Thank you messages to Wife for Giving Birth

The occasion of Birth of your child is really special. And why not! Your wife deserves special messages on this occasion.

There is no better joy for a man than to see his beautiful wife bring along a cutie pie from another dimension. I take a vow today to give the very best of life to both of you

This is your best gift to me and I will ever be grateful to you! I am flooded with so much  joy and I can’t wait to bring the two of you to our beautiful home together.

I know very well that we will be the best parents to this cutie munchy pie

You sure will be a lovey dovey mother and this new born is so lucky to have you

I really wonder whether a man can absorb so much joy. Its a heavenly happiness, courtesy to you Wifey

Fun, Play, and Joy will now be the central aura of our life, courtesy to our newborn and my lovely wife

Our beautiful son resembles his stunning mother so much! He really is adorable and I feel that the divine has fulfilled my desire to have such a cutie son.

No family could be whole without a daughter, and that’s exactly what I have always wanted from the almighty. And now you, my gorgeous wife has delivered me a super cute baby girl. I can’t thank the almighty enough and you for fulfilling this wish !!!

Stunning, exotic vacations await our arrival. We will soon go there. God bless us!

I can feel the presence of the divine and of the fresh consciusness. These newborn are truely the gift of the Gods

May the Almighty keeps blessing us with Unlimited Joys

i will move the heaven and Earth to give the best of everything to both of you. You are my eternal soulmate and I love you dearly