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Post of New Born Baby Boy Wishes and Images to Sister, Brother, Friends and Colleagues

It is a surreal feeling to have been blessed by a baby boy! We believe that both the genders are equal and just like the baby girl, they enjoy a special bond with their mothers. 

Baby boys can be very challenging for the parents. They do make the parents work hard with sleepless nights, but their cute, little smile is all it takes to rejuvenate you from your daily office work.

Giving a nice welcome wish for the newborn baby boy definitely requires some effort. If you have a friend, brother, sister and colleague who have welcomed a baby boy, then we have prepared some nice inspiring, emotional and funny messages in this post, with which you can bring a smile to their face.

Newborn baby boy Congratulation wishes to Father and Mother With Images and Text

Cute NewBorn Baby Boy Wishes Image and Text

Image Source: – Baby vector created by freepik –

I welcome this sacred gift of a baby boy from the divine. May he grow healthy and earn a lot of fame, respect and wealth. God bless the parents too! Many Congratulations on the newborn baby boy.

Wow! He is one hell of a handsome and adorable baby boy! Looking at him, I am sure this guy will not get hurt in the playground for sure. Congrats once again for this amazing gift from the divine.

Image of wishes, NewBorn Baby Boy Cute texts

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The world needs a lot of cute young baby guys like your newborn son who smile is so infectious and resemble the look of the divine! You guys must be thrilled to welcome a new member of the family! Tears are rolling out of my eyes due to the overjoy of this circumstance! So happy for you guys!

Congratulations Baby Boy New Born wishes Image with Text

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You have now got a young handsome and adorable prince who is going to be chased by many women later on. Very happy to hear the news of the young baby boy!

Every time you will think of this adorable guy, I’m sure your heart will swell with pride and happiness. The cosmos bestowed you with a wonderful gift. Keep him healthy!

With a great gift from the Almighty, comes bigger responsibility! But knowing you, I can rest assured that you guys will be the best parent for this handsome little guy! Many congrats for the baby boy.

May the Lord Christ bless the couple who brought such a cutie baby boy onto this planet. He has an angelic face and I know he will grow up to be an excellent member of our society. I give you my heartiest congratulations.


On this auspicious arrival of your newborn baby boy, I give you my heartfelt blessings! This guy is super lucky to have such wonderful parents. God bless you all and congrats once again!

Hey Guys! A very warm and heartfelt welcome to the newest member of this family. I will be like a Godfather to this cute little guy and I am sure he will have the best of life owing to his talented and skillful parents. Congratulations guys for the newborn baby.

Almighty Blessings to the newborn baby wishes Image and Text

Image Source: – Baby photo created by onlyyouqj –

After all these years of trying, the Almighty has finally heeded to your prayer and gave you a baby boy! May you guys infuse him with all the altruistic and humanitarian qualities. Feeling very happy for both of you!

This baby boy is the perfect addition to your family and now the circle seems to have come to completion. I guess! I now hope that all your unfulfilled desires will be filled by this sweet guy from the heavens. Congrats again!

Wow! This guy is a perfect replica of his handsome dad! My heartiest congratulations to both the mom and father. Lots of love to this sweet looking baby boy!

A ton of warm congratulations for this baby boy! He looks so fresh from the consciousness of the other dimensions. I am sure he has brought along lots of luck, blessings and prosperity from the divine itself. Enjoy!

Hey guys! Just heard about the arrival of a baby boy! Many congrats to both of you! Enjoy this moment and the coming years as they will be nostalgic for the rest of your lives. All the heartfelt wishes to the baby and the mother!

May this fresh arrival from the consciousness illuminate your life with vivacity and effervescence. So proud of you guys for bringing this handsome baby boy into our lives. Congrats!

It amazes me to see this cute little guy coming victorious from complex labor. Shows the grit about him and his strong mother. Hope everything is ok now. Lots of hugs and kisses to you and to the newborn!

The Lord Christ has added in one more good looking guy in your family. This baby is blessed with the good looks of his parents. So happy for the both of you! Congrats Dear!

Like I said before, if you keep faith in the divine, he will reward you surely! And look now, the cries and squeal of this beautiful guy is enough to melt my heart! Many heartiest congratulations to both of you!

With the arrival of this baby boy, now you guys can rest assured that you will have someone to take care of you in old age. Knowing his dad and mother, I am sure this young guy will grow into a handsome charming lad. Congrats to both of you for the baby boy!

Now you have a solid guy who will be your armor for the rest of your life. May this adorable cutie guy bring you all the laurels in the world. So happy for the three of you!

Image text of baby boy arrival wishes to the mother and father

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A new chapter is now starting in your life. A journey of happiness, cries, laughter and much more. I wish this baby boy to achieve all of your unfulfilled dreams! A big toast for the arrival of the young one!

This baby boy will now be the carrier of your legacy. Let us pray to the Almighty that he will not only bring you joy and vivacity but will also multiply your laurels, achievements and wealth. Many congrats for the young baby boy!

This cutie baby guy is such a perfect gift for your daughter who has been wishing for a brother for eternity. I hope that she will cherish this gift from the divine for the rest of her life. Very happy for your whole family. Congrats, dear!

Now your brother has someone whom he will take care of for the rest of his life. I am sure that he will be like a godfather to him. Very happy to see the bundling joy of love from heaven. My heartfelt hugs, kisses, and congratulations to both baby boy and mother!

Funny wishes of New Born Baby Boy Congratulation messages to your friends

Wow! Look at the gorgeous one! But I hope this baby boy does not adopt the laziness of his father. The mother’s side is fine! Lol! Kidding buddy! Many congratulations for this baby boy!

Image of Funny Wish for the NewBorn Baby Boy to your Friends and Text also

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You guys needed some strict discipline into your life and now you have it! This cutie young newborn guy will now teach you how to manage the time and activities effectively. Relax guys! Just pulling your legs! Very happy for the newborn baby boy! Congrats to the both of you!

Image of Funny Text of Baby boy wishes to their parents

Image Source: – Baby vector created by freepik –

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going! Congrats to the mother for popping out one of the biggest baby boys I have ever seen! Great work by the father too! Lol! Kidding to both fo you! Congrats for the kiddo!

Now get ready to change the stinky diapers, and to stay awake for almost the entire day! Welcome to parenthood. And my sweet kisses to this butter skin baby boy! Aww, he looks so adorable!

Now with this baby boy, it is very likely that you will not die of hunger in the old days! This guy will look after you surely! Many congrats for the baby boy!

Aww! This baby boy looks super extrovert and fun-loving, a very contrasting trait from his parents. Lol! Kidding guys! Hugs and kisses to each one of you!

Now you both will have an easier time losing weight! Every evening, just take a stroll down with this super buff newborn baby! Congrats on the arrival of the baby boy!

Hhmm!!  Seeing him, I wonder what you fed to the mother! He is supremely healthy by the grace of the Almighty! Mighty congrats for the baby boy!

Congrats for this damn good looking baby boy! Beware now of your irritating habits. You surely do not want to pass it on this little one for sure! Lol! Very happy to see how your life is going to be unfolded now with this lovely baby boy! Congrats once again!

My heartiest congrats for the baby boy but now you will have to bring a baby girl to bring balance in the family. Lol! Kidding mate! May Almighty bless you with loads of love, health and wealth.

This baby boy looks exactly like his mother. But I can’t find his fatherly looks. Hhmm! Lol Kidding only mate! He looks a lot like you too! Congrats on the arrival of baby boy

This guy is certainly more blessed now than I ever have been in my entire life! Lol! Mighty congratulations on the adorable baby boy.

I suppose he is going to have a very easy time getting women. The divine has given such smooth skin and lovely hair. I wish I had the same luck when I was born. Lol! Kidding only! Congrats to you both for this magnificent arrival from heaven!

Now you have got the perfect heir who will look after your whooping wealth. A lucky guy he is! I wish I had parents like you guys too! Lol! Just a joke guys! Heartiest congrats for this handsome baby boy!

Aww. Looking at the baby, you two certainly have done a lot of work to produce this marvelous sweetheart. Lol! It seems all your efforts have been rewarded handsomely by the Almighty. My heartiest congrats for the arrival of this baby boy!

It is a known fact that super good looking babies bring with them a whole bunch of mischievousness. Be prepared to handle all of them! Kidding guys! Looking at his adorable face,  I am sure this young baby boy will not give you guys a hard time.

Newborn baby boy wishes to brother with Images and Text

Wishes to Brother for the arrival of baby boy Image and Text

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Dear Bro! It makes my heart so happy that now I have someone to call me uncle. So excited to witness a new member in our family. I will always be there to take care of this baby boy!

Hey brother! You always wanted a baby boy and now the almighty has finally fulfilled your wish. Many congrats for the baby boy!

Funny Wish to Brother for the birth of newborn baby boy Image and Text

Image Source: – Frame vector created by stockgiu –

Hey brother! You have got one hell of a replica by your side now. Congrats for this adorable baby boy. I am sure you worked very hard to bring him into this world. Lol kidding!

My dear elder brother! Mighty congrats for the baby boy! Must say this guy is super handsome than you in your diapers. I hope this guy will be the best looking guy in our family. So happy for all of us! Congrats once again!

Hey, younger brother! The divine has certainly bestowed you with an amazing gift. Makes me nostalgic about the time when I held you in my arms for the first time. Congrats brother for this beautiful baby boy gift from the divine!

May this Baby Grow grow strong, healthy and vivacious just like my adorable big brother. His uncle will always be there to support him in all the endeavors! Grateful for the almighty for this wonderful gift!

Now God has sent you a replica of you who is very likely to share the same views, perceptions and what not. You will relish fatherhood of this adorable baby boy dear younger brother! Take good care of him!

You may not believe in the divine but this adorable angel from heaven is a living proof that higher power exists. Needless to say but I will be like a Godfather to this newborn baby boy. Congrats bro for the new member in the family!

Now you have a good reason to go down for a stroll with this adorable little kid on your back. Congrats!

Now you have got a baby boy but don’t ever strangulate him with your notorious household rules as you do to the sister in law. Lol! Kidding mate! Many congratulations for this adorable baby boy!

I hope that this baby boy adopts all the emotional traits from our sister in law, instead of you! Lol! Feeling really emotional right now!

You better not force restrictions on this adorable little guy otherwise you will have a headache dealing with the cute little retaliation from this young guy! Congrats brother for the baby boy! You did your part very well! Hahaha!!!

Newborn baby boy wishes to sister

Image New Born baby congratulation message to Sister -- Text also

Image Source: – Background vector created by gstudioimagen –

Hey elder sis! There is a certain enigma of a baby boy that only mothers can understand! I hope this adorable guy will take good care of you in your old age! Happier times lie ahead!

Dear sister. you always wanted a baby boy, isn’t it!!  now you have your wish fulfilled! Enjoy!

My dear Younger sister! Congrats on the baby boy! This kiddo has your soulful eyes. I hope he embraces your personality too. Lots of love from his aunty!

This baby boy is very lucky as my sister is going to lavish and pamper him with all the love in the world! I can’t wait for our lives to unfold now with this super cute baby boy!

Hey sister! This angel from heaven looks like a perfect concave reflection of yours. I am sure you have also permeated all the humanitarian qualities in him. So happy to see the arrival of this young guy on this planet.

Hey Elder sis! For this handsome guy, you will be his first queen and love. He will adore you dearly no matter how many other women he will meet. God bless you and the child and many many congratulations for this baby boy!

Funny Wish to Sister for the birth of newborn baby boy Image and Text

Image Source: – Background vector created by gstudioimagen –

You did a fabulous job in popping this giant adorable kid! I am sure this guy is going to be huge like our handsome brother in law. Congrats sister for the kiddo!

Hey sister! Many congrats for the baby boy! I bet you had a scary moment going through that labor. Now you really know how I have dealt with 3 deliveries like these! Congrats by the way!

Hey, my beautiful sister! You are such a champ for opting for the normal delivery of this cutie-Munchy pie adorable baby boy instead of the C- section. This baby boy has such an angelic face, courtesy of the divine only! Congrats!

Congrats sister for bringing a baby boy to the family. Now your family circle seems complete. Or maybe not!!!

Newborn baby boy Christian wishes

Christian Religious wishes for Baby Boy who is new born

Image Source: – Background photo created by jcomp –

Jesus Christ has bestowed your family with an amazing angel in the form of a baby boy. He will take care of your heritage. My heartfelt hugs, wishes, blessings, and kisses to you and to the newborn! May the Lord give him great health and longevity.

After all these years, the Lord Christ has answered your prayers. I am sure this baby boy will make your head held high when he grows up. Very happy to hear this joyous news!

The divine has blessed you with the most reliable gift who will take care of you in your old age. Now it is your turn to infuse all the altruistic values in him. Congrats for the baby boy!

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and the divine has finally heeded to your prayers. This baby boy is reminiscent of Christ himself. May he follow his footsteps throughout his life. Kudos to bringing such an adorable life onto this planet! Lots of love

I am so thankful to the Lord Christ for the way things went smoothly. Hopefully both the baby boy and mother are fine. Lots of love to him from me.

Wishes for second newborn baby boy

Aww!! I can’t believe it’s another baby boy in your family again! You guys are being blessed with too much testosterone by the Almighty! Congrats for the second baby boy. All the wishes to the mother!

Hey! What pleasant good news! Congrats for the second baby boy. Any secret of producing a baby boy!!!

Wow! Great news to hear! You guys rest assured for the rest of your lives as you will have two young guns taking care of you in old age.

Newborn baby boy wishes to Colleagues

I am sure this baby boy is going to be engulfed with all the talent and skills. May he surpass you when he grows up. Congrats for the baby boy. Blessings to the mother also!

This baby boy is so lucky to have you guys as his parents. May he make the most of it. Heartiest Congrats for the baby boy!

Adjectives, thoughts, and phrases that can be used to prepare such messages

Adorable, sweet, cute, blessings from the Almighty, cosmos, divine, complex labor, pop out, baby boy, challenging, hard work, rejuvenate, bestowed, sacred gift, will not get hurt in the playground, healthy and handsome, pride, happiness, will be chased by many women, angelic face, an excellent member of the society

Lord Christ, auspicious arrival, altruistic and humanitarian qualities, comes bigger responsibility, heartiest congratulations, unfulfilled desires will be filled by this sweet guy, illuminate your life with vivacity and effervescence, bring you all the laurels in the world, When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going, stinky diapers, and to stay awake for almost the entire day, irritating habits, smooth skin, and lovely hair, soulful eyes, perfect heir, marvelous sweetheart, mischievousness, replica, enigma and etc.


We have come to the end of this article. I hope you have enjoyed all the messages for the newborn baby boy. We did our level best to include all the various scenarios while preparing such a message. Feel free to leave us your valuable feedback in the comment section. Until the next time, goodbye and congratulations from us too for the newborn baby!

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