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A mother is an instrumental figure for giving you a blessed life. Not only she brings you into this world but also nourishes and pampers you till her very last breath on Earth. In fact, she is likely the only one who will stand by you through the thick and thin, in all stages of life.

Giving her a warm message of Happy birthday is a sacred thing and our desire is to help give you her the sincerest wish on this lovely occasion. We have prepared all sorts of wishes for her with tones of emotional, funny, sarcastic along with images also. There are approximately 100 messages for your Mom Birthday wishes on this post. So enjoy all of them!

Long Birthday Wishes for mom with Images and Text

Birthday wishes to Mother from both Son and Daughter Image and Text

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You have always been an umbrella of love and care to me and I hope the Almighty gives us plenty of years to continue on this wonderful journey. Your infectious smile and personality have always propelled me to appreciate the little things in life. Happy Birthday Dear mother. Lots of love to you!

Simple Mom birthday Wishes Images with Text

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There is a serious dearth of mothers like you in the world who infuses the perfect blend of hard work, emotional intelligence, and altruism in their children. Whatever success we have acquired, you deserve a serious pat on your back for it! I hope the Lord blesses you forever! Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother!

When people praise me for a humble and benevolent human being, I tell them to give credit to you. After all, all these emotional traits have been permeated by you when I was in the womb. Thank you, mother, for all the love! Very happy birthday to you!

Dear Mother! We may have serious debates and arguments from time to time but that has only multiplied my love and fondness for you. I love you and will take care of you till my last breath. Thank you for bringing me into this world. I couldn’t have asked for more from you in this lifetime! Happy Birthday to you!

It is so ironic that I used to despise your scoldings and criticisms and now I wish to have those to keep me on track! I mistook your intent during childhood but you never shied away from bestowing all the incredible love and care from time to time. Happy Birthday, Dear! May you live for eternity!

It is a preconceived notion that only a man can be a visionary leader. Despite a single parent, you have not only fulfilled all our wishes but also gave us the vision to make our life worthy! I hope every child gets a mother like you! Happy Birthday dear mother! God bless you!

Happy Birthday to my crazy mother who is more like a friend with whom every moment is worth enjoying! I adore you for your fearless personality and no-nonsense demeanor. You are a force that has propelled us to develop magnetic personalities. I hope our journey will continue for perpetuity! Happy Birthday, Dear!

While it is true that I worked immensely hard towards my goals and visions, it is also true that your motivation and constant backing fueled me to push myself out of the comfort zone every time! I hope my success has made you proud! Happy Birthday dear mother!

It is jaw-dropping to see the number of sacrifices that you have given for the sake of our future. You truly are the embodiment of a mother who went to great lengths to ensure that her children fulfill their dreams! I salute you, mother, for all you have done for us and it is now our time to repay you exorbitantly! Happy Birthday, Dear!

While society may believe that mothers can’t be strong enough, you have thoroughly demolished that notion! And I am very proud of having a mother like you! Stay strong dear and keep rocking! Happy Birthday to my sweet mother!

There is no greater challenge for a single mother than to raise cringe-worthy children who always get on the nerves! I admire your hard work and effort for bestowing us with not only a great education but selfless love too! Happy Birthday to my cute mother! Lots of love!

Dear mother! Even though Dad wasn’t around for most of the time, you never let us dwell on his absence. It was always your love and hard work that maintained the smile on our face despite the dad not being at home most of the time! You are a phenomenal mother! I adore you! Happy Birthday

You are not only my mother but my best companion, my greatest confidant with whom I can share my heart out without feeling judged. I hope every daughter gets a mother like you! Happy Birthday dear mother! Love you!

Despite the harshest of circumstances, you never let poverty diminish our desires to aim for the very best in life. You fueled us to achieve staggering success and we have only you to give you back what you deserve! Happy Birthday dear mother! May the Almighty bestows you with longevity, great health, and vivacity

Image of Inspiring mother birthday wishes From both son and Daughter

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There is no iota of doubt in my mind that you are the best mother in this whole universe! You always backed us when the whole world thought of us as failures. I wish I could have a mother like you in my next lifetime too! Happy Birthday, Mom!


Happy birthday Inspiring messages from Son to Mother with Images

Birthday wishes to Mother From Son Image and Text

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There is a special bond that the Almighty blesses only the son and mother! It is surreal, omnipotent and overpowers every conflict and ego between the two. Dear Mother, my love for you knows no limits and no matter how many fights we may have, love will always be the last thing in our hearts for each other! Happy Birthday to you mother from your loving son!

Dear Mother! It is my promise that I will always be there for you in your old age! I will move heaven and earth to become a man that you want me to be! And I will surely give back to society as a responsible son! Happy Birthday to you Mom!

Your Grandson adores my pampering and lavishment. What he doesn’t know is that this love and sense of security came from his grandmother who never shied away from bestowing her unconditional love to his son. Seeing my happy kids, I feel so grateful for you mother! May every child get a mother like you! Happy Birthday!

Dear Mother! If your son is able to utilize all his talent and abilities, then you deserve a serious pat on your back. It was only your constant propelling that helped me to push the boundaries of imagination. Whatever your son is today, it is because of tiring motivation! Happy Birthday, dear! May God bless you!

No matter whether there are ebbs and flows in life, troughs and crest, you always taught me to stay grounded despite the circumstances. Such precious knowledge has helped me in not only my professional but personal endeavors too. And I can say that you are the best mother that any child could have! Happy Birthday, dear!

Our clash of egos may have hurt each other in the past but let us keep the water under the bridge and move on! We may fight but there is no soothing place like your hug for a son! I will always keep loving you like a naive, benevolent child my dear mother! Happy Birthday to you!

Hey mother! Our dad may have imparted to me the physical attributes but you infused all the emotional intelligence, wisdom and hard work and I will ever be so grateful for that. You certainly did your part well mother in raising the son and now is his time to give you all back with love and prosperity. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Cute wishes of Happy Birthday from Daughter to his Mother with Images

Birthday wishes to Mother from Daughter Image and Text

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Dear Mother! Society may make it hard for women to reach the pinnacle of success but you always allowed me to pursue my goals without any inhibitions! I am a replica of a strong, powerful and tender-hearted woman and I am so proud of it! A very Happy Birthday to you from your loving daughter.

Daughter to Mother Birthday beautiful Wishes and Images

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Hey mother! When I look in the mirror, I adore myself! And it is possible only because of you! You are the embodiment of a beautiful mother who instilled all the humanitarian values in her daughter. A very happy Birthday to you mother! God bless you

Dear Mother! You gave me enough freedom to soar high into the sky. Life couldn’t have been more good for me. People may have a negative preconceived notion about strong women but you have demolished every bit of it. Happy Birthday to you!

Hey Mom! Being an adult, I can understand the hardships you faced in raising the daughters single-handedly. But you never cursed to God or the circumstances and instead provided everything that a daughter craves for! I will never forget your sacrifices mother! Very happy birthday to you.

There are times when I feel the nostalgia of our memories when you would scold your daughter for every mistake. I now know that it was all for my benefit! Someone has rightly said that a mother can’t be wrong! I am beginning to find a lot of truth to it! Happy Birthday dear mother from your loving daughter!

You are my best pal, my best confidant who will never ever judge me for anything. I feel so vulnerable and yet so strong while sharing things with you. I hope every mother in this universe will be like you! Happy Birthday to you Mother. Your Daughter will always be with you!

Funny Happy Birthday Sarcastic messages to Mother from Son and Daughter along with images

Image of Funny Sarcastic Birthday message to Mother from the Daughter

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Dear mother, I may have been a difficult daughter to be raised up but I certainly am not responsible for those premature greying hairs. May this Birthday, the Almighty start to reverse those greying hairs! Lol! Happy Birthday!

You are a perfect mom who would hide the son’s mistake from an angry father! I can be more mischievous as I know that I will always get off easily. Lol! You are a perfect mom for every naughty kid. Happy Birthday to you!

If there is a woman who loves to throw around one-line touches of sarcasm at all the times, it has to be you! I wish I would have that ability to throw some of it back to you! Lol! Happy Birthday by the way.

Hey Mother! Your extravagant lifestyle has taken a toll on Dad’s lustrous hair! May you slow down a bit from now and let the poor man breathed a sigh of relief. Kidding! Happy Birthday!

There is never a dull moment between you and Dad. And I hope it stays the same. You guys are perfect who show exceptionally high tolerance towards each other’s unparliamentary behavior. Happy Birthday to your mother!

Forgot your Mom’s Birthday? Worry not! Send her these cool belated birthday messages

Sometimes even after memorizing and keeping a reminder, we often forget the important birthdays of our closest people. If you have forgotten to wish your mother, then now you not only have to wish her but also have to make up her mood. In this post, you will find plenty of cool belated birthday messages that will bring a smile to her face.

Belated Birthday Mother Wish Image and Text From Son and Daughter

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Dear Mother! Happy Belated Birthday to you. The date unintentionally slipped out of my mind. I hope you enjoyed your birthday with full enthusiasm and vigor. I will make up for this belated birthday message for sure. Happy belated birthday once again!

Funny Belated Mother happy Birthday Wish Image and Text

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It has been observed that late birthday messages are often given more attention by the recipient. So I decided to send you a late birthday message. Kidding! Sorry for it mother! Hopefully, you are not cursing me. Lol! Happy Belated Birthday mother!

When it comes to wishing on time, rarely do I make mistakes. However, this was an exception and I thought since you were immensely busy, maybe I should wish you later. Kidding! Apologies for the late birthday wish! Happy Belated mother!

Well, you scolded me heavily last time, and look what happened! The goddamn birthday went out of my subconscious! Kidding only! Very sorry for the late birthday wish! But I am sure you will be careful with your demeanor with me next time. Lol! Happy belated birthday Mom!

There are times when I do not want to talk to you! But then I think of wishing you late instead! Kidding mother! Because of the stress of this job, this birthdate simply went out of my mind. Happy belated birthday to you!

I know that my mother enjoys a healthy active social life and therefore a belated birthday message from her son (or daughter) won’t matter too much. Instead, she is very likely to remember the good wishes in the message as they are probably the last ones that she received! Long story short mother, apologies to you and happy belated birthday!

Special Birthday wishes for your Long distance mother

Image of Long Distance Mother Happy Birthday Wish to her

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There may be mountains, seas and oceans between us but love for each other will always find ways to reach each other. Dear mother! I am sending you my heartiest wishes for your birthday! May the divine keep elevating our love! Happy Birthday to you!

A child and mother share a special bond of love; a love which knows no boundaries; a love which traverses through time and space. I may be far away but I always feel your blessings with me all the time. Happy Birthday to you Mom! We will have a blast when I will return.

We do not realize the value of our mothers until we live far off them! And I hope you are beginning to realize my value too! Lol Kidding! I just hope that I return to you at the earliest. I can’t wait to hug you tightly and share all the moments! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Even when we are separated by thousands of miles yet our hearts are resonated and our soul feels intertwined with one another. I do miss the warmth of your hugs but I know that your blessings are working for me right from there. Happy Birthday to Mom!

It feels so ironic that I never felt like obeying you and now, me being far away, I always miss your scoldings. My love and fondness for you have only grown over time by being so far away! On this birthday, I miss your mother! I will come back soon though! Happy Birthday, Dear!

Every time life throws an obstacle upon me, I remind myself of the values that you infused in me before sending me far away! But just the mere thought rejuvenates my heart! I hope every child gets a mother like you! Happy Birthday dear mom! May God bless you.

Nothing has been more challenging in my life than to stay away from my loving mother for such a long time! I miss your constant backing of me. I miss that infectious smile that never allowed me to worry even a bit, whatever the circumstances were. I hope we get united soon! Happy Birthday dear mother.

Coolest wishes of Happy Birthday to your stepmother

StepMother Happy Birthday Wishes Image

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While we may not have real blood between us, our hearts and mind certainly resonate like that! I appreciate your effort in making things work and I hope we as children could fulfill all your expectations! Happy Birthday to our stepmom!

While my biological mother has departed to the Almighty, I am sure of her being proud seeing you from the heavens! You are a wonderful mother dear and we are so grateful for having you in our life! Happy Birthday to our coolest stepmother!

You have not only won the heart of our dad but also of us! Your tender loving care is soothing and has helped us to move on from the grief of our lives. Happy Birthday to your stepmother!

You are the embodiment of a stepmother who has lavished and pampered us with love, vivacity, and effervescence. We do now have an aim in life to bring happiness on the face of someone who cares for us deeply! Happy Birthday to dear stepmother!

True love and respect do not have boundaries. While we may not have come from your wombs but your love and care for us have never made us feel lesser than your biological children. I admire your ability to bond with us! Happy Birthday dear stepmother!

The Almighty works in an enigmatic way! He may have taken away my real mom but made sure to send us an equally loving woman into my life who could adapt with a notorious child like me! I adore you stepmother! Happy Birthday to you!

It is such a rare sight to see a stepmother give the sincerest love, respect to the real mother who has left for the heavens! Never for once, you made us feel the void and we admire the love and care that you have bestowed upon us! Happy Birthday to our stepmother!

While the void of a real mother can never ever be fulfilled, the pain of her absence can certainly be diminished! And I must say that you have surpassed our expectations from a stepmom! Happy Birthday, dear!

We have already endured the pain of our real mother leaving us. I only hope that our adorable stepmothers do not leave us for reasons that seem trivial to the adults. Happy Birthday dear stepmom!

Despite not being our biological mother, you left no stone unturned for permeating all the qualities of altruism, hard work and work ethic. Needless to say, but you are more than a stepmother to me! Happy Birthday to you!

I have been blessed to get the love and support of two amazing women in my life who have only cared for the very best for me! Do I feel lucky? Absolutely! Happy Birthday to you mother!

Despite you not being my real mother, I feel no hesitations about sharing my most vulnerable thoughts and feelings with you. You have been like a great friend, a confidant who would lend me her ears! I hope the almighty does not take you away as my mother! Happy Birthday to your stepmother!

After the mother’s demise, I thought life was over! But you ignited my desire to not only live but to work harder so as to fulfill all the wishes of my real mother! And today, I owe you my heartiest for all that you did! You may be my stepmom, but you have given me love like your own child! Happy Birthday, dear!

While we left no stone unturned for showing our love to our mother, it is amazing how well our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes sync up more with you despite not sharing the same blood. Shows that love knows no boundaries, religion and no bond! Happy Birthday dear stepmom!

Christian Religious Birthday Wishes to Mother

Dear Lord Christ! May you keep our mother stress free, with a tranquil heart and mind. She is your big devotee and deserves all of your blessings. Today is her birthday!

Hey mother! There is no greater force in this Universe than of the Lord Christ! He is omnipotent and always rewards his children who follow his footsteps. I know he is mighty happy with you and will bestow all the great blessings upon you this birthday. Happy Birthday dear mother!

Birthday wishes to Mother if she is sick

Dear mom! Many many happy returns of the day to you! Let this moment remind you of the infinite love that we have for you. Let it heal the cells of your body and rejuvenate you from this sickness! Happy teddy bear birthday hug to you! Lots of love to you!

Hey Mother! On this gracious occasion, I want you to remember that let love prosper and conflicts diminish. We may have thrown some undesirable words to each other but today, on your birthday, I pray to the divine that let love prosper and conflicts diminish. May you recover at the earliest! Happy Birthday to you!

There is so much tranquility and clarity in thoughts when love prevails. I hope our immense love permeates your heart and mind and helps you to overcome the sickness. May you become healthy, vigorous and your very best again! Happy Birthday dear mother!

Dear Mom! Arguments and debates may happen at every home but the only thing that will ever remain in our memories is the love for each other. Love overpowers ego and helps to revive our health! On this birthday, my heart years for your quick recovery. May you become zestful like your usual again! Happy Birthday to you!

Special Birthday wishes to mom on their 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th birthday

Image of Happy Birthday to Mother for Turning 50,60,70th Birthday and more

Hey Mom! Congrats for turning 70. It feels so amazing to see you not only alive but kicking at this age when most people take a back seat from the joys of life. May you live like this for at least another 100 years (and more!) Happy 70th birthday to you!

Dear Mom! When I see you, I see a bright, young and vivacious girl who has maintained her charm and charisma for many years. May the Almighty always bestow you with the effervescence, and joy. Happy 50th birthday to you.

Hey Mother! I only want to say one thing that increasing age does not indicate to stay away from the vibrancy of life. In fact, I believe it should be throttled, isn’t it! Happy 60th Birthday to you!

My dear evergreen beautiful mother! It gives so immense joy to my heart to see you unbelievably fit and healthy. There is always an opportunity to be an inspiration to society and you are the perfect example of someone in celebrating her 70th birthday with full vigor and enthusiasm. Happy Birthday, Mom! May your heart beat with such vivaciousness for infinity!

Dear Mom! It is amazing to believe that whenever I am distressed by the challenges of life, I always dwell upon you who takes every challenge in her stride with great tenacity. You may have turned 80 but your heart and mind are ripe as that of a teenager. Happy Birthday, Mother! Keep going like this!

Birthday wishes for Pregnant Mom

Dear Mother! I am so anxiously and eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new miracle in our family. On your birthday, I pray to the Almighty that the day arrives soon. Happy Birthday, Mother!

My Pregger Mom! Never have I felt scared and excited at the same time. I hope that all goes as planned and you pop out the new one with ease! Can’t wait to have a sibling!  Happy Birthday to you!

Emotional, inspiring birthday messages to your late mother
Emotional Birthday wishes to mother in heaven Image and Text

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Dear Mother! Even after so many years of your departure to heaven, my heart still feels the ache of your demise, but I am happy that you are in the safe lap of the Almighty! Mother, wherever you are, I know you are happy! Today is your birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

Hey mother! I know that you are overseeing us, far away from here. Do know that your memories and valuable teachings will always remain etched in our hearts! I am quite sure that you are having the time of your life in heaven. Happy birthday to you!

You gave every ounce of time, effort and energy for our well-being. Whatever you could have done for us, you did wholeheartedly and I am so happy that we had! May the Almighty bestow every child in the universe with a mother like you! Happy Birthday!

Dear Mother! On this Birthday, I vow to you that I will be the son (or daughter) that you always wanted me to be.  I will work hard and will devote every ounce of my effort to become successful, just like you dreamt of! Happy Birthday, dear! May God bless you!

While you may be far away somewhere in the universe, I can still feel your blessings pouring onto me whenever I feel distressed. I still feel nostalgic whenever I recall the good values that you used to infuse in me every night while sleeping! I will never forget your mother! Happy birthday to you!

Hey mother! I am quite sure that you must have taken birth now in some beautiful body! I hope you are enjoying life to the fullest. I hope that in the next lifetime, I get a mother like you! Happy Birthday, dear!

Isn’t this an irony that I never heeded to your advice while you were alive and now, everything I do, I do it the way you always wanted me to do it! Sometimes we realize the value of things later in life! God bless you, Mom! Happy Birthday to you

Dear Mother! While we had a fair share of arguments, conflicts yet our love for each other always stood the test of time. No matter how many times you scolded or criticized, I know that you always meant the best for me! Just like every year, our family is having a small party tonight in your remembrance. Happy Birthday to the best mother in the universe!

Thoughts, phrases, adjectives to write down such messages

Vivacity, infinite love, and vigor, concave reflection, handsome Dad, quintessential, noblest of intentions, altruism, emotional intelligence, knowledge, hard work, the sky’s the limit, umbrella of your love and care, Pillar of motivation, behemoth, contemplate, supreme leader, embodiment, nostalgic memories, tenacity, carve out a better future, where there is a will, there is always a way, admire your grit, bend your back, saturated, applaudable, an iota of doubt, surpass the wildest expectations and etc.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that you have enjoyed the various messages of a happy birthday in this post. For any family, the mother is the pillar of success. The happier she is, the more prosperous the family becomes. Her contribution to your family may not seem daunting from a materialistic point of view, but it absolutely ensures the peace and harmony in the family.

We will add in more similar messages from time to time in this post. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and family. Maybe they will find some heart touching birthday message in this post that will bring a smile on their mother’s face. Until the next time, take care and yes, a very happy birthday to your mother from me too! Goodbye!

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