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There is a surreal joy that comes when a baby girl arrives on this planet. In many countries, a girl child is considered as a bringer of love, harmony and wealth and we couldn’t agree with it more! All the phases of her life bring a gripping dynamic to our lives; right from carrying her in your arms in childhood, seeing her getting wooed by boys in teenage to bringing a new life on this planet and beyond!

If you have a friend, colleague, brother or sister, then this post will help you to give them heartwarming, funny and emotional baby girl congratulatory messages.

Newborn baby girl Heartwarming Congratulatory wishes & Images for Friends and Colleagues

Image of NewBorn Baby Girl Congratulation messages wishes to friends and colleagues

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Hey guys! What great news! I hope the precious baby girl is doing amazing by the grace of Divine. Glad to hear the news! Congrats to all of everyone from me!

Image of Babygirl happy Message to your friends and colleagues

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Welcome, another beauty in your family! May this baby girl bring along loads of luck, joy, and fortune for the family. My sincerest concern for both the mother and child. I hope they are doing well!

Aww!! Probably the cutest baby girl I have ever seen! She has the curls and eyes of her beautiful mother. Congrats on another addition to your blessed family! Great times lie ahead for you guys surely!

Hey!! So happy that you guys are blessed by an angel baby girl right from the laps of the Almighty. Lots of hugs, wishes, and blessings to the mother and baby! So happy for the family!

This adorable baby girl has an angelic face and looks so freshly arrived from the other dimension. May her journey on this planet be filled with effervescence, vivacity and joy! Congratulations to the mother and father!

There is no greater heaven than having a beautiful baby girl in your arms. You guys are truly blessed by the divine. I wish all families to be blessed by such an adorable baby girl. Congrats guys!!

A girl child is the bringer of love, vivaciousness, enigmatic love and so much more! You guys really wanted such a sweet-looking daughter and now the almighty has heeded to your prayers. Enjoy the parenthood of this lovely girl! God bless you all!

This is such glorious news that I have heard today! The smile of your daughter and her warmth and tender love will rejuvenate all your tiredness and fatigue daily! Take great care of her!! Big teddy bear hug from me to both the parents and baby child!

I wish this baby girl also achieves a pinnacle of success just like her strong-willed mother! She will have millions of guys chasing her as she is cute and adorable! Happy times surely lie ahead of you guys!

Wow! feeling so surreal upon hearing the arrival of your baby girl! I am sure she will give you immense reasons later that your heart will swell with pride and honor. Congrats guys for this amazing gift from the divine!

Hey man! Feeling so overwhelmed with joy for the great news! Aww, looking at the baby girl, she possesses the perfect combination of both of your looks. I can certainly say that both of you did your part very well if you understand what I mean. Lol! Just pulling your leg guys! Congrats to both of you!

Newborn baby girl wishes for sister

New Born Baby Girl congratulation wishes to my own sister

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To my dear elder sister! I am so thrilled to become an aunt of a gorgeous girl child. I know you will be a great mother because you have natural motherly instincts. You took care of me like your own child and now I am ready to give all my love and attention to this cute new member of our family. God is great! Happy times lie ahead of us for sure!

Dear, Sister! Congrats for bringing in the baby girl. She is an exact replica of your beauty and I know that you will lavish and pamper forever as if there is no tomorrow! I am so happy for the family now! Grateful of the divine for such a cutie girl child!

Many congrats to my dear sister for this adorable newborn baby girl. With such flawless skin and cats’ eyes, she looks perfect like an angel sent from the heavens! Relish the motherhood, my dear sister! Congrats again!

Hey sister! It is so heartening to see this baby girl who will call me uncle. I promise you that I will be like her Godfather for the rest of my life. May she bring laurels, luck, and health to our family!

My heartiest compliments to our beautiful sister! I wish you permeate all your altruistic and humanitarian qualities in her. So happy for the both of you!

There is no greater heaven on Earth than to have a cute little baby girl on your lap. I am sure she will take care of you just like a mother in old age. Congrats sister for this heavenly gift from the divine! Needless to say but I am engulfed with joy and optimism.

Dear, Sister! This baby girl is a perfect reminiscent of you when you were born. Gosh, she is so adorable and has your nose and mesmerizing eyes. I am so happy for you! Heartiest Congratulations!

There is an enigmatic joy in the mischievousness of a baby girl and you will greatly relish this time forever. Keep this gift hearty and healthy! Kudos to you guys for bringing this lovable baby girl on this planet.

Perfect examples of funny congratulatory messages to Sister for the newborn baby girl

Funny congratulation message to your sister for the Baby Girl New Born

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Dear, sister! Great news of the arrival of a baby girl. You always wanted a stricter regime and disciplined life isn’ it! Now you will have it all. Lol! This girl child will teach you what it means to stay alert and awake for most of your day! Just kidding guys! Happy times lie ahead for the family.

Hey Sister! Now all the nuisances that you caused me in my childhood will be balanced by this adorable baby girl when she will force you to run after her for the silliest of things. Haha. Just kidding! Feeling over the moon for this wonderful news of baby girl arrival. Many congrats!

Hey Sister! Congrats for popping out one of the biggest baby girls I have ever seen. You did a great job and so our brother in law too! Lol! Can’t wait to see how our lives will unfold now amidst this bundle of joy! God bless us all!

Wow, Sister!! I can’t believe my eyes, how cute and adorable this little girl is. I am sure she will be the queen of hearts throughout her life. It would be fun to see the guys chasing her like anything! By the way, great work from both of you! Lol!

You now have got such an adorable princess. Be ready to withstand her naughtiness and mischievousness which will only bring a smile to your face along with a load of happiness and rejuvenation. Proud of you sister! Great work by the brother in law too. Lol Kidding! Feeling grateful!

Cute, emotional Newborn baby girl Happy congratulation messages to brother

Image Girl Child Congratulation message to Brother Text

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My handsome brother! This baby girl child is bestowed with your wonderful features! I hope she grows into a fearless and charismatic personality just like his father! My sincere gratitude to the divine for blessing us with such an adorable girl child.

Hey Brother! You always wanted a girl child, isn’t it! The divine has certainly fulfilled your wish now with this gorgeous baby girl. I am sure she will make your head held high somewhere down the future! Many Congrats to this girl child!

Dear, Brother! Now you have a gorgeous girl to keep happy along with your equally beautiful wife. Tough times lie ahead of you brother! Hahaha. Just kidding dear!!! You are going to relish being the father of such a cutie baby girl I can assure. Many congrats!

Dear Younger Brother I promise to you that I will be like a Godfather (or Godmother) to this beautiful girl child for the rest of my life. This girl child reminds me of you when you were in your diapers. Gosh, she is so perfect! Great times lie ahead of us for sure! My blessings to the baby girl and her mother!

There is a certain deeper bonding that only father and daughter enjoy! I am so happy with the coming of a baby girl in our family. Now you will have someone who will definitely side during your funny banter with our sister in law. Life will be so much different now, and for the good! Congrats to both of you

My Elder brother! I am feeling so overwhelmed with joy for this baby girl. She is one of the luckiest child because his handsome father will always bless her with great opportunities and love. And I as her aunt will always be behind her to propel her to success, just like my brother has always been to me!

How to write a funny congratulatory message to your brother for the newborn baby girl?

Funny wish of congratulation to Brother for the birth of princess

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Aww. Such an adorable newborn baby girl dear brother! I hope she adopts all the emotional traits of our sister in law though! My good looking brother has yet to catch up on maturity levels! Haha! Kidding. Heartiest hugs, kisses, and blessings to girl child and mother!

Hey brother! Of all the years we have been trying to get you up in the early morning, the Almighty has now sent a perfect baby girl that will compel you to change the habits and for the good. Lol! Kidding! Enjoy this fatherhood as the memories will be nostalgic down the line.

If there is one major accomplishment of my brother, it has to be this angelic-looking adorable girl child! A new chapter in your life is going to start now and I know how much joy is waiting for you! Happier times for the family now!!

There is so much joy in holding a baby girl. She will rejuvenate you from all the stresses of daily stress. Congrats to both of you for such a marvelous girl child! Great work by the way!!! Hahaha!!!

Dear Younger brother! You certainly must have done some good deeds in your life to have been blessed by a gorgeous girl child! She resembles the look of a divine and I am sure she will surpass your expectations of success from her! I hope both the girl child and mother are doing fine!

Special Newborn baby girl wishes for father & Mother

Special Congratulation message to Father and Mother for the baby child birth

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A baby girl brings with her certain vivacity, effervescent and tranquility that really transform the vibes of the home, for the greater good.  I am sure that the Almighty has not only adored her cute little looks but also with humanitarian and altruistic values! Very happy for both father and mother!

With this angelic baby girl, be assured that you will get immense love, respect and tender loving care from her in your old age. Relish the fatherhood of a baby girl. Mighty congrats for becoming a father!

To the beautiful mother of a cute baby girl, you will enjoy the deep bond with your daughter that only mothers can have. The quick eye glance is all you will need to convey each other’s emotions. Enjoy the motherhood of this beautiful baby girl from the divine!

There is no greater world to revolve around other than that of a daughter. Lucky is the woman upon whom the Almighty has blessed such an adorable cute little baby girl. You will have the time of your life from now on for sure. Mighty congrats to both the father and mother.

The arrival of the baby girl only means that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You guys have been trying for so long and now God has given you a perfect baby girl. The Almighty is certainly great, isn’t it! My warm congratulations to both the father and mother for such a beautiful girl child.

There is a great power in Let go and Let God! I am so happy that both the mother and baby girl are fine and healthy. Tears are flowing out my eyes as I write you this congratulatory message!

I welcome with all my heart this cute little baby girl into our world. Knowing her parents, I can assure that she has got one of the loveliest souls who will lavish and pamper her with all the happiness in the world. To the mother and father, I gave you warmest hugs on the arrival of this angel. Congrats!

When the Faith does not flicker away, the Almighty grants the sweetest of rewards! May this girl child pile up stacks of success after success in her life. Happy for the father and mother!

Kudos to the mother and father for making such a lovely girl child! Haha!! Well done guys! A special pat on the back of the mother! She has permeated all her beauty to this baby girl! Happy for the three of you!!

Examples of Funny wishes for Newborn baby girl to the parents

baby girl child Funny Wishes To parents of Congratulations on the birth

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Wonderful news to welcome the little princess! With her curly locks and such butter skin, the father is going to have a hard time preventing the boys from eyeing her! Kudos to the mother for the wonderful looks! Well done to father for the…., well he knows what I mean! Lol! Just pulling leg guys! Congrats again!

Now is your time to pay the dues of parenting the princess! She will be demanding for sure, just like her mother but her one sweet smile will be more than enough to wipe out the stress from your face. Mighty congrats to the parents for the baby girl child.

This cute little baby girl with an angel looks so perfect and resembles her father a lot! I only hope that she doesn’t have the same anger and patience like him! Lol! Hopefully, the key emotional traits will come largely from the mother! Congrats for the sweet little girl-child

Want to prepare your own message? Take the help of thoughts, adjectives, and phrases that we are mentioning below

Surreal joy, bringer of love, harmony and wealth, precious baby girl, grace of Divine, another beauty in your family, loads of luck, joy and fortune, cutest baby girl, curls and eyes of her beautiful mother, another addition to your blessed family, great times lie ahead for you guys, blessed by an angel baby girl, laps of the Almighty, hugs, wishes, and blessings to the mother and baby, angelic face, effervescence, vivacity and joy, greater heaven, enigmatic love.

Parenthood, rejuvenate all your tiredness and fatigue, achieves a pinnacle of success, cute and adorable, feeling so surreal, the heart will swell with pride and honor, possesses the perfect combination of both of your looks, thrilled to become an aunt of a gorgeous girl child, will be like her Godfather for the rest of my life, permeate all your altruistic and humanitarian qualities, take care of you just like a mother in old age, perfectly reminiscent of you when you were born, the mischievousness of a baby girl and etc.

Final thoughts!

We hope that you have enjoyed various messages on this post about the baby girl’s Congratulatory wishes! Being a parent of a baby child is a blessing from the divine. And that one should immensely relish it! I now say a fond adieu for now and see you next time with another great post.

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