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New Year wishes for Daughter

As a father, we all can agree that daughters are the most precious gems of our life. Their adorable smile and beauty liven up the households where they live.

Needless to say, but blessed are those houses, where daughters live. And New Year is the perfect occasion to remind your daughter how valuable she is to your happiness and joy.

So before wasting any more time, let us give you some cool New Year wishes for Daughter for which you have arrived on to this post

New Year Wishes for Daughter

You are the epitome of a daughter. You are smart, caring, beautiful and sensitive and we wish you remain the same for eternity. May this New year give you lots of inspiration to do something big in life. Happy New Year Love!!

You are our most prized possession dear. You are a ray of sunshine for us who can always cheer up the moment. On this New Year, I wish you luck and prosperity. May it fulfills all of your deepest desires.

Legend has it that we become what we think about most. Let your mind be occupied with opulence, opportunities, and altruism. Let yourself move with utmost zeal in every aspect of your life. Happy new year to my dear daughter!

We still remember our joy when you were born. And nothing really has changed since then. We thank the almighty to give us a daughter like you. Know that our love has no limits for you. Happy New Year darling. Lots and lots of kisses.

Mommy having a good time with her daughters

Legend has it that God presents its precious gift, a daughter to only those individuals who vow to commit altruistic values throughout their lifetime. I feel blessed to have you. I hope this New Year brings lots of excitement and adventure for you.

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May the almighty keep your fragrance alive for infinite years. Just like a star, may you always sparkle for the rest of your life. Do remember that you are one of your kind. Happy New Year my beautiful daughter!!

May the dawn of the new decade and this New year catapults you to work harder and move fearlessly. May you achieve your big goals. Happy New Year (name of the daughter).

God took so many considerations before sending you here on this Earth. We are so grateful to him. Know that you are the center of our Universe. No matter how much wisdom you acquire, you will always be the sweet little daughter to us. May this New Year gives you all of your heartiest desires.

Let this New Year escapes you from all the past bruises of your life. May this New Year compels you to move forward in your life. God helps those who choose to help themselves, it is time now to forge a new path in your life. Happy New Year dear (name of the daughter).

New year wishes 2020 from father to daughter

Let this New year sink in my eternal love for you. You are beautiful and I hope the almighty notches up your charm and beauty every year. May God bless you! Happy New year and a new decade to you Dear!

New Year wishes for Young Daughter from daddy mommy

You are the beautiful sun of our family solar system. You illuminate our lives with your warmth and humble energy. We couldn’t be more grateful to God for gifting us such a wonderful daughter. You are everything to us. Happy New Year dear.

Blessed are those parents, whose houses are smitten by the beauty of their daughters; blessed are those houses where the daughters illuminate them with their exuberance. Couldn’t be more grateful to the divine, for blessing my life with their replicas. My Daughter is everything to me. Happy New Year dear!!

You possess all the beautiful qualities of your mother. You are the replica of her. May her personality inspires you to retain the warmth in your demeanor. May the personality of your daddy inspires you to face the difficulties of the world without fear. Happy New Year Princess!!

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Our umbrella of love, shelter, and care will always be upon your head. No matter how old you become, we will lovingly take care of you in all situations. Happy New Year to you!!

God has been kind to us by gifting us you. It swells my heart with joy to see your success dear. May you keep climbing high with your work ethic. Happy New Year Love!!

father and daughter bonding with each other

You are the pie of my life. I love your cute little face, and may God preserves your innocence and altruism for seven more lifetimes. I hope the divine blesses you with all the success and prosperity in your life dear daughter!!

You made us proud of the day you came into our lives. And you will always be the youthful, full of exuberance and a vibrant young girl that we have always adored. May this New Year gives you the courage to pursue your goals and visions fearlessly. Happy New Year Daughter!!

Happy New Year’s wishes from Mother to daughter

A day doesn’t go by when I don’t feel grateful for my daughter. Know that you are beautiful, powerful and strong and you can achieve whatever you truly desire. Happy New Year Love!!

I couldn’t have asked for a better child than you. You are my lifeline. Know that my blessings will always be you, dear! Hope this New Year the almighty grants you will power and courage to pursue your dreams.

mother and daughter bonding with each other

I had always wished for a bright, cheerful and sparkling daughter. And God has truly gifted me with it. May the divine catapults you to stupendous opportunities. May your smile never wither away even in the difficulties. Happy New Year sweety!

May the divine increase the sparkling of your eyes, the brightness of your smile and your ability to withstand the hard times. You are a gem of girl my dear. Know that mama’s blessings are always with you! Happy New Year darling!!

Mama may scold you sometimes, but her heart is always praying for you, my child! You are the sole reason for your momma to breathe. You are the star of her life. May this New Year bring you immense prosperity and vitality in all your personal and professional endeavors.

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You are destined to live the life of your dreams. The almighty has equipped you with all the talents of the world. I hope this New Year can catapult you into action so that your dreams will transform into reality soon. Happy New Year sweety!!

May the divine usher a new ray of hope. May the almighty instills a new beam of exuberance. May your life become bright as sunshine. May your aura inspires people towards optimism. Happy New Year my dear daughter. Lots of love from Mumma!!

I hope this new year clears the fog of negativity in your life. I wish this New year brings a surge of vitality in your life. The divine loves to shower my princess with blessings, may it bestows all the happiness in her life. Happy New Year my lovely! Mumma loves you a lot!!!

Funny new year wishes to Daughter from Dad

Someone told me that my daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me. I beg to differ. It was me that made you literally. So I am the best thing that ever happened to me. Jokes Apart! Happy New Year my dear lovely daughter. May the almighty give you everything that you desire.

My friend asked me, what is love? I told them when it is impossible to change a stubborn daughter, then the ability to cope up with her is called Love. Kidding honey! You are the center of my universe. Lots of love from Daddy!

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I wish this New Year, the almighty teaches you just three damn things. One, the ability to pick your dad’s call, second, not to buy clothes of your dad’s money if you are not going to wear it at all, and third, to make your mommy shut up when she blabbers. Happy New year by the way. Lots of Love!!

My little princess is growing day by day. I hope this New year brings along with it, a fine handsome prince. Well, just get yourself a decent guy and relieve me of your worries for god sake!! Jokes apart sweetheart, a very Happy New Year to you!

The new year has arrived and my daughter will make hundreds of resolutions, which she will never even start. Hoping this New Year urges you to do something this time. Happy New year by the way!

The constant witnessing of your daily tantrums has increased my productivity! Kudos to you! Now I am able to absorb my Boss’s tantrums very easily too. Kidding! Happy New Year dear daughter!

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Two ladies, I fear the most, one is my wife and my daughter. Wifey teaches me how to feel guilty even when there is no fault, and daughter teaches me how to spend a thousand bucks very easily in a single day. Jokes Apart! A very Happy new year my daughter. You girls are my lifeline.

Legend has it that where there is a will, there is a way. Right? Unfortunately, Legend forgot to tell that that principle doesn’t apply to wifey and daughters if you understand what I mean! Kidding. A very Happy New Year to you my lovely daughter.

Hope this New Year you stop being so notorious for emptying my wallet. Kidding honey. All the money is for my princess. Just bloody ask for it! Jokes apart, a very Happy and prosperous New Year to you my girl. I love you!

If there is one cute name that I should have nicknamed you, it should have been a tantrum maker. Kidding! May this New Year you develop expertise in managing human relations. Happy New Year Love!!

Funny new year wishes to Daughter from Mom

There is nothing more relieving in the world than to see your daughter marrying, and then your mother spending the rest of her life without any worry of you. Simply kidding dear. Hope this Year you find your man!! Happy New Year and New decade!!

Let’s see if this New Year can awaken the hibernating potential of my dear daughter who makes staggering promises every year to do something in life. Happy New year young lady. May the almighty bestow you with something good for god sake!

Skies are blue, and roses are red; my daughter is fine but she is still in bed! Get up, sweety! I hope this New Year propels you to do something worthy in life other than sleeping like a log! Just kidding honey! Lots of love to you sweety!

Ahh, only if the almighty could make my daughter do something with her life other than being a couch potato. What can I do? I love you, honey. A Happy New Year to you. Now go and make some new year resolutions on how to do something productive in life.

Let this New Year remind you of the teddy love that your mommy has it for you. I love you, honey. May this New Year gives you vitality and motivation to achieve something big in life. Now start doing something or else be prepared to feel my boot on your A**

A person who is crazier than me? My Daughter of course. Men want her and women want her too. Kidding hon! Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New year. Lots of love.

Contrary to popular belief, the best way to get over a man is not to get under another! I hope this New Year brings your handsome prince so that your mommy and daddy can have the entire house to do everything they want if you understand what I mean! Kidding honey! You are my Darling. A very happy and prosperous New Year to you!

Special New Year wishes to Daughter if she is upset with you for any reason

Time is the best healer dear. I hope that the New year soaks all the negativity surrounding you. You are our champion daughter and you deserve the very best. Happy New year sweety!

While our thoughts and perspectives may not align with each other, know that the rhythm of our hearts will always match each other. You are a part of our soul, and our blessings will always be the cushion for your trouble makers. Happy New Year Sweetheart!!

The differences of opinions and arguments do not undermine the value of our love and respect towards each other. No matter how much we fight, we will always pray the almighty for your well being and success. Happy New Year my love!

There is no excuse for having a difference of mind due to differences of opinion. While we may not be on the same page, we greatly value your point of view, my dear. I hope that this New Year, we will keep water under the bridge and focus more to truly understand each other’s perspective. Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year Wishes to Daughter when she is far away

While we may be far apart, but our blessings will always protect you from the tangible and intangible difficulties of life. I hope this New Year you achieve the skyrocketing success. Happy New Year Love!!

There is a reason that our hearts have the same rhythm. You are a part of us, we are a part of you. No matter what the distance is, we will always be connected to each other through our spirits. Happy New Year (name of the daughter).

The strings of our hearts will always be connected, no matter how far you are away. You are our precious gem, and you will always be that way! Happy New Year love. Lots of lots of kisses from daddy and mommy. May this New Year propels you to great heights of success.

May the vitality of New Year and new decade adds a surreal glow to your face. May the people benefit from your aura, and may you achieve great heights of success. Happy New Year my love!!

New Year wishes for Daughter when her marriage has been fixed

Let this New Year glues your relationship to the man of your dreams. May the omnipotent God gives you all the joy and happiness that you have always dreamt of. Happy New Year dear!!

Lucky is the guy who has been able to sweep you off your feet. A new journey is about to begin. May this journey is filled with love, laughter, and respect for each other. Happy New year my lovely daughter!!

The timing couldn’t be better for us to wish you a Happy New Year. Your new phase of life is about to begin. We hope that this New Year and new decade showers all the blessings on to you and (name of about to be husband). Happy New year sweety!!

New Year wishes for Daughter on her recent career promotion

When your daughter has achieved some staggering success or promotion in her professional endeavor, the occasion of the New Year feels even more blissful. Below are some of the best new year wishes for your Daughter for such scenarios.

This past year has been good to you. May the upcoming Year drives your creative juices even more. May you achieve a staggering phenomenon. Btw, let this recent award sink in you for some time. Happy New Year sweetheart!!

Your focus and commitment have been phenomenal. And your ability to push yourself for more work in the difficult moments is unfathomable. May this New Year, you keep notching acquiring more success after success. Happy New Year sweety!!

Best Inspiring New Year Wishes to Daughter

Never let mediocrity pull you back in the comfort zone of your life. You are much more deserving than your current circumstances and the almighty’s blessings are always upon you. Keep propelling forward, even if you go slow. Happy New Year love!!

There is nothing inspiring in the world than to see your own daughter making rounds of headlines in the world. Kudos to you dear. May you achieve the unthinkable in this New Year and a new decade.

Let bygones be bygones and let the past mistakes teach you something for the better. Keep moving forward, as the only thing which stays fresh is the one which keeps moving. Happy New Year Love!!

Always go by your intuition and never ever be fearful of making mistakes. Know that you have enough potential to catapult yourself into a much more rewarding space, both in your personal and professional life. Keep pushing yourself, dear. Happy New Year!!

Life only tests those individuals who are ready to take up the challenge. Don’t be afraid to push yourself beyond the comfort zone. Know that the journey may be difficult, but it will always be worth. Happy New Year my beautiful daughter!!

There is no shred of doubt that you are brimming with exceptional talents and that you will leave no stone unturned to succeed. Hoping this New Year, the almighty gives an extra surge of will power and perseverance to you. Happy New Year Dear. Stay Strong!!

Dear Daughter, do not let the fears hold you back. Do not let opinions of others affect you. We are sending you lots of lots of cushions on this New Year so that you can deal with tougher times easily. You are our diamond, our star. Happy New Year!!

Dear (name of the daughter). Know that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Be Brave, be fearless. Know that good thing is on their way and my blessings are always there for you. Happy New Year Daughter.


We hope that you have enjoyed our new year’s wishes for Daughter. Having a daughter is a unique experience and lucky are those parents who have them.

I will keep on adding more new year wishes for the daughter. Till then, bye-bye and a very Happy New year to your Daughter too from me!!!

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