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Best friend Long form Birthday wishes for male and female

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When it comes to knowing about you inside out, only your best friend has access to it. They are one the ones who are willing to rescue from the most difficult circumstances of life; the ones who will enjoy pulling your leg but will also support you unconditionally when the need arises.

While sending wishes and texts on festivals and other scenarios are a good way to keep your friendship refreshing and rejuvenating, there is nothing like a great long-form birthday wishes for your best friend. While your best friend may not admit openly, they certainly expect heartwarming long-form wishes from you on their birthday.

And that is why we have created this post. To give you some really nice and long messages which will certainly incite grateful emotions inside them for having you in their life. So let’s get started.

Long birthday wishes for best friend

Hey ……(name of the friend)…..Today is the birthday of my best mate; the one with whom I have (and will) spent the best moments of life. Friendship with you means a lot to me. We have seen the ebbs and flows of life. Let’s glue our friendship for perpetuity today. A very happy Birthday to you!

A Legend has rightly said that the best moments of life are often with your best friend. On this birthday, I wish you long and many years of happiness, joy, and prosperity. I sincerely wish that your longing for life, vitality, and zeal always remain high and might. We have been friends for so long and I wish everyone in this world get a best friend like you.  Hoping many many more birthdays of yours be celebrated for another 1000 years.

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There are times when I yearn for your proximity and I must admit that there have also been times where I despised your presence. But over the years my heart has learned to accept the imperfections of my loving best friend. Not that I am perfect too, but I have come to terms with the diversity of our personalities at certain times. On this birthday, I ask for your sincere forgiveness for my unintentional mistakes in the past! And I too forgive you for all the wrong things you did to me! Lol! Let us be wiser, more knowledgeable, and fun-loving than ever before. Happy Birthday once again to my buddy!

My Dear! When the going gets tough in the long battle, the tough always gets going. May this dark phase does not bog you down. May the blessings of the divine propel you to great heights of success. I hope our friendship stays alive for eternity. A very happy birthday to you.

Let life take on a new meaning from today! Let the sorrows of the past be eliminated completely today! The Almighty wants to propel you to monumental success, may my best friend enjoy the health and vitality for infinite decades. On this happy day, I wish the Almighty to give you many years of liveliness, health, and prosperity.

Hey Dear! Life has been phenomenal ever since you have arrived in my life. Your charm, charisma, and altruistic nature have benefitted so many. I am sure the divine took a lot of time when he made you. It is unbelievable how our friendship has unfolded over the long years with full of joy, enthusiasm, and prosperity. I wish it remains the same forever. A mighty happy birthday to you. Lots of love.

There are times when I faced the wrath of the World; the time when everyone turned their back onto me except one great samaritan. Ever since then, I have found my faith in people, in altruism, and you are the reason for every bit of it. On this birthday, I wish you nothing but pure bliss, serene and a wonderful life. May our jovial bond remain alive and refreshing for centuries. Very happy birthday to my best buddy!!



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Birthday wishes in Long-form for your best male friend who is in the army (Male to Male)

Your valor and hard work have brought numerous laurels and pride to this nation. We are immensely proud of you. And your birthday deserves all the wishes and blessings from your friends and well-wishers. The mere thought of you fighting for our country gives me goosebumps. I wish that the Almighty gives you decades of longevity, prosperity, and fame. Happy birthday my friend!

There is something enigmatic and charming about the people of the armed forces. You guys spent sleepless nights so that the whole country could wake up feeling refreshed. You are the embodiment of a real-life hero and you deserve heaps of praise for all your efforts. It is only my luck that I have a best friend of whom I can be immensely proud of. I pray to the Almighty to keep you safe, healthy and prosperous for the rest of your lives. Happy birthday to my valiant army man! God bless you.

Examples of Funny Long Birthday wishes to your best male friend (Male to Male)

With the passage of time, nothing gives me joy than to have a friend like you who can spend so much and take care of me! Life has been so smooth and comfortable ever since you came into my life! Lol! I wish to the divine to keep you on this track of success. After all, your success is my success too, isn’t it!!! Happy Birthday buddy!

More often than not, I feel like kicking the hell out of you for pulling my leg all the time. Fortunately for you, today is the day where I will be on my best behavior for you! On this birthday of yours, I wish the Almighty to make you wiser and richer too so that you stop bugging me every time for an outing. Happy birthday!

On this birthday occasion, I congratulate you. I see that the almighty has bestowed lots of knowledge and wisdom upon you through the grey hairs and wrinkles. But don’t count them yet! The upcoming success is likely to give you more of that! Lol! Happy birthday buddy!

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Funny Birthday wishes for your best friend who is very elder to you

You are a perfect blend of weirdness, wisdom and benevolent heart. It makes me wonder how could we be best buddies despite such a massive age gap!!! You have been like a fatherly figure who has only helped me to unleash his wild side. I wish every son gets a father like you, however, that’s quite rare! Enjoy the birthday and I wish that your effervescence, charm, and charisma stays alive till the time you take your last breath! Lol! Happy birthday you lucky bastard!

It astonishes me to the core that how an old-aged SOB could be a friend of a dashing, charming and handsome man like me. While your body may have the prime, your thought wavelength is still a perfect match for someone like me. I am sure you are having the time of your life with me as your best friend. Happy birthday, oldy! May you live for at least a couple of decades!

Samples of long wishes of Birthday for your long Distance male best friend (Male to Male)

It feels such a relief to not bear your overpowering personality at times! Lol! But this long-distance has made me realize your insane value. I am sure you are toiling hard there in your career but know that life is short! On this birthday, I urge you to move leaps and bounds towards your passion and dreams. I pray to the Almighty that all your dreams get transformed into reality. Happy Birthday, mate!

Owing to the work commitment, there may be oceans, seas and the continents between us, yet my heart still yearns for you! The mind feels unstimulated without your thought-provoking conversations. However, our blessings, respect, and admiration for each other will always be there. Happy birthday my best friend! Come back soon!

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Our souls of friendship will always be intertwined with each other. I will always relish the nostalgic memories of our fun and laughter. Not even death can make us apart. That is how much I adore both of us. So happy to give you my birthday wishes. May you achieve staggering success in all your professional and personal endeavors.

Long birthday wishes for college best friend

The timing of your birthday couldn’t have been better. It is a special day for both of us. The almighty brought us together for a reason. Our beliefs, visions and work ethic makes us so similar. I am so enthusiastic and optimistic about our respective future. We will bring a revolution in our respective careers. A very happy birthday to you mate!

During the college hours of my life, I glanced at a weird-looking boy; a boy who had so much curiosity and passion to explore the unknown; a boy who could challenge his professors and seniors with help of his strenuous work. We may have gone different ways over the years but those nostalgic memories of our camaraderie, those fun nights, and extreme challenges will always stay in my heart; courtesy of you my dear friend! Very happy birthday to you!

Birthday wishes for your childhood and best friend

I cannot fathom how swelled up my heart is because of our childhood friendship and love for each other. You are just like a brother from another mother of whom I know the ins and out. Just like every Birthday, my wishes and desires for you will be the same i.e to spend more lavishly on me and to bear my tantrums from time to time to make me feel relaxed and calm. Lol! Let this Birthday glues our friendship for infinite years. Enjoy the Birthday brother! God Bless you!

Our camaraderie over the years has been the best of the best. It feels surreal to witness such a bond with your childhood best friend. Being able to witness every stage of each other’s life is an experience that very few people get to. And I am glad to be one of them. You are my rock, my pillar of strength, and my knight in shining armor. On this birthday of yours, I wish all the love, joy and success for the foreseeable future. You deserve everything!

How to wish your long-distance sister-like best friend the long wishes of Birthday (male to a female)?

It has been so long that we have been apart for many years. While we may be far away, yet my love and gratitude for you has only grown with time. I miss your bubbliness and vivacity; your thoughtful demeanor and your beautiful smile. On this birthday, my heart yearns for your proximity! May the divine bestows all its blessings upon you for the future! Happy birthday dear!

Samples of Long Paragraph birthday wishes for your best friend girl (Male to Female)

Dear ………(name of your female best friend)……It gives me enormous joy to wish you a happy birthday today. Over the years, we have witnessed so much joy and sorrow. Life has thrown the worst upon us and we have seen all of them. While our perception has grown apart in the last few years, yet we have maintained ample respect and admiration for each other. After all, there is vivacity in diversity. I wish our friendship will be glued forever with love and respect for eternity. Happy birthday my dear!

Long birthday wishes for internet best friend

Dear friend, while the Almighty may not have brought us together earlier, let us vow to make up for it! On your birthday, I give you all my wishes and love. May all your dreams come true! May the candles of success outshine all the failures of the past. Happy Birthday dear stranger! Can’t wait for the times when we will have a blast together!

There is nothing more exciting than befriending someone from the other side of the planet. While we may not have met, our thoughts and values are so much aligned with each other. May this birthday bring joy, effervescence, and vitality in your life. You are doing phenomenal work in your field and I wish that you pile up stacks of success after success. Enjoy the birthday dear!

Long inspirational Tumblr birthday message for a special friend

Dear ……(name of the friend)………..On this great occasion, I wish you the heartiest and warmest birthday wishes. There is nothing in my life that I withhold from you. Your aura, exuberance, and vitality are the enigmatic hallmarks of your personality. Remember that you have deep reservoirs of energy and talent and that there is no such goal which is impossible for you. The Almighty has blessed you with everything. May this birthday surge you to undertake massive action towards your dreams that you always wanted to accomplish! Happy Birthday, dear!

Very few are lucky to have friends by their side of whom they are proud. I consider myself to be one such lucky person. You have been the embodiment of a great friend for so many years; someone who has their shit together; someone who has their ethics and morality on point and someone who truly cares for the people. Needless to say, but I long for days like this where I can send you my heartfelt birthday wishes to you dear! Know that I love you and that the time spent together will always be etched in my heart! Happy Birthday again! God bless you!

Examples of Long sarcastic birthday wishes for male best friend

Sarcasm in the messages, if contained within the limits, can be a great way to induce laughter and fun from the recipient reader. And with your best friend, you can certainly include them, well within the limits of course. In this (and below) section, we are including some great examples of long sarcastic wishes to your friend.

It is the special day where you ran for your life in order to get attached to your mother’s uterus. At this stage of life, I yearn for the same excitement and urgency so that you could settle down in life. On this Birthday, I give you my jovial and ebullient blessings to make your parents proud and me too! Happy Birthday my buddy!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This phrase needs to be applied to you now! I wish this Birthday to make you more vigilant about the business opportunities. After all, I am counting on you to make me rich and happy too along with you! Let the hard work keep rolling and success will be yours and mine too. Lol! Happy Birthday!

Long Borderline insulting birthday wishes for a best female friend

Now that your life has one less year, I hope that this birthday will push you to go for your dreams which you have been contemplating for the last 5 years. Time and circumstances will never be perfect to take upon the action. Enjoy the Birthday but also know that life is precious and often flows by very quickly.

On this birthday I pray to the Almighty to give intuition, wisdom, and maturity into your thick head so that you start to pay heed to your close friends and family people. Your career is hanging by a thread and it only makes sense that you start to pay attention to it. Have a great birthday!

Long Christian Religious birthday wishes to my best friend

There will be times when no matter how hard you try, things don’t seem to fall in place. This is where the blessings of your best friend and the involvement of the Divine comes into play. You have both of them with you my best friend! Very happy birthday to you! You have been a great disciple of the Lord Christ and he will surely ensure all the goodness in your life. Enjoy the Birthday dear!

The Lord has been really kind and benevolent for sending you in my life. Your positive vibes and ambiance has surged every positive aspect of my life. I have so many reasons to be ever grateful to you and this birthday wish of mine is just one way of expressing my appreciation to you. You are one of your kind, sent by the Almighty Christ to take care of so many people. May you continue to carry on your noble deeds forever. Enjoy the birthday dear!

May Christ illuminate all your future with effervescing, joy and loads of fortune! May the gleams of blessings always recuperate you from the troubles and stresses of life. We have enjoyed so many jovial moments over the years. I pray to the Lord Christ to continue to bless us with tons of that for infinity! Happy birthday my buddy!

While I refrain from such talks but I have never seen the likes of anyone like you, who is not only a great believer of Almighty Christ but dedicatedly put the preaches into action. All your life you have worked hard and the Almighty has blessed every bit of happiness upon you and rightly so! Your altruism and selfless concern for the others makes you an ideal for the younger generations! On this birthday, I wish that your life ever remains fulfilled with vigor, liveliness and abundance. Enjoy the birthday dear!

Birthday wishes for best friend in heaven

My dear best friend! The void that you created in my life is very unlikely to be filled by anyone else. You were my heart and soul; my effervescence and joy! The memories that we spent together will forever be etched in my heart. On this birthday of yours, I pray that you are having a time of your life in heaven. It is my sincere wish to the Almighty that we come together in the next life as real brothers, preferably twins! Enjoy your stay in heaven brother. Know that you will always rule my heart until my departure!

Your unexpected crossing to the heavens has left my heart with sadness and tears. You were truly the ray of sunshine who illuminated the lives of so many people with his charm, sunniness and vigor. You may not be here but I still celebrate your birthday with ebullience just like we used to do when you were here. I will be joining you soon in the heavens! Happy birthday dear!

What to keep in mind while preparing such messages?

It is important to keep a fun, light-hearted tone for preparing messages of the birthday occasion. If you are looking to make it inspiring, then avoid all seriousness and keep it very light. For preparing sarcastic messages, we advise you to always stay within the limits, because even the best friend can take it in the wrong way!


We hope that you have enjoyed the various messages of long-form Birthday wishes for your friend. We tried to cover as many scenarios as possible and will keep on adding more meaningful messages to this post from time to time. Feel free to let us know your feedback in the comment section. Until next time, take care and happy birthday to your best friend!

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