Bring a smile with Pregnancy wishes, GIFS, Images for everyone. All Moods!!!

The journey of pregnancy is a life-changing moment for every woman. It is the sacred gift from the Almighty to carry a heart beating living being inside the womb and to bring the life force into the world.

Whether it is our friends, relatives, sisters or colleagues, we do get to hear the pregnancy news from time to time. And all we want is to give them a congratulations message that will bring smiles and happy tears on their faces.

And this is the reason for writing this post. We have prepared some well-crafted pregnancy Poems, Rhymes, GIFS, messages, and images for your friends, colleagues, brother, sister and everyone. Feel free to copy, customize the messages and send to whoever you want.

Share Pregnancy wishes {GIFs, Images} to Best Friend, Poems & Rhymes) All Moods!!

Pregnancy wishes Cute GIF Video

Woww!! The Gift of the Almighty is to arrive,
So Happy we are for you to bring on the life,
May the Bundle of Joy brings you happiness, luck & wealth
The jubilation of life is surely now going to be multiplied!!!

Congratulations for Conceiving. Enjoy the Pregnancy Dear!

Great is the Lord who bestows such amazing gift,
Nothing in the world runs without him!
The ups and downs of pregnancy may make you crazy,
But the triumph of bringing the miracle will recuperate you fully!

Congratulations to Parents and all my blessings for a healthy pregnancy!

Sublime is the divine for bestowing a living being in your womb,
Lucky is the child for having your womb!
You are embarking on a 9 month roller coaster ride,
Which will definitely leave you overjoyed with pride!

My best wishes to both parents for a healthy pregnancy!

The branch of your family is growing in this world,
The magnificent child you are carrying is waiting to arrive in this world.
Lucky I am whose joy is soaring through the roof,
Because someone is now going to call me an uncle in this world!

My heartiest congratulations for this pregnancy news!

Nothing in the world makes me feel happier than you two,
All my blessings and wishes to you!
But my love for you is going to dwindle from now,
Because an angelic child will take all my attention from now on!

Many congratulations for conceiving!

Funny Pregnancy rhymes and Cute messages

Funny Pregnancy Wishes GIF video

There is no greater joy than to nurture a life force,
The Almighty is going to bless you with the finest soul.
The Bond of real love teaches us the irony of life,
because after 9 months, you will also adore the stinky shit of your newborn child! Haha!

Happy Pregnancy! Lots of love from me

You will swell like a balloon,
And will look like a clown
But all that is worth because later on,
the child will make you smile and proud!

Very happy for the announcement of Pregnancy!

Your boobies are going to be enlarged for a while but don’t count them forever. Happy Pregnancy!

Now you can throw tantrums, hurling abuses and what not and you will get away from it! Lol! Many congrats to both the parents!

Burp as loud as you can and fart to your heart content. That’s how much exempted pregnancy allows you from etiquettes. Lol!

Best Songs related to Pregnancy

  1. Teardrop – Massive Attack

2. Darius Rucker – It Won’t Be Like This For Long

3. Unborn Heart – Dan Hill

For Loving Daughter

Your birth gave me immense joy which went all high up to the sky,
But now it is going to be unrestrained because a replica of you is coming from the sky!

So Happy for my beautiful Daughter! Many Congratulations for the Pregnancy

For Sister

My Dear Sister! An angel is now going to arrive,
And my love for you is going to soar high!
You never knew what it takes to raise a newborn,
But now be prepared to change the diapers at night! Haha!

Feeling elated for the pregnancy! My love and wishes to you and brother in law

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For Brother

Hey Brother! The news has arrived of which I was waiting for,
A new member is coming to our family who will be lavished with love of all.
I wish the blessed child to be the perfect blend of your handsomeness and beauty of our sister-in-law because you two are the cutest parents that the world has known of!

Heartiest Pregnancy Congrats from me!

For Teacher

Dear Sir/ Mam. It is amazing to hear that you and your family have been blessed by Lord Christ. This child will be super lucky because he will have such wonderful parents to raise. Very happy for the pregnancy news. Many Congrats

Woww!! What great news Sir/ Mam. I hope you will be polite and calm with your kid while teaching him when he grows up!!

Many congrats for the pregnancy! If it’s a boy, he will be funny and charming like the father but if it’s a girl, she will rule the hearts of boys for sure!

For Colleague

There is no gratifying feeling in the world than to raise a kid. I know that the girl or boy will be blessed with awesome looks. Just don’t transfer your patience and temperament level to the kid. Lol! Kidding only. Happy to hear that you folks have conceived! God bless.

This is great news and I am so happy for both of you! Now you better start working more hours in the office and or else the wife is gonna implode you with all the mood swings. Hahaa!!

For Father to be! (Poem, rhyme and Wishes)

Congratulation pregnancy message for Father to be
Congratulation pregnancy message for Father to be

The cosmos is sending a replica of you,
Who will fulfill the dreams and wishes for you!
Life will never be the same from now,
Because Fatherhood will bring the most cherishable moments for you!

Very thrilled that you are going to become a father! Give my greetings to the dear lady too!

For Mom to be! (HeartMelting Texts)

Your tummy will swell up,
But so would be your spirits!
You may feel pain which you have never felt before
Because you are nurturing a life force, that will be unique in the world!

Many Congrats for conceiving! I know you will be a great mother to the lucky kid! 

May you bear up all the ebbs and flows of pregnancy, because the smile and squeal of the newborn baby will fill you with immeasurable joy and ecstasy! Lots of love to both of you!

For Brother in law

You guys will now welcome an angelic baby. Congratulations to my brother in law and my sister. May God impart handsomeness and beauty from you and my sister respectively.

Now my sister is going to give you a hard time. It will be exciting to see you bowing down to her every wish from now on! Heartiest congrats for Pregnancy and all the best for handling my sister!

Congrats to both of you! I wish the child to adore your traits like hard work, perseverance while the beauty and aesthetics will surely come from my sister. Lol!

Second Pregnancy wishes (Heartwarming, Hilarious, Sarcastic, )

GIF video Second Pregnancy Wishes

For a child, there is no greater individual to share joys and sorrows than with a real sibling. Now your family is going to be completed. Congrats for the 2nd pregnancy. God bless you!

Hilarious Wishes for Second Pregnancy Image
Hilarious Wishes for Second Pregnancy Image

When the Lord gives you too much energy, you put that into productive work rather than making babies! Haha! Just kidding dear! Many Congrats for the 2nd pregnancy.

Ahh. Now I know why you took so many leaves for the last few months! Well Congrats! You left no stone unturned for sure! Lol! Just pulling your leg dear! I am very happy and eagerly waiting for the baby to arrive.

This second child will be lavished and pampered like anything and will also not face the mistakes of you two like the first one did. Lots of joy, sibling rivalry, hugs and kisses are your future! Congrats for the pregnancy

Some movies related to Pregnancy

  1. Knocked Up

2. Baby Boom (1987)

3. Nine Months (1995)

Christian Pregnancy Wishes

The Lord Christ has given you the seeds of a beautiful child. May you blossom it with all your love and altruistic values. Happy Pregnancy!

We have been waiting for this great news for many years. While life throwed many obstacles in the path, the Almighty Christ has finally rewarded you! Eat well, and exercise. Enjoy the pregnancy!

It is absolutely true that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! You guys kept faith and Jesus is now going to reward you with an angelic child. Enjoy this period.

Adjectives, phrases and words that can be used to prepare your own message

Gift from the divine, Angelic child, bundle of joy, jubilation, temporary bigger boobs, beauty and aesthetics, mood swings, handsome little one, adorable little girl. 

Final Thoughts!

We have come to the end of this post. We hope that you have enjoyed various images, messages, and GIFS for the pregnancy that we have covered in this post. We will add a lot more of those from time to time.

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