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Sister Birthday wishes Post from Tyohaarutsav

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There is something about the female gender that is so enigmatic and vivacious. It is indeed a blessing when the Almighty sends an angel to a house and lucky are the siblings who have a sister.

When it comes to her birthday, you really want to bring cheers and smile to your sister with those heartwarming, sincere messages. There is a lot of power in the words if one chooses them wisely. 

In this post, you will find a ton of Sister’s birthday wishes and Images in various tones like emotional, funny, sarcastic and inspiring. The messages in this post are for elder sister, younger sister and cousin sister from the sides of both brother and sister.

Sister Birthday wishes, Emotional & Inspiring (Text and Images)

Image of Sister Happy Birthday wish Emotional, sentimental

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It doesn’t matter how many fights we will have or how many tantrums you throw, I will always be there for you in every phase of life. You mean a world to me, dear sister. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

You have permeated me with so many altruistic values. Life would have been so different without you! I hope every boy and girl gets a sister like you! Happy birthday dear sister! God bless you

Sentimental Sister Birthday wish from Brother Tyohaarutsav

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The warmth, tender love and care that you have bestowed upon me all these years is a testament to our eternal bond. You are the best sister that anyone can have and I will move heaven and earth for you if the need arises. On this birthday of my sweet sister, I wish you all the luck, prosperity and longevity. Love you!

They always say that behind every man’s success, is a woman. For me, it is my sister who has propelled me to such great heights of success. You are the sunshine whose mere presence enlivens my heart and soul. May you stay like this forever. Happy Birthday dear sister. All my love to you!

Birthday wish to Elder Sister from Brother

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There have been gazillion times when I dodged the bullet owing to heeding your advice. Your motherly instincts have always protected me from the harshest scenarios. If I may say, you are the best sister that any sibling can have! Happy Birthday, dear!

Special Images and text of Heartfelt Birthday wishes to cute Sister from Sister

It is no secret that sisters share an amazing, surreal bond amongst themselves. Being of the same gender, they understand each other very well and know the ins and outs, likes and dislikes and what not! It only makes sense to give some really special messages of happy birthdays for her dear sister. In this section, we are writing down such messages.

Dear, sister! You will always be my second mother and I will always follow the footsteps which you will guide me. For me, you are everything. I am at my absolutely best in your proximity. May our journey of sisterhood continue for eternity! Happy Birthday dear sister!

Image of Happy birthday from Sister to Elder Sister

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Hey sister! Our sibling rivalry might keep going but I will always be there with you through thick and thin. I admire your benevolence and compassion and hope that every dream of yours comes to fruition. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister!

Your beauty knows no limits and the divine has certainly blessed you with many talents and abilities. It’s my sincere wish that I become like you! Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister!

Picture of Sister to Little Sister giving A happy birthday wish

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To my adorable cute younger sister! A very happy Birthday to you! May you reach a behemoth of success in not only your professional but in personal endeavors too! You deserve the best. Keep grinding. Happy birthday once again!

Happy Birthday Image wish of Same Age Sister to Sister

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Hey gorgeous! If my heart is vulnerable and yet strong, it is because of a sister like you. You have been with me through the ebbs and flows and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me! Many many happy returns of the day to you lovely! May God bless you!

When it comes to giving every ounce of tender love, care and respect, your angelic face comes to my mind. I always get nostalgia from the sweet memories of our sisterhood. I hope the journey continues till perpetuity. Happy Birthday, sister!

Little Sister to Elder Sister Happy Birthday wish Image

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No matter how old I grow, your emotional intelligence, wisdom and work ethic will remain etched in my heart. You are the personification of a sister who can only bring loads of joy, vivacity, and happiness to the family. Happy Birthday to you dear sister.

Dear, sister! It was evident from the moment of your birth, that you were a miracle, who came into our lives despite the odds against her. And the same trait has transpired in every endeavor of your life. You are born to succeed and I am so happy to see where you are right now. Very happy birthday to you. Keep continuing

Friends will come and go but there will never be anyone who would take your place in my heart. We may have a fair share of disagreements from time to time but my love for you will only grow over time. Very happy birthday to you lovely!

Card Birthday wishes to the same age Cousin Sister from Brother

Image of Card Birthday wishes from Cousin Brother to Cousin Sister

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While I do have two real sisters, you are no less to me! It’s amazing how our outlook and thoughts resonate with each other. You will always be special to me. Many returns of happy birthdays to my cousin’s sister!

I may not have a real sister to share my solace, stress, and grief occasionally but you have never made me feel that void! You have a generous heart and you are more than a real sister to this brother! Happy Birthday my dear sister. God loves you!

It feels to me that the great siblinghood of our mothers has permeated into us too. And in today’s world where siblings have a hard time connecting to each other, I feel so grateful for our brother-sister relationship. You are a ray of sunshine who has illuminated every aspect of my life. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister! Lots of love

Cousin Sister to Sister Happy Birthday Wish Great Image

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Special Birthday messages for your crazy and almost same age Sister (Sister to Sister)

Crazy Same Age Sister to Sister Birthday Wish Image

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Usually adrenaline, excitement, and fun are the connotations for the guys. But you are a goddamn exception from the divine! And I absolutely relish every moment of our time. May our fun-filled journey continue in the next life too. Happy Birthday to my crazy sister!

Crazy Sister Birthday Wish Image

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You are my sister, my mother, my shield; the one who leads from the front; the one who always cheers me up; the one who wipes my tears and certainly the one who causes the rug to sweep from under my feet. I admire your tenacity and fearlessness to pursue one’s dreams. Happy Birthday, crazy sister!

Hilarious (and sarcastic too) wishes of happy birthday to Didi from coolest brother

Funny Sarcastic Birthday Wish to Didi Image from Coolest Brother

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It is so much fun to throw tantrums to someone knowing that you will only be loved and pampered more. Well, being my sister comes is certainly challenging. Only a few can bear the grunt! Happy Birthday to my sweet elder sister!

Having a cool brother will always come at a price! But the rewards of having him are far greater than the nuisances you have to handle over the years. Lol! Happy birthday dear sister! Know that my support will always be there for you! God bless you

Humorous (and Sarcastic) wishes to Sister from Younger Sister

Image of Sister to elder Sister Sarcastic Birthday wish

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It always surprises me how I never run out of things to share with you! Being my sister is certainly not easy. I will keep on pestering you for your guidance, mentorship, and unconditional love. Happy Birthday to my beautiful elder sister!

Glad that now I have grown up, I can give you a tit for tat. But I always relish the scoldings of yours when I was a child because you only wanted me to be the best in my endeavors. May God give a sister like you to everyone. Happy Birthday, Dear Sister!

An Image of Humorous Sarcastic happy Birthday wish to Didi from Brother

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Dear Didi! While we certainly may not agree, yet I can say that I have been………….. Right on most occasions! Lol! I hope the banter, liveliness, and effervescence stays forever despite the occasional arguments and conflicts! Happy Birthday to you.

Birthday wishes to Baby Sister

Hey sweetheart! Happy birthday to you! You are such an angelic sister and I will leave no stone unturned to take care of you like a parent. May God give you loads of energy, and vibrant health! Happy birthday once again!

Legends have it that a girl child propels the luck, wealth and prosperity of her family! I am so thankful to God to see you in our family. I vow to you that I will pamper you just like my own child till my last breath. Happy birthday, Angel!

Birthday wishes to Bestie i.e. Sister from another mother

Image of Girl to Bestie Sister from another mother

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It amazes me how deep our bond has become over the years. We may have come from different wombs but our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are certainly entangled like that of twin sisters. Happy Birthday to my bestie sister. God bless you

Sister bestie from another mother happy birthday wish image

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While the Almighty may not have given me a real sister, he certainly made up for it with you in my life! You are the embodiment of a vivacious girl who brings so much wisdom, knowledge, tender love, care and respect into our relationship. On this birthday, I pray to the divine to bring all your desires into fruition. Happy birthday to my unbiological yet real sister.

How to write an emotional heartfelt happy birthday message to your sweet Sister who is far away?

Happy Birthday wish to Long distance Sister

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Time and again you have shown that where there is a will, there is always away! While we may be far apart, yet our love, respect, and tranquility have only grown with time. I hope you have a blast there on this occasion. Happy Birthday to dear sister! Be safe!

There may be seas, oceans, and continents between us but our well-wishes, and love will always find ways to reach each other. I hope that you achieve staggering success in your professional career. Happy Birthday to you!

Dear, Sister! It can be hard to churn out work after work in the loneliness from a distant family. But I assure that your hard work will pay you rich dividends in the future. Happy Birthday, sister! May you keep the grind going! God bless you!

There is no time and space that our thoughts cannot traverse! You may be at the polar opposite part of the world and yet I feel your tenderness, warmth, and kindness in my heart! You are an embodiment of a great sister. All my birthday wishes to your lovely sister! Stay happy and safe!

Long Distance Sister Happy Birthday Wish Image Text

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I admire your grit to carve out a better future for not only yourself but for our whole family. Seeing you working hard at so far, I can certainly say that you are maxing out your abilities and that no matter the outcome, we are proud of you! Happy Birthday to your lovely sister!

Short, One-line, cute birthday message to your sister on Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, and other social media platforms

Short One Line Happy Birthday Wish to Little Sister from sister Image and Text

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No matter how old you become, my umbrella of love and care will always be there upon you. Happy Birthday, sweety!

Short one line birthday wish to Sister Image along with text

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going! My dear sister, keep up with faith! Success is not far away. Happy Birthday to you!

Cute one line message of happy birthday to long distance Sister Image

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I miss the old banter, the morning coffee, the pillow fight with my dear sister. I hope that you come back here soon! Happy Birthday, dear!

Dear, sister! Many many happy returns of the day to you! May this year bring you colossal success in your career! Love you

Inspiring one line happy birthday wish to your amazing Sister

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Hey dear, sister! You are on an awe-inspiring journey of rags to riches. Keep up the hard work! Happy Birthday to you!

Your ebullience and vivacity are extremely contagious. You are a breath of fresh air who instills nothing positivity only. Happy Birthday, sister! All the best.

How to write a belated happy birthday wish to your Sister?

Writing a belated birthday wish and that too your sister is an enormous task. Since you have already upset her by forgetting to wish, now you really have to write a well-thought and meaningful belated birthday wish for her to not only make up her mood but also to bring a smile to her face. In this section, we will show you some messages like that.

Dear, Sister! Apologies for the late birthday wishes! Fatigue and stress slipped it out of your brother’s mind. But I assure that I will make up for it when we meet next time. Happy belated birthday wishes to you!

Hey dear! It is such an irony that the events we do not want to forget at all costs, often go out of minds at the very last minute! My hugs, wishes, and love to you. Needless to say, but you are going to get a massive gift for my mistake. Lol! Happy belated birthday my dear sister!

While I may not be liable for any mistakes until now, I do admit that this late belated birthday mistake-totally lies upon me. I had the wish well-prepared and forgot to send it on the right day. I hope you spent your birthday well sister! Happy belated birthday along with my sincere apologies!

This is the last thing that I really wanted! I just wish you aren’t going to be mad at me for a long time! Just ask me for your favorite birthday gift and it will be yours. I promise this won’t happen again. Happy belated birthday to my beautiful sister!

There is no dearth of idiots in this world. And one of them is your brother who missed her birthday on time. Hopefully, I will revive the spoilt mood of my beautiful sister with the gifts that I am going to lavish onto you when I return. Happy Belated birthday dear sister. Coming back soon!

Christian Religious spiritual Birthday message for your dear Sister

Religious Christian Birthday wishes to your Sister

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It is the graciousness of the Lord Christ who has blessed you with great beauty, articulated mind and plethora of talent and skills. On this birthday, I only pray to the Almighty Christ that he eliminates all the obstacles between you and your goal. May you reach the pinnacle of success this year. Happy Birthday to my dear sister!

There may not be any heroic connotation to the word perseverance, but its a correlation with success is exactly like Carbon is to steel. Keep the grind and the Lord Christ will surely shower you with heaps of success. Happy Birthday lovely sister!

Lord Christ Spiritual Christian Birthday wish to your dear sister

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Whether it is a trough or crest moment in our life, it is only the Lord Christ who helps us to keep our feet grounded in all those circumstances. On this birthday, I pray to the divine that this year yields enormous success to you. Happy Birthday to my brave and beautiful sister. All the best!

What good a victory is if you do not have to endeavor to do the mightiest of hard work, courage, and persistence! The harder the grind, the sweeter the victory! Never make a fuss about the hard work dear sister. You will get success sooner than later. Keep the faith in the Lord Christ! Happy Birthday to you

How to wish Birthday wishes to your twin sister?

It is such a surreal experience to have a twin sister; the one who is well-familiar with my inner world; the one who can comprehend my thoughts and feelings, unlike no one. it is a gift to have such a bond that very few people have on this Earth, I hope we will be twin in our next lifetimes too. Happy Birthday to my adorable twin sister and me!

There is a unique sort of synchronicity that only the twins get to enjoy.  Dear sister, Its an unbelievable thing to know that our perceptions, thoughts and belief system resonate so powerfully with each other. Every waking hour with you is unbelievable. I hope our journey will continue for perpetuity. Happy Birthday to my twin sister and me too!

Funny, Inspiring and Sarcastic messages for your Sister turning 18, 21, 40 and 50

Dear, sister! Congrats for turning 18! You have grown into a gorgeous lady over the years and I admire you down to earth personality. Stay humble and benevolent! Happy birthday!

The rush of adrenaline, the endorphins and the uncluttered mind from the haphazard of life are some of the best things at your age. Enjoy it to the fullest. These moments will never come back! Happy birthday on turning 18!

Hey sister! Many congrats for the 21st birthday! As I see, the cosmos has instilled some real beauty into you. The 20s in your life are crucial for a stable future. May you utilize the vigor and youth of this period for the betterment of your life. Very happy birthday to you once again! Stay blessed!

Dear, Sister! Happy 40th Birthday! So great to see you alive and kicking at the age where most women simply take a back seat from the challenges of life. May your sparkle,  effervescence, and zestfulness continue till infinity. Happy 40th birthday once again!

It is heartening as well as amazement to see the insane energy of my dear sister on her 4th decade of birthday! It only proves that the body is the servant of the mind. I applaud your dynamic personality and vivaciousness that gives a good run of money to the women in their 30s and even 20s. May you keep continuing like this gorgeous sister! A generous birthday once again to you!

Special Emotional Birthday wishes for the sister in heaven

Dear, sister! It has been many years since your departure to the heavens but your teachings are still etched in my heart and will stay until the last day of my life! Happy Birthday to you!

I am sure the Almighty is lavishing you with all the love, pamper and joy which you absolutely deserve! I am sure you will be reborn into a great life soon. Happy Birthday to my beautiful late sister

Birthday wish to Late Sister in heaven Image and Text

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I miss the feel of you pulling up my ears upon making a mistake; I miss the feeling of getting scolded for a lethargic attitude. It was only your constant pushing that I went ahead of my comfort zone and made something of my life. Dear sister, I will never forget your contribution to my success. I hope that you are feeling overwhelmed with pride and joy back there in the heavens! Happy Birthday dear sister!

Your short stay on this planet Earth infused so many great qualities in me! I am more altruistic than ever before and I vow to be the human-being that you always wanted me to. Happy Birthday my gorgeous late sister! I hope you are witnessing an amazing time in the heavens!

Sample of Birthday wishes letter for elder sister

Dear Didi!

On this bright day of clear blue skies, I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Over the years, your impact on me has been profound. And needless to say, you have devoted the maximum possible time, energy and effort on me for my upbringing.

When it comes to my optimistic and charming behavior, a lot of credit certainly goes to you. It was at the crucial stages of my life, that you saturated my heart and soul with the seeds of hard work, work ethic and altruism.

Over the years, we may have had banters, conflicts, and debates, however, my intent has always been to respect the sentiments and opinions of the others, including yours too and my love and fondness for you have only grown in all these years.

I only pray that we as sisters, find all the blessings from the divine and enjoy life to the fullest. You have been a great embodiment of an elder sister and I wish every sibling gets an elder sister like you. I would like to end this letter now and wish you a very happy birthday once again. God bless you!


…..(Your name)….

A perfect example of a birthday letter for Younger sister

Hey sister!

How are you? All is fine here and I wish the divine that you are in a fine state of health too! Before I begin the letter, let me start by wishing you very Happy birthday.

I have always wanted a younger sister, and ever since you came to our home, our family has been blessed with only not materialistic wealth but health, fame and respect too. You have been a loving sister whose joy and glory is so infectious.

There were times when we hit a difficult phase in our relationship, but just like every time, we rebounded strongly and this only elevated the love, fondness, and respect for each other.

It would be selfish to say that I have only bestowed you with wisdom, knowledge and humanitarian habits because in hindsight, I did learn a lot from you too, which has helped me immensely in both my professional and personal endeavors.

Fast forward to many years, I see you as a young, dynamic and gorgeous girl for whom the sky’s the limit. My only concern is to stay away from the shortcuts of success as there are none. For the rest, I can totally relax knowing that my beautiful younger sister is well capable of handling the difficult-rocky circumstances in life.

And needless to say, however down our relationship may be in, I will always be there through the ebbs and flows, through the thick and thins. I conclude this happy birthday letter to you now and I hope that this year, you surpass your wildest expectations in major areas of your life.

A very happy Birthday to you once again.


……(Your Name)…..

Adjectives, phrases, and thoughts that can be used to prepare such messages for your Sister

Awe-inspiring, companionship, ebullience, vivacity, intertwined souls, compliment, personifies, gladsome, emotional intelligence, knowledge, hard work, plethora, zestfulness, colossal, quintessential, concave reflection, proved your mettle, reminiscent, preconceived notion, raw talent, nostalgic memories, dreams and aspirations, supreme leader, embodiment, bend your back, saturated, applaudable, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, stupendous, tenacity, demeanor, and no-nonsense attitude, the sky’s the limit, odds against her, where there is a will, there is always a way, iota of doubt and etc.


We hope that you have enjoyed the various birthday wishes for your sister in this post. We have covered almost every possible tonality for such messages. We will of-course add on more similar messages in the coming months. Give us your sincere, valuable feedback and we will definitely take that into consideration. We wish the very best for your loving sister and hope that the two of you enjoy all the blessings of our creator! Until the next time, goodbye and take care, carve out a better future, admire your grit, etc.

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