Funny Hilarious and Sarcastic New Year 2020 wishes, messages

Funny New year wishes for everyone. Friends, best friends, GF, BF, Husband, Wife etc.

When it comes to wishing a New Year to someone, then a funny wish or message can be an extremely unique way. Not only your message will stand out from other’s new year wishes, but it is also the perfect way of breaking the ice, or wishing someone who is angry with you or not on talking terms with you due to any reason.

So here we are, giving you tons of funny (and sarcastic also) new year wishes that the recipient will enjoy too.

Funny New Year Wishes for friends

I hope this New Year urges you to start working on the resolutions that you made two years ago! I expect the resolutions of this New Year to be completed within a decade. Kidding! Happy New Year to you!!

I understand that you like challenges. So let the hardships in the upcoming new year makes you even more strong. Happy hardships throughout the upcoming year 2020.

There is no dearth of needy people in the world who would be benefited from your money. One of them is the sender of this message. I hope you get what I am trying to convey. Happy New Year buddy!!

May this New Year gives you an extra dosage of adrenaline so that you can carry out all the hardcore activities on your GF. Happy New Year mate!

May this New Year, you spend all the money, gifts and food on me. You are free to not spend time with me by the way! Jokes apart! Happy New Year everyone!!

Let this New Year brings a spirit in us to fight as if there is no tomorrow. Let our arguments deafen the neighbors. God helps our friendship. But Happy New year guys!!

Let our friendship knows no boundary of love, respect, and admiration for each other. But when it comes to money, I am not going to be too extravagant for you from now on. Happy New Year!!

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Best friend Funny New Year Wishes 

I am sending you a big sorry, not for the mistakes that I have done, but for the trouble that I will cause you in the upcoming year. Kidding! Happy New year bud!

Funny new year wish for best friend

Sometimes, you have to admit, that the success of an individual is directly influenced by his closest friend. So what are you waiting for? Send me some expensive branded clothes as a token of Thank you for my good deeds last year. Happy New Year!!

All I know is that real friends understand each other without uttering a word. So why don’t you send me some goddamn wine and whiskey this New Year eve? You can choose to slog at your work though! Haha! Happy New Year my buddy!!

Let this New Year makes you crazier, funnier and sensible too. You are my best friend but sometimes deserves a serious whack on your bum. Btw, happy new year buddy!!

There is no better feeling in the world for me, than to be with my best friend on New Year’s Eve, sitting so close to each other and giving a serious boot to his behind for his ridiculous mistakes last year! Happy New Year buddy!!

Hey mate. Happy New Year. How about you coming home and bringing lots of pizzas, wine and other stuff instead of happiness, joy and blah blah? Happy New Year again!!

There is absolutely no joy in quitting, and I am thrilled to say that my old dirty habits will continue to exist, especially when you will be around me! But Happy New Year buddy!

I congratulate you on achieving your previous year’s goals of putting on more weight, acquiring more laziness and becoming a couch potato! Now be more active this year! Happy New Year buddy!!

Funny new year wish children

I hope this New year brings in some luck for you so that you finally quit stroking your willy and instead get some real stuff if you know what I mean! Happy New Year buddy!!

A very happy new year from your best friend, who is so handsome, charming and intelligent. I urge you to learn something from him this year. Happy New Year mate!!

May you achieve lots of money this upcoming year, so that you could buy me some nice clothes and watches. Happy New Year best friend!

May you achieve the heights of fame and fortune. But no! You being dumb, would require you at least 2 years from now to do that. Kidding! Anyways keep doing the hard work! Happy New Year buddy!

May your thick brain becomes a bit sponge this year so that you could learn new skills. Also, don’t forget to gift me some nice clothes on my birthday which is nearing! Happy New year mate!!

Every beginning has an end too. May this New Year teach you to not fly in the highs of the previous year. Know that, you have to start overall again. Keep rocking buddy! Happy New Year to you!!

Hoping that this year, you do not get on my nerves and make me whack your head with a stick! Kudos to our friendship and Happy New Year to you!

Do you know how a big boot on your behind feels like? Well, if not, then come to me, I will let you know of it this New Year as a reminder of your dreaded mistakes last year. Jokes aside. Happy New Year buddy!!

I hope God does not find you a better friend to you than me! I will gladly witness your crazier, funnier ordeals this year too. Happy New Year my best friend!!

May this New Year lightens the bulb inside your thick skull and propel you to new heights of success, fame and wealth. Happy New Year to you buddy!!

There is not a day in my life that I don’t regret having an argument last time with you. I wish, instead of having that argument, I should have given you a serious whack on your back. Kidding! Happy New Year buddy!!

There is a reason that you are my best friend. You are smart, intelligent, funny and handsome, just like me. But you still have a long way to go to reach my level. Keep going, mate!!

I have learned some phenomenal things in my life from you, like getting late in the morning, eating junk and partying all night. But moments with you have always been the best. Happy New year my best friend!

I have been getting a strong itching on my palm for many days. I now understand that I need your cute little face to quench the thirst of my palm for your previous years. Simply kidding bro!! You are my everything! Happy New Year 2020

Hilarious and sarcastic New Year wishes for Relatives

I hope God be kind enough to empower you with lots of luck, health and wealth in the upcoming years. I wish you all the very best dear!!

As the new year is approaching, I want you to feel free to invite me many times over your house throughout the upcoming year. Know that my exuberant and charming personality will liven up your environment.

Let bygones be bygones, and let this new year illuminate our relations with a brighter future. Hoping that we set aside our egos and get along well!!

Everything has its cycle. I hope the cycle of your ego and anger finishes this 31st of December and let’s begin our relationship with a fresh perspective! Happy New Year!!

Over the course of months, you have achieved some stupendous stupidity, the likes of which I have never witnessed in my life. I pray to God to give you 1/10th of my sensible personality this New Year! Happy New Year!!

Funny New Year wishes for GF

May this New Year distances us at day time and brings us a lot closer at the night time. I wish that this year, I give you blissful sleep every night.

I have gotten bored now from being your boyfriend! How about I become your husband now? What do you say? Happy New year my love!! 

You goddamn know that how much you enjoy poking my head with unnecessary questions at times. But I make up with that by making you totally silence at the night time. Happy New Year’s love!!

May this new year elevate my performance and consequently, your moaning. Let us promise to have a ravishing night time this whole year. Happy New year my lady love!

Hoping that this new year brings a lot of luck and courage so that you are gonna bounce (back!!) really hard. Your guy is waiting for you!! Happy New Year love!!

Let us promise this new year to tear up our clothes very often, to make out like rabbits and to moan as if there is no tomorrow. Happy New Year lovely!!

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Funny sarcastic New Year wishes for Ex – GF

I hope you are spending tons of money of your new boyfriend. And I know he might be trying to get lucky at night. Don’t let him!! Haha. Happy New Year!

Can your current guy match up with the charm, charisma, speed, and stamina like me? If he can’t, come along with him. I will give him a live demonstration. Haha. Happy New Year!!

Funny new year wish for Ex Gf or Ex BF

Funny sarcastic New Year wishes for Ex – BF

Time and again, I have heard that the best way to get over a man, is to get under another one! I hope you are also having the time of your life. Happy New Year!!

It’s good to have new people coming into your life. Keeps your life interesting. I hope your life is going good as mine. Happy New Year!!

Funny (sarcastic) New Year wishes for your past Teachers

Hello, Sir (Mam). Your beatings and harsh criticisms are still fresh in my heart!!. I hope you find students that have the courage to absorb your behavior. Happy New Year by the way.

Your teaching style has given me and my friends loads of laughter in the classroom. You are one of a kind. Keep rocking Sir (or Mam) !!

Humorous sarcastic New year wishes for BF

May the joy of New Year gives you an extra edge over your payroll and also over your drive if you know what I mean. Happy New year handsome!

Your increased appetite has been wonderful and monstrous too quite frankly at some time. You are one of a kind. I pray that you keep smashing like this if you understand what I mean!! Happy New year love!

May you rise higher in all your professional endeavors, so that I could be a bit more extravagant this year! Cheers to the lovely New Year!

Hoping this New Year dilutes the ego (of your’s only) and soars our relationship to a whole new level. Let love be predominant. Happy New Year handsome!

May this New Year makes you accept the universal truth about the appeal of your significant partner and her ability to turn heads on the street. Wishing you lots of love this New Year!!

The pleasures (given by you of course!!!) have touched the core of my being! All I crave is more, more honey if you know what I mean. Happy New Year my handsome!

Funny (Sarcastic) new year wishes for husband

I hope you prove your love to me this year by buy buying a diamond necklace instead of saying it verbally. Let this New Year make you borrow money (if you have to) so that I could be the beneficiary of it. Happy New Year’s husband!!

Funny new year Wishes Husband

May this new year encourage you to learn some new skills, like cooking, washing, gardening, and plumbing, skills for which your wife takes care of all the time. Jokes apart! Happy New year my love!!

I pray for you to be richer, more slim and handsome for your already pretty wife. May our moans deafen up the neighbors this whole year! Happy New Year’s lovely husband!!

A real man goes by actions, rather than by the words. So instead of saying I Love You, I want you to buy me some nice jewelry and gold items. Happy New Year my husband!!

I hope that your 2 mins moments will now be extended to at least 30 mins this year. Jokes apart, know that I love you and that I will do everything to make it work!! Happy New Year 2020 my love!!

Funny and sarcastic New Year wishes for Wife

Dear wifey, hope you don’t bite my a** as much as you did last year. Handling you is exciting but can be exhausting sometimes. Hope you don’t sit too on my a** all the time this year. Happy New Year by the way!!

May your beauty increases with time. But your stupid a** arguments definitely need to take a step back. Happy New Year by the way Wifey!!

Do you know what it takes for your man to lose its temper? Your Goddamm silence on mine jokes. So let this New Year silence your silence forever. Just kidding! Happy New Year 2020 wifey!!

Funny husband wife new year wish

Wow, another torturous year has gone by! Kudos to you my wifey! Hoping that you will mellow down on me this year! Happy New Year by the way!!

Hoping that you stay fit and fine (as usual of course darling!) so that your husband doesn’t glance to other women in the streets. All jokes apart. Happy New Year my love!!

I am anticipating a lot of excitement in the coming year, to witness utter stupidity and craziness. Jokes Apart! Happy new year wifey!!

There is no more pleasure in the world than to sit beside you in the mountains of valley, in the bright sunshine, and witnessing other beautiful women like you!! Kidding! Happy New Year wifey!!

Funny Hilarious New Year wishes for Relatives

Let this New year instill in you the values of perseverance and hard work so that you don’t give up in your every endeavor. Cheers to the New Year!!

Let ego and anger step aside from our heart and let this New year illuminates it with joy, pride, and wisdom. Happy new to both of us and to our families!

I hope that the past year has taught enough things to you to succeed this time around. Hoping that you turn around the tables, big time! Happy New Year!

Everything has its polar opposite. The highs are often followed by the lows. Urging you to not let the highs of the previous year to weaken your desire to succeed even more. Keep rocking this New Year too!

May this New Year gives you a fresh perspective on how to deal and maintain complex relationships? Hoping you learned the lessons from the mistakes of last year. Happy New Year by the way!

I hope that this New Year, you climb to the mountains of financial independence. And then carrying me to that same mountain of success through your money!! Happy New Year 2020 to you!!

Funny Hilarious New Year wishes for your team

Hello Team, I hope that this New Year, you guys will take fewer leaves, and will decrease your unproductive work hours in the office. Hoping you also save some electricity and coffee too!! Nevertheless, you guys are great! Happy New Year!

Hopefully, this year will mark a new beginning to our hassle-free and more collaborative work. Let our bosses earn in millions so that we can demand more perks this year. Happy New Year guys!!

While each and every one of us deserves a boot to our back, we must pride ourselves for the effort that we put in. Wishing all my teammates a very happy new year!!

Humorous New Year wishes to your employees

There is no better joy in this world than to see all of you stressing out so much on the work while I sit behind the desk and enjoy earning riches. Jokes apart guys! You guys are wonderful and I couldn’t have been more fortunate in having other than you people. Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope this upcoming year, you will make your boss a multi-millionaire by working your a** off. Jokes apart! Know that all your hard work will be repaid with bonuses and increased remuneration. Keep going, guys!!

Team sitting on New Year Evening

Thanks to all my employees, my blood pressure and stress levels have gone through the roof last year! I sincerely hope you guys make me sweat less this year. Jokes apart! Happy New Year guys. You are doing a great job!

It has been a difficult year for all of us. But unfortunately, a much more difficult year is arriving now. Hoping you guys make the best out of it. Happy New Year guys!!

Let’s see which one of you has the ability to bear our tantrums this year. Welcome to the new year along with a whole new level of tantrums from our end! Happy New Year guys!!

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Send the below funny Hilarious new year messages to your boss (if you dare to!)

Let this New Year elevates the finances of the company to a massive level. Hopefully, as a token of hard work, we would also get some significant bonuses and increased remuneration. By the way, Happy New Year Boss!!

Boss Funny New Year Wishes

Hoping that with the elevated financial success, we as employees would feel a sigh of relief from the exuberant but sometimes laborious hard work. All jokes apart Boss. Happy New Year !!

May this New Year make you throw fewer tantrums when you are angry! Or you can let us know the time when you are about to make tantrums. Then we can choose not to be in your proximity. All jokes apart. Happy New Year Boss!! May you increase my remuneration soon.

I hope this New Year, we get to see more of you in our office. We like your presence in the office, which makes us motivated to put in the hard work. Happy New Year Boss!

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We hope that you liked our funny new year’s wishes, messages for various people. We will keep on adding new messages and wishes in this post from time to time. I wish you all the very Happy and prosperous New Year.

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