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While it is your mother who endures unbearable pain to bring you into this world, it is usually your father who makes sure that you don’t sleep on an empty stomach in life; that you get the best toys, best gifts, the best education. Your dad (usually!) introduces you acquainted with the rules of society and protects you from the hardship of life.

After all the years of hard work, it only makes it imperative for you to give a befitting retirement wishes for your Dad, to acknowledge his hard work for you, for the family and to make him feel special. After all, if you are able to read, write and feed yourself, your Dad probably has worked hard in his time to ensure that.

Retirement wishes for Dad


Dear Daddy! You give us more than what we deserved. I am sure you are only retiring from work and not from the joy and exuberance of life. Happy Retirement Father.

May every organization have an employee like you. You did really well Daddy! Congratulations on the illustrious career.

You may have retired but you are still energetic, vibrant just like in your heydays and I hope you stay the same forever. Happy Retirement father!

Its one of the days which is as special as your birthday. Therefore, may you take us out for fine wine and dine tonight. Happy Retirement father.

I have prepared myself for plenty of criticism and micro-managing, something which I have always loved if done by the coolest person like you. Wishing you a happy retirement dear daddy!

Now is the time when the mother will be bestowed with plenty of time and attention. Her happy younger days are back, courtesy to you. May you guys enjoy plenty of moments forever.

You may have retired from work but your good days are going to increase only. We are going to have hell of joy from now with you being with us at every waking moment. Happy retirement to Daddy!

Hey Father! It is time now for you to enjoy the life to the fullest. A very happy retirement to you!

Dear Dad! You have served all the duties of being a man! You worked hard and brought great reputation to the organization, to the family and today, whatever we have achieved, is a direct result of your hard work and dedication. I am so glad that you will have now more time to spend with us, something which we always yearn for! You did very well Dad. Now it is time for us children to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams!

The best things in life come to those who always give their best for others. My dear Dad, you have served your work, your organization all these years with great devotion, courage, and hard work. The world would be so much better if there would be more people like you in this world. Congrats on retirement dad. Now it’s time to pursue a lot of fun, laughter, and family time with us.

Your poise and dignity in the times of hardships has been so valuable! All your life, you worked hard to feed us! And not only that, you pampered us each and every day despite coming in so tired of work. I can’t imagine doing so much hard work that you did! Dad, you are an inspiration for us! Now you have all the time in the world to pursue your hobbies, travel to exotic places and watch your favorite movies all day and night! Enjoy the retirement time dad! You deserved every bit of it!

Social media Retirement wishes for your father!

Dear Dad! While you may not believe it, this is the day that I was wanting to arrive. All your life, you had only thought of providing for the family. You never made us feel a lack for anything. Food and abundance was in abundance and so was the love! Now it is time for you to relax and to go for fun and adventure in the beast mood. Enjoy the retirement phase! God loves you!!!

Dear Dad! While you may have retired from work, we are extremely happy that now you will get to spend some amazing moments with us. We crave your mentorship, guidance, and your cheerful laughter and we are so happy to be getting it in abundance from you now. A very happy retirement dear Dad! Lots of love.

I wish that my Dad had a great run while working! You gave your all, not only to the organization you worked for, but also to me, and our family. You are the embodiment of a perfect Dad who has always loved me with all your heart! And now as your retirement begins, I wish that you pursue all the things that you kept in the queue line! I will ensure that your retirement would be the best and most happening phase of your life. Happy retirement Dad! Can’t wait for the coming years to unfold with unbelievable joy, fun and vitality!

Heart Touching Retirement wishes, Smses from Son to Father

Hey Dad! So please see that you now want to take the time off from your duties and services. You have been an exceptional employee for all the organizations that you worked for! Your hard earned money fed us, gave us clothes and education and all the gifts that every child wants! You have been nothing short of phenomenal to me Dad! Despite being so elderly, your charm and charisma is still so magnetic! Long live Daddy! Enjoy the retirement!

All my life I have wanted to see you relaxed, smiling and doing your favorite chores. I am so glad that the time has come now! You have pushed me to success, it is time now I repay your hard work by taking care of you and the mother in your retirement time! So happy dad that you will be at home now for most of the time. Will have lots of time to enjoy the Father son bonding.

Daughter’s Sentimental retirement wishes to Father

No matter how old I get or whoever I marry, you will always be my first charming guy and I enjoyed (and will always enjoy) all the pampering and love. Your hard work and work ethic is phenomenal and has transpired me to become dedicated to my work. You may have retired from the services, but there is no retirement for you from the joy, exuberance, and vitality of life! May the Almighty make you live well beyond 100.

Hey Dad! In all honesty, when I was a kid, I really despised your strict behavior towards me! But now that I have grown up and achieved astounding success, I now realize how instrumental your values were during my childhood! I hope to the divine that your retirement days are filled with more happiness, effervescence, and fervor. I pray to God that all your remaining desires will come to fruition now!

Daughter and Dad will always share the special bond, no matter how much old your princess gets. If there is masculinity, it’s all in you. Your love, ethics, and morality are the pillars of my success and I couldn’t have asked for a better dad in my life. You are only retiring from one inning of your life. Your life awaits more happiness, joy, and bliss and we are all there to be a part of it. Lots of love to you daddy. God bless you!

Retirement wishes for Father from Daughter

Funny retirement wishes for dad

Dear Daddy! More than you, our mommy is happy on your retirement as you will now have no other escape than to spend time with her. Good Luck!

Now you will have another job, at home, i.e. looking after your grand kids!

You will have lots of funds now to spend only on you!

Looks like plenty of criticism is looming over us now!!

Our house will now become the parliament owing to discussions, arguments and banters. And I am very happily ready for it.

Dear Dad! Time has now come for you to live life to the fullest. I am going to ensure that from now on, you will travel to your favorite beaches, favourite restaurants and other places that you always wanted to go, but couldn’t do so due to being busy earning bread and butter for our family! I am so happy that we have achieved something due to your hard work. It’s now time for you to rewind the ageing clock and enjoy life!

Short Emotional Retirement wishes for Father

My Dad is going to be home full time now! May your retirement years be full of ecstasy, joy, parties, restaurants, and vacations! Enjoy the retirement daddy! I will take care of everything now!

Congratulations Dad for fulfilling all of your duties. As a father, you have clearly surpassed our wishes. I am only anticipating now for you to have all sorts of fun, excitement and adventure in this phase of life. We are with you daddy and you thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

Happy retirement wishes for Father in Army

Hey Dad! After all these years of hard work and loyalty to the nation, you have earned this much awaited retirement! You have been a phenomenal dad to both the nation and to us! Growing up, we always wanted to be like you. Smart, handsome, intelligent and more importantly, very fearless! Glad that the Almighty made us your son! Now you can enjoy much rest at home, movies at night, and vacations every week and we will take care of all the finances! Enjoy the retirement Dad!

Your tenure in the army is filled with heroics. Your discipline, work ethic and hard work have earned you all the respect. Now I want you to take the time off and enjoy life from any restrictions in your retirement. I can say that the nation is so lucky to have had a valorous person like you! Love you Dad!

My dear handsome Dad! It warms my heart to see that you are now going to enjoy the fruitful labor of your service to the nation. Your valiant efforts have made the country proud on so many occasions. You have served the people of this nation well, now it is time to look after yourself! Enjoy the retirement Dad!

Through all these years, you defied all the odds! You got us everything! You are valiant who instilled fear in the enemies and the nation couldn’t be more proud of Daddy! You are the epitome of a great Dad! Smart, handsome, and strict too when the need is there! We are glad that you now have all the time and energy to devote to us! We will ensure that the retirement period is going to be the best year of your life!

Retirement speech for Dad

There is nothing like a retirement speech, which if spoken with heart can be humbling for the person it is meant for. During a retirement party, if you really want to pay sincere gratitude and praise for years of hard work and devotion of your Dad, then a retirement speech for him will really move his heart. In this section, we have prepared a retirement speech that you can read for your Dad.

Hey Dad!

Time is really an astonishing thing! It feels like yesterday only, I was that 11 year naughty kid who wanted to sit on your lap in the evening when you came back from work in the evening. In all these years, I have seen you work immensely hard, doing the grind, making money to support our family, and ensuring that we get all the good stuff. Not only that, but you also came to play your part in doing the household chores. I can recall the moments where we as family had to face the hardships due to some or the other reason. But never in my life I had seen you tense, or giving up. We have seen the highs and lows of life and we are ever so grateful to the Almighty for giving a father like you. Today, after working tirelessly for so many decades, a new chapter of your life begins. The world may call it a retirement phase, but according to me, you are going to enjoy this phase more than any other phase of life. And I am going to assure that! You have toiled hard to make our futures bright, and I am going to ensure that this phase, be the best one of your life! Thank you Dad for all you did for us over the years. Now it’s time to let loose and enjoy life!

Retirement speech for father by Son

Dear Father! Today marks the beginning of a new journey of your life; the phase of retirement! But before I begin to envisage your retirement phase, let me just quickly recap through all these years of your working. Your snapping away from the sleep at the moment alarm used to ring was astonishing! In all these years of my life, I have managed to get up only after hitting the snooze button 10 times at least before putting my foot down on the floor. Your demeanor, your optimism, and exuberance is contagious. While most dads would be concerned about their earnings, you ensure that you give us quality time every single day of your work life. And I can’t be more thankful to you for that. The joyous moments we had with you, the finances, all are a result of your hard work and persistence. And now the time has come for you to spend the hard-earned money on you. You have willingly sacrificed your desires, sleep, and what not to buy us things! Time has now come for you to enjoy life while we take all the responsibilities. Thank you dad for everything. I wish all the joy, happiness, and luck for the retirement phase of your life.

Retirement Wishes for Father From Son
What to keep in mind for preparing heartfelt and grateful retirement wish for your dad?

Only a few times in your life, do you get the opportunity to make your father feel special. In your retirement wish or speech for him, you can include some references of laughter and exciting moments with him. His one habit that annoys you but is also useful, the description of his emotional and physical attributes and lastly, about the happiness, fun and excitement that he is about to witness in the retirement phase of his life.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that you enjoyed the retirement wishes for your Dad! Do let us know your feedback to us through the comment section. We will add more such messages from time to time.

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