Happy New Year wishes for your love

New Year message for your love when he/she is facing illness

Your life partner or soon to become a life partner will always be the center of your life. A relationship blossoms and stays fresh when there are mutual respect and admiration from both individuals. The new year is a wonderful occasion where you can give a powerful and compelling wish and messages to your spouse or partner. In this post, we will give you examples of Happy New Year wishes for your love.

Happy New Year wishes for my love

Dear……….. Life has become infinitely exuberant ever since you came into my life. Your effervescent and friendly nature has always got my juices flowing. I wish you to retain this charming personality for infinity. May this New Year propel you to great heights of success, health, and prosperity. A very Happy New Year 2020

May this New Year blankets us with ever-increasing prosperity, beauty, and extreme fortunes. The day I sold my heart to you, will always remain special throughout my life. You truly are the center of my Universe. Happy New Year my love. May God surge you to excellence in all your personal and professional endeavors.

The World is an oyster as long as you are my partner. May our souls remain entrenched with each other for the next seven births. Your exuberance and positivity surge a powerful motivation inside me. Hoping that this year, we push ourselves together to the success beyond our wildest expectations. Happy New Year my love!

The Joy of life is undoubtedly in giving and my heart has received loads of love and tranquility through your bubbly, effervescent and humble nature. May this New Year brings in a lot more surprises in our ever-growing relationship. I wish you a very Happy New Year my love.

Our journey has time and again seen the ebbs and flows throughout the years. However, nothing of it withers away your charming smile, your penetrative gaze, and your inquisitive personality. May this New Year and New Decade forge our bonding to an even greater extent.

Dear………….. Your smell gives me a surge of adrenaline, your sight makes my heart skip a beat and your smell arouses my primal center. I truly believe we were born for each other. May this New Year lays down a path for more glory days for us with unforgettable memories.

May the New Year and new decade bestows its blessings upon us for longer life, great health and tons of fortune. I am certain that nobody could have been a better partner than you. I wish this New year brings resounding success for you, my dear love! Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year wishes to your love when he/she is angry

There are times when you and your partner are not on the talking terms. In order to forge a healthy relationship, work is forever needed from both individuals. And the occasion of New Year is an excellent opportunity to break the cold ice between the two of you. Check out the below examples of perfect Happy New Year messages when your partner is angry with you.

I may resent your anger on the surface, but deep down, I relish the subtle innocent and caring nature of yours even when you are angry. You are the world to me, no matter how much we fight. Happy New Year 2020 my love. May this New Year and New decade resolve our differences and help us to achieve a staggering success.

There is no better joy to me than to relinquish the ego and differences with you after a stubborn fight. My world heavily revolves around you, day and night, week, months and years. May this dawn of this New Year and new decade illuminates all our differences with enlightenment and wisdom. Happy New Year my love!

Despite our fights and arguments, I am always able to see the tranquility in your mind, the purity in your heart and the noblest of intentions behind every move. The past year has witnessed a lot of our fights. Let us balance it in double proportion this New Year and New decade with love, respect, and admiration. Happy New Year my dear love!

The Rythm of life always witnesses the highs and lows. While our partnership has hit walls over the last couple of months, let the joy of New Year 2020 and New Decade dissolve all our egos, as tranquility is the basis of longer life. Happy New Year my dear love!

Words might not convey my truest intentions, however, am forever committed to bring improvement upon myself and to our relationship. Happy new year to you my spouse. May God grants each and every one of your wishes.

Nothing is more exciting on this Earth than a crime in a partner who knows how to push all my buttons and yet make me happy. I am grateful for our precious time and wishes the same in this New Year and New decade. Lots of love and a Happy New Year!

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Perfect New Year message to your love when he/she is Depressed

Life throws a curveball every now and then and even the strongest of us require a helping hand. Nothing could give a more holistic therapeutic feeling than sending a nice Happy New Year message to your partner when they are depressed. Below are some of the examples that we truly believe gives enormous joy to your spouse or partner.

My Dear……………. You have been the pillar of my strength throughout the years. I understand the gravity of the situation that you are going through. Know that you are nothing short of a champion. Your endurance to deal with complexity is amazing. But deep down, don’t forget you possess an extreme resurging capability. May this New Year and New decade gives you astounding regenerative powers to overcome this difficult situation. Know that I am with you always. Happy New Year my love!

My dear………… There always a light at the end of the tunnel. The situation may seem enormous but I am sure that you will come out victorious. I know no one except you, who is the epitome of strong endurance when the tides are against them. Do know that the high tide of this New Year will swim you across this difficult time. Happy New Year my love!

May you bludgeoned this dark phase of your life with a ray of light. I hope that this New Year propels you out of your comfort zone in order to achieve staggering success. Wishing you the mightiest of Happy New Year.

May this New year entrenched your heart with faith, positivity and loads of love. You are deserving of all the success that you dream of. Know that you will come back ten times harder. Let the occasion of this New Year brims you with all the regenerative powers.

My dear love. The New Year represents the typical life cycle of all things. Know that this dark phase that you are going through will also be illuminated by the positive energy of this New Year and New decade. Know that my mind and soul is always will always be intertwined with yours. Happy New Year my love!

May this New Year and new decade gives you a powerful surge of adrenaline to overcome the obstacles that you are going through. You are a gift of God and remember that your regenerative powers will escape you from this difficult phase of life. Revel in the joy of New Year and know that I am always with you!

Happy New Year wishes for my Love when he/she is far away

Time and space cannot set our heart’s apart which are forever tuned with each other. While I may not be with you this New Year, know that your thoughts overwhelm my mind and heart on this wonderful occasion. Happy New Year 2020 my love! See you soon!

Time flies by when my consciousness is surrounded by your sight. I yearn to see those charming eyes of your’s, taste the smooth butter lips under the sky of the nights. A very Happy New Year my dear love. Hoping to come back soon. Miss you!

Even though am far away from you, it does feel that my heart is venting your emotions, your consciousness, and your love. May this New Year and New Decade glues our love for more decades to come. Yours forever! Happy New Year 2020

The World is an Oyster and you are my partner in crime. You may not have my sight this New Year but do know that my body yearns for the warmth of your hands, the taste of your lips, and the sound of your heartbeat. May this New Year brings us even closer and makes us inseparable, even when we are miles away. Happy New Year my Love! Coming Soon!

New Year message for your love when he/she is facing illness

May this New Year and new decade reverberates health and wellness for you. My warmth and tender love are always with you my love. I wish you a rocket-like recovery on this grandest New Year. Lots of love from…………..

May the almighty extract you out from the illness with a speedy recovery. This New Year is special as it comes along with a New decade. Always know that I am by your side in every ounce of your struggle. Happy New Year 2020 my love. Get well soon!

The dawn of New Year and New decade is upon us. I wish that the intangible blessings of the almighty give you enough strength and courage to get back into your cheerful, exuberant demeanor. Wishing you a speedy recovery my love. Happy New Year!

Soak in the gleaming lights of the stars, constellation, and planets on the eve of this New Year and New Decade. May this new year makes you rejuvenate and helps you to regain your full strength. Know that my heart and mind are constantly in prayers for your speedy recovery. Happy New Year dear love!

I feel eternally blessed to have a partner like you. While you need some rest, I am certain of your mighty comeback to your exuberant and vivacious personality and health. May you recover with the speed of knots. Happy New Year my life partner!

There is no greater joy in this world than to witness you in a sound state of physical health. I pray to the almighty to mitigate your illness and to make you gleam with health and exuberance. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year my love!


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