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New year wishes Lines in English

When it comes to new year wishes lines, rarely we are able to come up with an interesting and unique line at the last moment. We often feel imperative to send the best and heart touching new year wishes to our family, friends, best friend, and loved ones. And rightly so!

And this is why preparing such wishes and lines well before the need is crucial. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a lot of heartwarming, and super-elated Happy new year wishes lines for all the important people in your life such as your friends, best friend, bestie, family members, brother, sister, relatives, Bf, GF, Boss, colleague and etc.

So without wasting further time, let us provide you with messages for which you have arrived at this post.

New year wishes lines for Friends

May this New Year forges our friendship for eternity. Let’s hope to climb the mountains of success and be there for everyone in times of need. Let’s make this new year count guys! Happy New Year to everyone!!

May the fragrance of the flowers soar high, may the sunshine becomes bright and sunny, may all the seasons bring exuberance, vitality in our lives. Happy New Year guys!!

Let the vibrancy of the New Year and New decade propels us to achieve larger than life accomplishments. May we become highly successful in all our professional and personal endeavors. Happy New Year to everyone!!

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Writing New year best wishes lines for Best Friend

Let bygones be bygones, let’s move on and keep the water under the bridge. Let us embark on a stronger, youthful and cheerful journey of our friendship this year. Happy New year my buddy!!

You have been my lifeline for so many years. You know more about me than anyone. Kudos to our friendship. I hope the upcoming years and decades will fill our lives with immense joy and happiness. Wishing you a happy new year to you and to your family mate!

There is no better feeling in the world than to have you as my best buddy. You are the epitome of an altruistic human and you deserve a ton of goodness in your life. Happy New Year to you buddy!!

It has been a roller coaster ride the past year but I have thoroughly enjoyed the moments in your company. You are a true champion and I am grateful to have you in my life. May the vitality of New Year and new decade enlivens our bonding even more. Happy new year bud!!

All beautiful things need not come to an end. Here is cheers to our friendship and hope that this camaraderie will continue on forever. Happy New year my best friend! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Perfect New year wishes lines for family members

In this world, one cannot be more grateful for anything except for the love and support of the family in our professional and personal endeavors. It has been a roller coaster ride and I cherish all the good times. May we continue on this everlasting journey. Happy New Year to everyone in the family.

The love and support of all you guys have always been the cushion for me against the tangible and intangible difficulties of life. Needless to say, but I would have never been able to achieve what I had, without you people. May this New Year glues our bond for greater compassion and greater love. Happy New Year from (your name)

There is no comfort in the riches without the family. Family is everything for me. Hoping that this New Year we pledge to take more care for each other than ever before. Wishing everyone great health, funny smiles and lots and lots of wealth. Happy New Year Guys!

New year wishes lines for Husband

May this New year and new decade instill in us the values of unconditional love, altruism, and admiration for each other. May you conquer the world darling. Your wifey will always back you up! Happy New year my handsome husband!

While we may not be perfect, yet our love and lust outweigh our flaws to a great extent. I wish this upcoming year, we become the embodiment of a perfect couple who chose to amplify the small little happy moments at every opportunity.

Let this New year teach us the values of perseverance to cope with the crisis. We will always be together, no matter what the situation will be. Happy New Year my handsome husband!

Writing New year wishes lines for Wife

Dear wife, not only you have withstood my lows and crazy madness over the years, but have transformed me into a better husband, a better father and more importantly, into a better human being. I cannot thank you enough for all these years. I wish the very best for us in this New Year and a new decade. A very Happy new year my love!

I pray to God that this New Year sparkle your beauty, even more, makes you resilient against the tougher times and encourages you to accomplish your visions. Remember that your hubby is always behind your back. Happy New Year my Love!!

Let this New year sink in you the love that I have for you, the lust that always attract me to you, and my admiration to your sincere love for our family. You are the epitome of a great wife, and I couldn’t ask for anything more from you. Happy New Year my wifey! I love you a lot!

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Best New year wishes lines for father in law if you are a husband

I cannot be more grateful to you for handing your beautiful daughter to me. You are the nicest father in law that any man could have! I wish you longevity, vitality and loads of happiness! Happy New Year (name)

Your wisdom and ebullience have transformed me for the better. While I may not have admitted before, I have always looked up to you to gather inspiration during the hard times. Needless to say, you mean a lot to me. Happy New Year (name). I wish you a long life, lots of wealth and happiness.

New year wishes lines for mother in law if you are a husband

While you may not be my biological mother, but you have bestowed your blessings upon me just like your son. And your daughter reflects a lot of your values and inspiration. Let this New Year remind you that you are a ray of sunshine for us. Have a happy cheerful and joyous life dear! Happy New Year to you!

Your blessings, love, and care have had a profound impact on me. You are more than a mother in law to me. I promise to keep your daughter glowing with love and joy for eternity. And I wish the very same for you. Happy New Year to you!!

New year wishes lines for father in law if you are a wife

Your son is the best thing that could ever happen to me. He is the center of my Universe and I am forever grateful to you for the blessings upon us. Know that we are always there for you to help. I pray to the almighty that you live with the utmost joy for many many years to come. Happy New Year to you!

Your son is your exact replica of you in aspects of charm, humbleness and in handling the kids. And I couldn’t be more grateful to you. Happy New Year and lots of wishes for good health, wealth and happiness.

New year wishes lines for mother in law if you are a wife

You have always been a pillar of strength and support for me in my hard times. I admire your evergreen beauty, your altruistic values and your love for the family. You are amazing. Happy New Year mother! Lots of love!!

There is something about you that cannot be fathomed. Life has been beautiful ever since we have come into each other’s life. May this New Year escalates our happiness to a whole new level. Happy New Year mother!

New year wishes lines for your fiancee

Dreams do come true! I am so excited to be your life partner in the coming year. May this new year and new decade bless us with cheerfulness, sexiness, vibrant health and lots of kids. A very happy new year my dear! Can’t wait to hitch with you forever.

New year wishes lines for your fiance

Couldn’t be more excited to finally glue to your manly chest and arms! Let this New Year tie us into the intangible powerful force of the Universe, i.e. Love!! Happy New Year handsome! Can’t wait to be yours!!

Finally, we are going to be officially hitched. A dream is coming true! And I am glad the universe has laid our story so perfectly. Happy New Year my love! Wishing for the D day to come!

New year wishes lines for Team members

This last year may have been strenuous, and yet we are here kicking a** with our projects, accomplishments, and rewards. I couldn’t have expected so much positivity, enthusiasm along with that much amount of exertion and hard work. You guys are the best! Happy new year to you guys and to your family.

You guys have surely brought the best out of me in the last year. While we may have disagreements, I relish the fact that our objective has always been to move forward in life and to propel others towards their goals and visions. Very exciting and content to be a part of this team. Happy New Year guys!!

May this New Year revels in us the feeling of coordination, and the ability to back ourselves in difficult scenarios. We as a team are true champions and I couldn’t have asked for better teammates than you guys! I hope this upcoming year, we become even more invincible and unstoppable. Happy New Year guys!!

New year wishes lines for employees

When it comes to making things happen, you guys have always exceeded my expectations. There is no better feeling in the world than to accomplish our goals and visions with you guys. Let this New Year sink in every one of you, that you guys are family and that we will always strive to better ourselves. Happy New Year to everyone!!

New year wishes lines for Boss (Mam)

Your personality, charm and work ethic is an astounding inspiration for all the workforce. We appreciate all the encouragement and empowerment that you have lavished it on us. I cannot fathom the stupendous growth I would have achieved without your constant support and motivation. A big big thanks to you Boss (Mam). May this new year enlivens your life and brings loads of exuberance to you. Happy New Year!

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New year wishes lines for GF

No matter how hard I try, it’s impossible to get you out of my mind. You rule my heart, and I absolutely adore you. Happy New Year (name of the girl)!

Let us make a vow this New Year, to always be there for each other, to hold each during the crisis, and to liven up each other’s life. Happy New year darling! Lots of love!!

New year wishes lines for BF

May this New Year notches up our lust and love for each other. May we exhaust ourselves with all the lovemaking sessions. You are my man and I am glad to be on your side. Happy new year love!

Dreams do come true. And I have finally found my better half. Your eyes arouses me, your smile warms my heart. Let this New Year remind you that how great life has been ever since we met each other. Hoping to notch up the adventure in our lives for years and decades. Happy New Year love!!

New year wishes lines for Brother (Brother to Brother)

You are an inseparable part of my heart. Our souls are interwoven and I just wish that our bond reaches the height of ecstasy in the coming years. Happy New Year my brother! You are my first friend, my crime in a partner!

New year wishes lines for Brother (sister to Brother)

I hope that this New Year mends our relationship from past mistakes. Let time be the healer and may you achieve stupendous success this New Year. All my love to you!

New year wishes lines for Sister (Sister to Sister)

We always had our share of fights and yet here we stand as extremely bonded. On this New Year, I wish you all the very best in life and may we keep our childish attitude and spark for each other for the rest of our lives. Happy New Year to you Sister!

New year wishes lines for Sister (Brother to Sister)

I often remind myself of the cute moments that I had with you. You are one of your kind and I am truly blessed to have you as my sister. On this New Year, let us promise to always be on each other side for the greater good, even if we share differences of opinions. Happy New Year’s sister!!

Your charming exuberant energy has always rejuvenated me in times of need. There is no day that I feel grateful to be your brother. May this New Year bond our relation for eternity. May it gives us the power to achieve our dreams! Happy new year sister!

New year wishes lines for Father

You have enabled my transition into a mature, loving and a better human being. You are my backbone. No matter the feats of success I will achieve, I will always look up to you for more inspiration and love. Happy New Year Dad! I love you!

If a mother has brought me into this world, you have protected me from the tangible and intangible difficulties of life. You are my pillar of strength, inspiration and moral values. May this New Year extends your joyous life for many many decades.

As the head of the family, not only you have exceeded your responsibilities but has taught us work ethic, kindness, and principles of success You deserve all the credits for all my accomplishments. I hope that we remain inseparable as father and son for eternity.

New year wishes lines for Mother

Nothing matters to me than to see my beautiful mother brimming with joy. You are the epitome of altruism and I can’t thank you enough for bringing me into this beautiful world and lavishing us with all the tender care and love.  Happy New Year to you Mother!

Let this New Year remind you that we, as your children are ever so grateful to have you. Your exuberance, vitality, and hardships have taught us the value of a good life. May this New year, almighty grants you all your heartfelt desires. Love you mother!

New year wishes lines for Brother in law

While we may not be biologically linked, yet we gotta admit that we definitely find a dose of adrenaline in each other’s company. Let us forge this bond and help each other in our professional and personal endeavors. Happy New Year’s mate!!

New year wishes lines for Sister in law

You are a source of sunshine for me. I adore you for your beauty, your fashion and your sense of humor. You and (name of the brother in law) have certainly elevated my happiness. I thank God for having you in my life. Happy New Year!!

New year wishes lines for customers

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for being our customer over the years. We take pride in having customers like you who have always propelled us for excellence. May this New Year paves way for a more satisfying experience for you as our customer. Happy New Year Sir (or Mam)! 

New year wishes lines for your business clients

We are ever grateful to be able to serve you with our products (or services) ! Your faith in us has immensely helped us to chase for more perfection and professionalism. We couldn’t be thanking you more on this auspicious occasion of New Year. A very happy and prosperous New Year to you and your family. May our professional association continue forever!

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New year wishes lines for prospective clients

May this year motivate you to spur into action for your goals. May you never compromise on your aspirations and choose only the very best of products and services. Happy New Year to you and your family Sir (or Mam)

New year wishes lines for old clients

Let the occasion of the New Year reminds us of the great association we had over the years. We feel fortunate to have served you and we have sincerely acknowledged your criticism and have greatly improved our services (and products). May this New Year brings nothing but the best for you! Happy New Year sir (or mam) from (organization name)

New year wishes lines for Teachers (Professors)

Hello, Mam (or Sir). I couldn’t thank you enough for instilling the values of hard work, work ethic, and perseverance, especially when the times are not in your favor. You are my shining light and I am ever grateful to have a teacher like you in my life. Thank you again for all those teaching Years. May this New Year gives you and your family everlasting happiness, great health, and longevity. Happy New Year!

It would be selfish for me to not credit you for the astounding success that I had enjoyed over the years. Your teaching, your mentorship and larger than life personality has helped me tremendously in living my dream life. You are as good as my parents, if not my parents biologically! Happy New Year to you and to your family!!

May this New Year yields resounding success, happiness, and joy to you and your family. Your teachings and values have helped me immensely not only in my professional but in personal endeavors also. Happy New Year Sir (or Mam) and I wish more students get a teacher like you.

New year wishes lines for Students

Hey (name of student), I hope this New Year empowers you to unleash your potential, which has been hibernating for a long time. You are brimming with essential talents and I wish to see you accomplishing your larger than life dreams. Happy New Year (name of student).

Hey (name of student). Your ability to absorb the complexities in information has always earned my admiration. I am absolutely optimistic about your bright future and will always be there to lend my support for educative and mentorship sessions. Lots of New Year wishes to you and to your family.


We hope that you enjoyed our new year’s wishes lines which we created for possibly every relation. We truly feel that the festivals and occasions are more about the time we spend with each other rather than the festival itself. And this is why we wrote new year’s wishes lines for almost every relation. We will add a lot of wishes and lines from time to time. You can let your opinions known to us through our comment section.

 *** And lastly, a very Happy New Year from me also ***

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