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The news of the pregnancy of your sister can be heartwarming. Not only she herself is the bundle of joy, but now her womb will prepare another human being, a child which will radiate the lives of every family member with his mischievous behavior and cute smile.

This post is all about pregnancy wishes for Sister which we crafted from the perspective of small brother, elderly brother, small sister and elderly sister. You can send the below wonderful texts to her using WhatsApp, email or Social media platform.


So without wasting any more time, let us get onto the pregnancy messages wishes for your sister for which you have arrived onto this post.


Congratulation Pregnancy Wishes For Real Sister


Pregnancy Sister Wishes


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Dear sister, what lovely news to hear about your pregnancy! I can’t wait for my nephew or niece to arrive in our beautiful family. Becoming a mother is truly the best gift for a woman from the divine! May everything go smoothly!






I am elated with jubilation for hearing the news of your pregnancy! Words cannot be articulated to express how happy I am for you dear sister! You have been phenomenal all throughout life and you truly deserve this wonderful gift from the almighty.


There is no joyous moment for a woman than to nurture a heart-beating new human being and to bring it into this world! I was so yearning for a day where I could run behind my niece and nephew joyously. The wish is now finally coming to fruition after 9 months. Many congratulations to you and your brother-in-law for this wonderful news!



I cannot fathom my joy and happiness upon hearing the pregnancy news of my dear sister! You have been so supportive of me throughout the years and now I can’t wait for the kiddo to radiate the joy, exuberance, and vitality in your life. Many Congratulations to you and the brother in law.


You really brought a wide grin to my face with this pregnancy news! May the soon to be born niece or nephew be instilled with beauty and robust health. So happy for this joyous news! I thank the divine for blessing you with this pregnancy!


Funny Congratulations to Sister from Brother (Same Age)


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Sweet sister! This is probably the first good news you have given to me in so many years after your marriage! Lol! I wish the little guy to be bestowed with some of my intrinsic values of intelligence, which is likely to be lacking from your end! Haha! Feeling really excited to welcome the little one soon!


Cute wishes of Pregnancy to Elder Sister From Brother


Hey dear! I can’t restrain my excitement upon hearing the news of your pregnancy! You guys have been trying so hard for a long time and it looks like the Almighty has now finally paid heed to your prayers. All my wishes are for you and witnessing your support to me all these years, I can say with ease that you will be a very good mother!


Oh My My!! Wonderful news dear sister! I have been gearing up to be an uncle for a long time. I wish all the best for you and for the baby! You have taken care of me like my own child. I assure that the baby will always have my care, my attention, and support just like I devote it to my own children. Convey my congratulations to the brother-in-law also.


Gratitude and happy congratulations wish to little Sister from brother


It feels like the summers of yesterday, that I used to carry you in my arms, and now my sweet little sister is going to have a baby of her own! As a brother, nothing is more important to me than seeing you happy and glow with joy. I am so excited to become an uncle and I promise to be the best one for our soon to arrive, nephew or niece.


Wonderful news lovely sister! Really excited to see the beautiful baby after 9 months who will be so adorable just like the parents! I will pay my sincerest gratitude to the Almighty for this lovely news!


Sentimental Pregnancy Congratulations to Sister from sister (Same Age)


For us women, nothing gives more goosebumps than to cushion a human-being inside our warm and safe womb. Your news of pregnancy has brought joy to me! I will pray to the almighty for the newborn to inculcate all the beauty of you and the handsomeness of the brother-in-law. Can’t wait for the D- Day sister. So happy for you!!!


Nothing could be sweeter to ears than the cries of the newborn baby. There is no sight more pleasing than the sight of the newborn baby. Children are the blessings straight from the divine! I thank the Almighty for this wonderful news! Take care sweetheart!


Dear, Sister! Time has now come for you to fasten the seatbelt to travel through the most exciting phase of your life i.e. the pregnancy! While the journey may be a tad uncomfortable, know that this is the best gift from the divine to us women! So eagerly awaiting the arrival of your cutie-munchy pie straight from heaven!


Excitement cum loving wishes, congratulations of Pregnancy To Sister from Little Sister


May the Almighty bestow the little one with your stunning facial features and the handsome ruggedness of brother-in-law. May the newborn nephew or niece bring along tremendous luck and good fortune. I am well prepared to be the best auntie in the world now!!! Can’t wait for the baby to arrive in our beautiful family!


Dear, Sister! You don’t realize how much I have been waiting since my childhood to have a niece or nephew. Someone who would call me dear auntie! This little one will be very lucky as it will have not one but two mothers to take care of! May the lucky one resemble all of your beauty, tender love, and altruistic values! Waiting eagerly for the D-Day to arrive!


Hilarious Pregnancy messages to Sister from Elder sister


Hey Sweetie!! I was longing to hear this good news from you after your marriage! So excited to hear this joyous news! Now we will have to bear the tantrums of another child in our family, including you! Lol! Just kidding sweety! I can’t wait to be the coolest aunt in the world! May the almighty bestow you with a healthy child!


You always adored the little ones, don’t you and now the divine has given a challenging task to you. You are certainly bad at a lot of things. Lol! But I can rest assured that you will take great care of this angel in your womb. Eat healthily and be happy. Enjoy the pregnancy sweetheart! Desperately awaiting the D-Day!


Sentimental and emotional messages to Sister for becoming pregnant after many failed attempts



Sentimental Pregnancy wishes to Sister Image and Text


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There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And I can’t be more thankful to the Almighty for sending an angel into your womb which we had been longing for so many years. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly now! This good news has brought tears to my eyes, my dear! Can’t wait for the baby to arrive on this beautiful planet!


Dear, Sister! I cannot fathom how heartening it is to hear about this pregnancy news! The gloominess from the absence of a child in your home is now going to be illuminated with cries, laughter and cute squealing of the newborn baby! The Angel is finally coming into your home and we are so grateful to the divine for it!


Finally, the Almighty has paid heeds to our prayers and wishes. As kind-hearted, altruistic and loving you are, you absolutely deserve this gift, my dear sister! I know how much we were yearning for a baby which will illuminate our lives with a cute smile and mischievous behavior. I am glad that the upcoming years will unfold with lots of joy and happiness for us. God bless you, dear!


Heartwarming messages to your Sister for becoming pregnant again


Looks like our brother-in-law and you are looking to raise a baseball team for sure! Congrats for being preggers again sweetie! I bet you enjoy being that over and over again! Kidding! Lol! Waiting eagerly to be called as auntie by another kid of ours!


You guys truly love making babies. Don’t you? Must applaud the brother-in-law for the certainty in his hard work! Lol! Your house is going to be flooded with the naughty children and I honestly feel that you guys are the most blessed parents in the world for getting bestowed with wonderful children after children! Feeling excited to become an uncle again!


Wow, Sister! The sperm finally locked in your ovum! Now be prepared to undergo a roller-coaster ride for the next nine months but rest assured that the reward will be far greater than the hellish journey of nine months! Don’t worry too much!! Everything will be fine!


Well, another bunny is now waiting to come out of your oven!!! This is such joyous news to hear! The rate at which you guys are going, I envisaged a home where the house will be run down with the sweet little naughty kids. Congo again for this great news! Can’t wait for the new one to arrive at our home!


Messages of becoming Pregnant for the first time


Welcome aboard my dear sister! This was probably the only wish you didn’t fulfill. And now the Almighty has given you the chance to relish this great responsibility, for which so many women yearn for every day! This rare experience will have its ups and downs but I assure you that you will bear fruits of these 9 months labor of constant care and love! Congratulations to both of you once again!


Very happy upon getting to know about your pregnancy sweety! Being the first time feels a bit weird, just like doing everything for the first time!!! Your body will undergo immense changes but be relaxed in knowing that all will return back to normal after the delivery! Pay heed to your needs and take care of the child for your efforts will be richly rewarded by this child of the Almighty who is preparing for its launch after nine months!


Emotional congratulation message, and wishes to sister for pregnancy when you are far away from her


I just got the good news from mom and needless to say, but I am so eager to give you a teddy bear hug when I return. Great to hear this joyous news sweet sister and now my entire journey will be so wonderful about envisaging the gameplay and running behind the soon to arrive angel. God bless our family!


What to keep in mind for preparing such messages?


In our opinion, we always feel to include the tone light-hearted, and congratulatory. Try your best to refrain from giving any sort of rumored advice for pregnancy in the message and wishes.


In order to curate the messages, you can relate the physical and emotional attributes of your sister such as beauty, physical strength, passion, etc. with the child who is about to come into this world. The physical and emotional aspects of the brother-in-law can also be included.


If you noticed in this post, we have not included any messages, wishes of pregnancy with respect to the gender of the baby and neither should you. The determining of sex is illegal in some countries. Apart from that, does the gender of the baby really matter? Should not be, according to us!




We hope that you have enjoyed the pregnancy wishes messages for Sister from a small brother, elderly brother, small sister and elderly sister. Such an exciting period of awaiting your newborn niece or nephew doesn’t come too many times in your life.


We will add more messages to this post from time to time. Until next time, goodbye and take care!

Amazing Pregnancy heartfelt wishes to your Sister

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