Makar Sankranti wishes to your Wife | Lots of funny, inspiring and Grateful Sankranti wishes and Images for her

Makar Sankranti wishes to your wife in english

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We all know the significance of the Makar Sankranti Festival. And the joy that it brings with it is inexplicable. Not only the festival allows a moment to celebrate the happy moments with our life partner, but it also helps us to mend and forge a deeper relationship with them.

Wishing Makar Sankranti wishes to your wife is a great way to bring a smile on her face. And this is why we are giving you some well-written and heartfelt Makar Sankranti wishes for your wife in English. So without any more time, let’s get started.

Makar Sankranti wishes to your wife

Let the time standstill. Let this moment be frozen because I want to convey my Makar Sankranti blessings to my wife. May the divine enhances your love, your beauty, and vitality. May our bond continues for eternity. Happy Makar Sankranti Darling.

How to wish Makar Sankranti wishes to your wife in english

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There is no time and no place that brings me much peace and rejuvenation than your proximity and smile. I wish this festival of Sun god pours down all of the blessings onto you. May our kites soar high as well as our holy relationship of husband and wife.

May the bond of our holy relationship remain glued for eternity. May the blessings of Makar Sankranti propels us to achieve all our heartfelt desires this new decade. Lots of love my beautiful wife.

My life may be like a clear blue sky but you are the one who adds the colorful template to it, just like the beautiful kites does to the blue sky on Makar Sankranti. May the blessings of the Sun God and breeze take us to a new level of vibration and awareness. Happy Sankranti dear!

Funny Sarcastic Sankranti wishes to your wife

On this Makar Sankranti, let the colors of the different kites instill in us the feeling of tranquility and abundance. May the divine gives you the energy to withstand the different flavors of my personality from time to time.

image of Sankranti message to your wife

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May the Sankranti blessings of the almighty shove all of your anger onto the deserving people. May your peace and well-being remain high throughout the year. My heart will always beat for your touch and may the happiness in our relationship touches the ceiling of the sky this year. Happy Sankranti my love!

Beautiful wife makar sankranti message from husband

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You are the epitome of beauty and love (and anger too!). Your proximity transpires my smile. I wish to the SunGod this Sankranti to keep you like the same forever.

May the SunGod dissolves all of your anger. May the wind resolves all of your ego. Let the path of enlightenment takes you to vibrancy and increased awareness, let this blessings of this Makar Sankranti transcends your problems into opportunities. All my Sankranti blessings to you.

May the fervor of this vibrant festival inspires you to shower your deepest love on your workaholic husband. May the roots of our relationship grow deeper with every passing day. May the aura of the SunGod inspires us to achieve all our dreams.

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I wish this Makar Sankranti sprinkles some calmness, vitality and result-oriented actions into my beautiful wife so that we both can transform our dream into reality. All my blessings to you lovely!

May the joyous occasion of Makar Sankranti transpires you to make the finest of Posh badas and sweets. May your cooking and bedroom skills rise like a kite in the sky. Kidding! Happy Sankranti Wifey!! 

Let the effervescent occasion of Makar Sankranti channelizes most of your energy in our bedtime. May you achieve more deeper Os this with your eyes rolled back in your head. Happy Sankranti to my hot wife!

May you cut all the kites in the sky and eliminates your habit of cutting down my talk in between. May your beauty notches to great heights and your anger lowers down more. My love, prayers and greetings to you on this Sankranti.

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Kite flying and cutting require patience and perseverance. Let this auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti brings these two qualities to my lovely wife, so that she can remain calm and still during a debate with her husband.

Let the effervescence and vivacity of Makar Sankranti brings back the child like zeal and passion of my beautiful wife. May the God give your husband all the energy in the Universe to digest all your talks. Lots of love from your handsome husband.

I hope the ferociousness and zeal of cutting the kite trickles down to my wife, especially for the night time, if you understand what I mean. May the fire of intimacy remain lit between us for infinity. Greeting for Makar Sankranti.

Wishing your wife Makar Sankranti wishes when she is far away

May the bright sunshine, the pleasant strong breeze and the colorful cheerful kites carries the blessings of this auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti to you. May our relationship soar high in enlightenment.

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We may be thousands of miles away yet our hearts will remain connected with the intangible strings of love, respect, and loyalty. May the Sankranti wishes of mine transpire us to forge our relationship with deeper love and trust.

There is no distance too far that can prevent my love to reach you. Your love has remained surreal over the years and I hope it remains the same for eternity. May this cheerful festival of Sankranti brings a glow to my beautiful wife.

Let our love blossoms to the ceilings of the sky. Let the almighty blesses us through the strings of the kites. This Sankranti is special to me as it reminds me of your worth in my life. Happy Sankranti Wifey!! May the divine keeps you young and beautiful for life.

How to wish your wife Makar Sankranti wishes when she is angry with you

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Dear wife, this Sankranti, just like the sun is about to enter the zodiac of Capricorn, may our life also get back onto the right track. May the ego and logic bend for the sake of unconditional love and prosperity. Let love blossoms. Lots of love from your husband.

May the bright sunshine of this Makar Sankranti burn away all your anger. May the strong breeze of this propitious occasion carry away all your resentment. Know that my love is always there to back you. Know that my happiness comes from you. Love you a lot wifey!

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Love has always been the foundation of this Universe. We surely are an intrinsic part of it. Let this propitious occasion of Makar Sankranti brings us even closer and may the bright sunlight and breeze illuminate all our differences this year. Lots of blessings from your handsome husband.

Energizing Makar Sankranti Wishes to your wife when she is not well

May the blessings of the SunGod revives your health with vitality, exuberance, and joy just like before. May the festive aura of this Sankranti notches up your well-being.

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May the entry of the Sun into the Capricorn zodiac, also shifts our life towards the better path. May prosperity be ours this year. May our hard work and perseverance results to fruition this year. Lots of love to you on this Sankranti my love!

I wish the beams of sunlight lights up the cells of your being. I wish the breeze carries all the blessings of the cosmos to your mind and body. May you recuperate fast with every passing day my love! Lots of Sankranti greetings to you!

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There is no greater joy than to see the lovely smile of my beautiful wife. May the almighty bestow all his blessings to the core of your being. May the SunGod illuminates all the aspects of your life with optimism, vibrancy, and cheerfulness. You are the love of my life and will always be!

Grateful wishes of Makar Sankranti for your wife

Time has flown so fast, it feels like I yesterday only I met my beautiful wife. Wishing you all the gratitude of my life and hoping that your beautiful Sunshine remains forever upon my life. Happy Sankranti my love!

A hotwife and heartfelt love are all that a man desires. May the prosperous occasion of Makar Sankranti elevates our lust and love to a whole new level. Your presence has blessed my life and I can’t thank the almighty enough for having you by my side. Happy Sankranti!

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There is no day in my life that I feel less grateful to have you. You are the epitome of altruistic values and nothing can measure my love for you. May the blessings of the Sun-god reaps all your hard work and work-ethic into fruitful payoffs.

Your hardships and endeavors in the relationship have paid immense dividends to my life. Your tranquility and love for our children have enlightened the entire Universe of mine. May our relationship continues like this for a lifetime. All my blessings, prayers to you on Makar Sankranti.

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Somebody asked me, who is the greatest addition to my life. I took your name as you are the one whose sunshine has never withered upon me. You are the one who’s smile has never faded for me. This Sankranti, I wish the cosmos to give you all the happiness in this world. May we achieve our heartfelt dreams together.

Inspiring Makar Sankranti wishes for your wife

You are the sunshine in my life. You are the bringer of love and prosperity in my life. The world is your oyster and I am the luckiest person to be the husband of this erotic beautiful wife. Happy Sankranti lovely!!!

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Just like Carbon adds strength to the steel, your addition in my life has instilled the fearlessness in me. May the blessings of the divine propels us to get the best out of each other in all situations. May we succeed beyond our wildest expectations.

Let the failures of life do not deter you away from your goals and vision. Let the thorns in the path to success do not wither away your determination. May the God of the sun be like an umbrella to you from all kinds of negativity. May your harvested crops of hard work results in all the fruitful endeavors. Happy Sankranti dear wifey!

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Your energy feeds my inspiration. Your proximity notches up my persistence. May the aura of this Sankranti makes us strive harder for transforming our dreams into realities. May the SunGod blesses us with all the altruistic values in the world. All my love to you this Sankranti.

If there is a time to harvest new energy into our work and relationship, now is a perfect time. Let the scorching sunshine and blessings of this season pays us rich dividends in our life. May we both achieve the zenith of joy.

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The world seems colorless without your presence. Life becomes meaningless without your proximity. Your smile rejuvenates the heart of mine, your touch lits up the fire in the cells of mine. May this Sankranti notches up our vigor and effervescence for each other. Lots of Sankranti greetings to you my wifey!

May the Sankranti of the New Decade transpire your energy and vivaciousness into stupendous hard work, so that all your dreams come into fruition. The world is your Oyster my darling. Let all the blessings of the almighty be upon you.

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May the Sankranti of this New Decade propels you to achieve stupendous happiness and ecstasy in both your personal and professional endeavors. My world has become immensely bright like the Sunshine owing to your sacrifices and unconditional love. All my Sankranti blessings to you my lovely wife.

Final words

I hope that you have enjoyed all the above-written Makar Sankranti wishes for your wife. I will be adding a lot more to this post from time to time. Let us know your feedback in the comment section. If you also want to include your heartfelt Sankranti wishes to your lovely wife, then write it in the comment section and we will look to include it on this post. Till next time, goodbye and enjoy the fervor and gaiety of this Makar Sankranti 2020.

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