You guys are the real champion and I am reveling in your exuberance and vitality. Keep going. Happy New Year!

There is no day that makes my day unless and I see your passionate and courageous marching towards our company’s goals and vision. You are who makes this company ahead. Happy New Year guys!!

My dear partners. I rather work along with you guys rather than any army of qualified individuals. You are the best motivator for me and I deeply care for you. Happy New Year to you and to your family!!

Short professional new year wishes

With the advent of the New Year and New Decade, we wish that our professional association brings in a plethora of revenue and opportunities. A very Happy New Year!!

May the blessings of the divine strengthens our collaboration. Let’s hope that this New Year allows us to be the behemoth of our industries. Happy New Year!!

May this New Year, we excel your expectations beyond your wildest expectations. We truly hope that services bring lots of smiles to you and your family. Happy New Year!

May this new year lavish our minds with the skies of optimism, hard work and work ethic. May you achieve the unimaginable. Happy new year to you sir.

Short happy new year wishes business

May this New Year revs up your success to a whole new level. May it grants all your wishes to come true. Our extended New year wishes to you and your family!!

It gives us great pride to serve customers like you. It is you who defines us. We sincerely pray that this New Year brings along with itself a host of opportunities, goodies, and blessings from the almighty.

We have enjoyed colossal partnership over the years. We hope that this New Year glues our association like never before. Sincere heartfelt gratitude and warm wishes of Happy New year to you and your family.

Time and again, you have invested your faith in our products and services. We thank you for all the support. May you achieve the best in your life. Happy New Year Mr………..(Customer name)……………..

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Short New Year wishes for customers

Dear…….(Customer name)………We wish you and your family a prosperous New Year. We express our sincere gratitude for choosing us. We hope you continue with us forever.

On this auspicious occasion of New Year, I wish it brings an aura of vibrancy, tranquility, and lots of success to you and your family. Happy New Year 2020

Dear…….(Customer name)………We are ushering into a new era and new decade and we wish that you reach unimaginable heights of success. Our warm greetings of Happy New year to you and your family.

Respected …….(Customer name)…….. 2019 is about to end and the New year is bringing along a New decade. We wish that you that this new era brings massive success for you in all endeavors. Happy New Year

Short New Year wishes for old customers (Client)

Respected Sir. We wish you and your family a Happy New Year. We acknowledge your feedback and have worked extensively to improve upon our services. If needed, call us. And happy new year once again

Thank you ……(Customer name)…….. for being our customer. While you may not be continuing with us, we value the faith you invested in us. Happy New Year! We have revived our services extensively. Maybe you will want us?

With New Year and a new decade, comes new energy, a new belief, that has the power to shake the mountains. May this new year and new decade splash all the love and goodness to your life. Happy New Year!

Short New Year wishes to Colleagues

Dear guys, may this New Year encourages us to have more active coordination, more enthusiasm, and a lot of work ethic. Happy New year to you guys!!

If there is ever a team that can be relied upon, you guys would be my top choice. Your enthusiasm and hard work is amazing and I am proud to be a part of you guys. Happy New Year!!

Soak in the energetic vibe of New year and a new decade. Let us embark on a journey of active cooperation, more altruistic values, and result-oriented ambitious goals. Happy New Year guys!!

This past year has been a tumultuous, roller coaster ride for us. But I am glad that I am a part of such a resilient team who never backs in giving 110%. Happy New year my wonderful colleagues.

May this New year propels us to deliver super-human results. This year should witness our full unleased potential. Let the world fall at our feet this new year and decade. Happy New Year my buddies!!

I cannot be more grateful than to be a part of such a hard-working and selfless team, who can pull off any task with their minds and efforts. May you guys soar to the zenith of your careers. Happy New Year guys!!

You guys have truly made me realize that the sky is the limit. Let this New Year breaks our shackles of expectations and propels us to achieve the unbelievable. Happy New Year guys!

There is no better arousal for me than the creative and ruthless perseverance of you guys. You are the best people that could make up my team. Happy New Year guys!!


We hope that you enjoyed our Short New year’s wishes for everyone. We try our level best to personalize the wishes for different relations under varying scenarios. With time, we will keep on adding more wishes, messages for more situations.

If you feel like contributing to our list of wishes, then feel free to leave it in the comment title as Wishes. 

*****And last but not the least, a very Happy New Year to you from me*****

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