Lots of New Year messages for Best friends in all situations with Examples

Happy New Year messages to best friends

Happy New Year message for best friend

We all have one best friend in our life with whom we can share anything without thinking. These are the people, we know, don’t judge us, no matter our opinions. Time flies when we spend time with them. And when it wishing them on New Year, it really makes sense to write down a special message for them. In this post, we will show you really special New Year messages for your friends in all sorts of situations. Check below

best friend new year wish

The heart yearns for your presence, the mind warns of your absence. Let this NewYear inspire a new ray of confidence, strength, happiness, and prosperity in our lives. Let this New Year forges the depth of our friendship to a new level. Happy New Year my best friend.

Our friendship is rare and like gold in the mines. I feel blessed to have you in my life. May this New Year gives you a steep success in your professional career and personal life. I take this opportunity to wish you a very exciting and happy New Year buddy! May you achieve heights of success beyond your wildest expectations.

When New Year arrives, my heart skips a beat, as I know that my best friend will come and pick me up for a party. Let this New Year brings exuberance, positivity, health and well being in our lives. A very Happy New Year to you my best friend and to your family also.

The world doesn’t seem good when you are not around. This New Year is a reminder to me how grateful I am to have you in my life. I wish for your health, and success in your personal and professional endeavors. May fortune bathe you with infinite wealth and happiness. Happy New Year my best friend.

This New Year 2020 brings along itself a new decade also. The years have witnessed a tumultuous, up and down, ebbs and flow bonding in our friendship. But one thing is for sure that, the world is incomplete without my best friend. A very Happy Near Year 2020 to you, brother!!!!

A friend in need is a friend indeed! It is astounding to believe what true friendship really is. I am forever grateful to God for bringing you into my life. Life will never be the same without you. A very Happy New Year my best friend. Convey my New Year wishes to your family also.

Having spent my good old childhood days with you, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that you are the best friend anyone can ever have. May this New Year illuminates all aspects of your life buddy. A very Happy New Year to you my best friend. May you live long and produce 50 children.

The pure joy of our time spent together will always revel in my heart. The journey of our friendship has been unforgettable. I hope that this New Year brings with all sorts of happiness into your life. A very Happy New Year 2020 my best friend.

No wonder time flies by, and so is the friendship of ours, which has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. May this New Year brims you to the new height of success, health, and prosperity. My best wishes to you on this New Year buddy!

A New Year reminds us that while everything has an end, every beginning is always beautiful. I hope that this New Year strengthens our bond of friendship and brotherhood. May you rise like an eagle in this New Year. A very happy New Year buddy!

Happy New Year message to your best friend when he is angry with you

No relationship is perfect and sometimes arguments, debates, and anger creep into the best of friendships too. But a true friend doesn’t hold onto its ego. He relinquishes in pursuit of greater bonding with his best friend, even if he is angry. So, if you have a friend who is angry with you and if you would like to wish him a Happy New Year, then use our below samples.

Dear…………….. I acknowledge that there have been massive disagreements and resentment between us over the past few months. While we may have disagreements, I am certain that your companionship has always helped to rose in difficult situations. May this New Year gives you plenty of health, well-being, and success. A Happy New Year to your family too.

There is no day that I have not remembered you in the last year. I wish that this New Year bridges the gap of resentment and anger between us and elevates our bonding of friendship to a whole new level. May this New Year gives you health, happiness and wealth that you desire. Happy New Year 2020 to you!

Wishing new year to best friend

Both good and bad times have been a part of our friendship. But the years of bonding, enthusiasm, and exuberance that our friendship brings are too powerful for petty things like anger, resentment, and ego. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2020.

Dear ………… I acknowledge the resentment and ego that has crept in our friendship due to silly arguments and debates. But there is no day goes by, that I don’t regret the distance that has surfaced between our hearts. In this new year, I wish that you achieve stupendous success in your career and achieve financial success. A very bright Happy New year and best wishes to Uncle Aunty.

May this New year polishes the bond of our friendship which has been built for many years. I sincerely hope that our resentment and joys will not become an obstacle on our journey to this eternal friendship. Wishing you terrific success, health and wealth on this New Year and New Decade.

Savor the good times and learn from the bad experiences. That has always been the recipe for our joyous friendship. It is my belief that we will keep on rolling with our exuberant and vibrant friendship in this New Year and New Decade too. Happy New Year to you my best friend.

It’s amazing to see how our friendship has withstood so many disagreements and fights. And yet I believe that God has bonded our friendship for some reason. May our friendship witness all the decades that we will live in our lives. A Very Happy New Year and New Decade my dear friend.

Happy New Year message when your best friend is far away

There are times when your best friend is far away and you yearns for their presence. While they cannot come and meet you, a powerful Happy New Year message can certainly bring a smile on the faces of yours. Below we are presenting some of the best new year messages that you can send to your friend when he is far away.

Our friendship has always been magnetic to each other. The mountains, continents, and oceans are just the minor obstacles that can not wither our mutual respect and admiration for each other. Happy New Year 2020 to you my best friend. May you live long and healthy.

Our friendship is a true testament of withstanding the far distance. No matter how far apart we both are, our hearts will always yearn for each other presence. The past few years have been an amazing ride to our friendship journey. Hope this exciting ride continues for more decades to come. Happy New Year my best friend!

While we may be a thousand miles apart, our souls are always bonded to each other. Even time and space cannot further apart from our bond of a solid friendship. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year buddy. May you achieve a staggering growth in your professional and personal endeavors!

wishing best friend happy new year

We disagreed and fought over many things. But with years passing, I have realized that not even the far distance can separate our bond of friendship. May this New Year puts a strong glue on our years of friendship. A very Happy New Year to you!

On this auspicious occasion of New Year and New Decade, I send you my hugs, wishes, and an effervescent nature and a reminder that no distance can never stand in the beautiful road of our friendship. A magnificent Happy New Year 2020 and New Decade.

New Year message when your best friend is ill

When your best friend is ill, an energetic message on the eve of New Year can really mitigate his illness. Check out our below samples for happy new year messages when your best friend is ill.

May the bond of our friendship power you to break the shackles of illness. Let this New Year and New Decade surge you to achieve stunning health and success in your professional and personal careers. Wishing you a delightful Happy New Year 2020 my best friend. Get Well Soon!

best friend wishes happy new year

While you may feel weak and alone, remember that the premises of our friendship have always been kindness, willpower and moving forward. This New Year and New Decade will surge you to come out of your illness. May God give you all the health in the world. A very Happy New Year 2020 my best friend.

This illness is nothing compared to our fights, disagreements and taunting towards each other. While we may have disagreed a lot, I absolutely believe that you are champion who can endure the mightiest of challenges. Wishing you a mighty Happy New Year 2020. Stay strong!

New Year messages for a best friend when he is depressed

Raise your friend from the sinks of depression with powerful wishes on the eve of Happy New Year. Trust us, your friend will like these messages.

A true warrior never gives up, no matter how many stones life throws at him. Life tests only the mightiest of warriors. My dear friend, this time will pass through because deep down in your heart, you are nothing short of a champion. May you rise above all in this New Year. A very Happy New Year my best friend!

Dear…………. You are not the first one to go through depression. And you certainly won’t be the last one. May this New Year encourages you to elevate above all your problems, as the eagles always soar high in the sky when they face difficult times. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2020.

wishing a depressed friend happy new year

May this New Year roars you out of this sad phase of your life. Remember that you are a true champion who is destined for success surely. This phase has come and it will go too. Stay Strong. Happy New Year my buddy!

Let this New Year and New Decade marks the come back of your exuberant, vibrant and cheerful nature, which has always been the trademark of your personality. Remember that you have always been a winner in life. I promise that the illuminating energy of this New Year will rose you above this dark phase of life. Happy New Year mate!

New Year wish to Best Friend when he has got a breakup

Breakups are hard to handle, and the right message from the best friend on New Year has the power to feel bright and cheerful. See our below messages on New Year that will bring a smile on to your friend’s face.

While the bad patch in your love life might feel painful, remember that our friendship is unconditional and will always propel you to greater heights and success. May this New Year instills motivation, optimism, and faith in love, friendship, and kindness. A very happy New Year my best buddy!

Love is great but friendship will always roar higher than it, as it is unconditional and formed on the premises of coordination, understanding and ethical values. There are a lot of people in this world deserving of your love. Don’t let one bad apple ruin an entire lot of deserving people who want to love you. Happy New Year my best mate!

No matter how many stones life throws, you will always come out as a victor, for our friendship has groomed you to be nothing less than a champion. May this New Year surges to great heights of success and prosperity. Happy New Year my best buddy.

No matter how tumultuous your love will be, my strong shoulder of friendship will always be there to console and encourage you from the darkest phases of your life. May this New Year surges you to great excellence along with health and prosperity. Happy New Year buddy!!!


We hope that you liked our fresh new messages to wish your best friend a happy new year. All our messages are original and written from our own creativity. If you would like to contribute a new message, simply leave it inside the comment box and we will try our best to include those also.

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