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Makar Sankranti Special Message

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The gracious occasion of Makar Sankranti will arrive on 15th January 2020. It is the time for everyone to receive the blessings of the SunGod, the time for dreams to harvest their hard work and wait patiently for the fruitful results. If you are looking for “Makar Sankranti special message” then you have arrived at the right place.

Our team at TyoHaarUtsav has prepared some unique, funny and heartfelt messages and images for Makar Sankranti which you can send it to your friends, family, husband, wife, boyfriend, Girlfriend and etc.


Makar Sankranti special message

May the SunGod bestows its mercy on you. May he lift the dark phase of your life and radiates it with colors of joy, happiness, and prosperity. All my lovely Sankranti Greetings to you and your family.

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May the breeze of the Sankranti lifts up your spirits, may the effervescent Sunshine brings tranquility to your mind. May the colored kites in the sky, adds vivaciousness, charm, and meaning to your life.

Let this Sankranti pours all the bright lights of the SunGod and illuminates every aspect of your life with health and wealth. May your family enjoys the pinnacle of success.

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May there be no dearth of blessings in your life. May the almighty give you courage and hard work so that you don’t leave any stone unturned in your life. God bless you and your family this Makar Sankranti 2020.

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May this Sankranti brings grace, elegance, vitality, and prosperity to you and your family. May you enjoy the camaraderie to the fullest of your closest friends this Makar Sankranti 2020. Lots of greetings from me and my family.

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Let light and Let god. Let this auspicious occasion engulfs you in its enlightened aura. May you prosper to the heights of success that you have never imagined in your wildest dreams.

May the cosmos lavishes you with its finest of blessings. May the almighty instills in you the qualities of work-ethic and persistence.

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May the gleaming Sunshine of this auspicious Sankranti bestows all the blessings, love and courage. May your kites soar high in the sky as well as your success in life. Sankranti wishes and blessings to you and your family.

If there is ever a time to harvest the hard work of your career, now it is. May this Sankranti, the blessings transform the seeds of your hard work into fruitful rewards later on this year. May you experience a galore of opportunities in your professional endeavor. Lots of Sankranti greetings

Sankranti special wishes and Images for your friends and relatives

There is no better joy than to spend the best moments of your life with the proximity of your loved ones. May the cosmos give you all the fun and success that you truly deserve. Happy Sankranti aapko!

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The occasion of Sankranti reminds us to bow the seeds of hard work which if watered with patience, will always yield fruitful results of our endeavors. May This Sankranti propels us to develop an insane work ethic.

**** अगर आपक सिर्फ हिंदी में मकर संक्रांति के विशेष देखने हैं, तोह इस पोस्ट पर क्लिक कर के पढ़ सकते हैं ****

This Sankranti, may you enjoy the camaraderie, fervor, and Gaiety of your closest people. May your relationships become deeper with your closest people. May the blessings of the colored sky today will fill your heart with exuberance, love, and vitality.

The World is your Oyster and the SunGod has brought with it a galore of opportunities for you this Sankranti. May you work hard this year and keep piling success after success.

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The longer and brighter days are now on their way. May they also bring immense affluence and health for you in all aspects of your life. May you pile up stacks of success in your professional life.

The D Day of the season of kites has arrived. May the exuberance of the birds, and the vitality of the Sunshine propels you to undertake immense hard work in your life.

Life always possesses both polarities for all situations. On this auspicious occasion, I hope the blessings of the cosmos, incline your attention and feelings towards the positive polarity of life. May you achieve success beyond your wildest expectations.

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Let the crisp chirping of the birds woke you up today. Let the bright effervescent sunshine of Makar Sankranti lights up the cells of your heart today. May your hard work silences the critics with all its might. Happy Sankranti to you and your family.

There is a popular saying, that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I wish the blessings of this gracious occasion, instills in you all the hard work and work – ethic to achieve your goals and visions.

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May the spirit of friendship remain alive forever; may the blessings of the divine be upon you forever, let no obstacle wither your determination away, let the fire inside you forges the path of your vision. All the Sankranti wishes to you and your family.

Wishes, Prayers, images of Special Sankranti Message, special wishes for your husband and wife

May our lives be fulfilled by the different colors of joy, ebullience and prosperity. May the health of ours reach the limits of the sky for infinity. May the blessings of the SunGod prospers our love, admiration, and respect towards each other.

May this festival brings fervor of ecstasy, exuberance, and spiritedness in our lives. May the blessings of the SunGod trickles down onto us through the strings of the kites. Let life lavishes us with immense wealth and health. Happy Sankranti my love!

Your proximity brings out the altruism in me, your touch lits up the fire in me. May this Sankranti glues our relationship for eternity, may our souls intertwined with each other for infinity. Happy Sankranti.

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Let the colors of our personality be as dynamic as the colors of the kites today at Makar Sankranti. May the SunGod keeps our vivaciousness, vigor, and strength for infinity. May the opportunities present themselves to us in huge quantities.

Let this heartwarming festival of Makar Sankranti, remind you that you are the sun of my solar system. That my life revolves around your vitality and exuberance. May our souls be intertwined for the next lifetimes.

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Let this propitious Makar Sankranti lets you know that my world revolves around you. That my feeling is synced with yours and that my heart is in rhythm with yours. May the Sungod almighty notches up the feeling of love, admiration, and respect.

Your proximity to life is my sole rejuvenation. The smile on your beautiful face is the reason for my persistence. May the blessings of this Sankranti opens up this new decade for us with a galore of opportunities. May we achieve success beyond our wildest expectations.

This Sankranti, let the camaraderie of your closet people take you to the heights of ecstasy. Let the chirping of the birds gives you tranquility and may the bright rays of the Sun illuminates all your negativity. Sankranti wishes and blessings to you and your family.

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Let this Sankranti instill in us the values of perseverance, love and trust. Let the universe bestows us infinite lust and love for eternity. Lots of love sweetheart!

Just like the sun is about to enter the Capricorn Zodiac, I wish our relationship enters the ecstasy of life. May the Sun God transcends our sorrows and opens up an array of opportunities in our life.

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May our holy relationship of Husband and wife soars to the ceilings of the sky. May the God of Sun blesses us with all the positivity in life. Let ego and anger subside and may love always blossoms in our life.

I wish this Sankranti brings tranquility and abundance in our lives. I with the exuberance and the vigor of youth remains forever embedded in our heart and mind. Lots of love darling!

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Perseverance is to success what Carbon is to steel. I wish this Makar Sankranti we sow the seeds of our hard work and hopefully, the God of the sun will bring our endeavors to fruition. May we achieve all our dreams.

Inspiring Makar Sankranti special messages special wishes for Girlfriend BoyFriend

You are a ray of sunshine in my life. I wish this Makar Sankranti, that our relationship rises to the height of the sky. May the blessings of the Sunshine, the birds and of the breeze reaps out fruitful results in our life.

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It may be a cliche, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. May your fighting spirit only grows with the passage of time. May the blessings of this colorful festival propel you to take action in your life. Happy Sankranti my dear love!

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Let this Sankranti marks the resurgence of your health. Let this auspicious occasion instills a ray of hope into your cells. May the chirping of sounds gives tranquility to your mind, may the breeze carries all the negativity of your life.

May the wishes of the divine reminds you that the world is your oyster. I with the SunGod that our camaraderie is blessed by him for eternity. May we surpass success beyond our wildest expectations.

The beautiful day of Makar Sankranti has arrived. The birds are chirping to bring you more alive. May you clear the sky today with all your kites. Happy Sankranti!

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Soak in the warm rays of the Sun and take in the tranquil chirping of the birds to revoke your enthusiasm. May you fill the sky with all the colored kites today. May the esprit de corps keep soaring high in our life.

Let this Sankranti marks the resurgence of your health and spirit. Let this auspicious occasion of SunGod lights up the fire in your belly for stupendous achievements. The world is awaiting the footmarks of your success, may you astound everyone with your perseverance.

Just like the sun will start to enter the Northern Hemisphere this Sankranti, may the needle of your life starts to incline towards the positive direction of your career. May the blessings of the God Of sun takes you to the behemoth of success.

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You are the color of my life that yields optimism. You are the diamond of my life that even shines despite the pessimism. May our love and prosperity for each other propel us to greater heights in our personal and professional endeavors.

Funny Sankranti Special message special wishes for your friends

May you enjoy this kite flying festival to the core. May the almighty blesses you with lots of fortune, and may you share half of it with the sender of this cheerful wish sender.

May your kites last for the entire Sankranti Day. May the strings of all cut kites catch your hand. May you cut the strings of the so-called pessimistic friends of your life.

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I wonder how time flies, it was only yesterday that you were running from street to streets for catching the strings of the kites. Hope this Sankranti, you buy enough kites instead of running after them like a child.

The almighty is giving you one more chance to form new year’s resolutions at nearly the beginning of the year. May your Sankranti resolutions last till the 14th of Feb at least.

Sankranti special wishes for your Teachers

Your ethics, morality and altruistic values have lifted me in my life. Your words of wisdom still add tranquility in my life. May the blessings of the SunGod gives you all the happiness in the world. May the world witnessed more teachers like you.

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No matter how good a kite is, only a strong breeze can carry it to the heights of the sky. Similarly, a good student is unlikely to reach his full potential without the absence of an altruistic teacher like you. May this Sankranti lavishes you with loads of happiness and prosperity.


We hope that you have enjoyed the Makar Sankranti special message and wishes that we prepared for different scenarios and different people. Our aim is to surely add more heartfelt Sankranti wishes for your friends and family. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section. It means to us. Till then, bye-bye.

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