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Just because you enjoy a good camaraderie with your friend on a regular basis, doesn’t mean that you should not pay gratitude to him or her for the free lunches in the form of a thank you message.


A good relation is savored by constant exuberance and gratitude from both sides. It doesn’t really matter if your friend is wealthy or not, it is a mark of a compassionate and affectionate individual to pay sincere thank you wishes for the free lunches. 


And this is why we are writing this post today so that you can send heartwarming, meaningful and well-crafted thank you messages to your friend for lunch.


So without wasting any more time, let us get started.


Thank you message to your friend (male to male) for the lunch


Wow!! What a delightful lunch it was! Seriously, my taste buds got rejuvenated from that delicious meal. Many many thanks bro for the lunch. I enjoyed it to the fullest!


That was one of the finest restaurants that I have gone in recent times. The whole outing was truly great and the lunch was impeccable. Will look forward to it again.


There are some things in life that we should be grateful of. Good food is one of them. Fortunate are we to have each other in our lives. A big thank you to you bro for this lavish feast. My taste buds can’t thank you enough!


Phew! That was the kind of lunch I desperately needed. Really hearty meal! My stomach is processing the amazing meal that we had. It was wonderful of you to come up with a sudden lunch idea! Feel blessed! Life is truly great!


Hey man! Tons of gratitude for the wonderful lunch today. It was truly exemplary and the taste blew my mind. I cannot fathom my life now without our friendship. May you keep piling stacks of success one after the other. Kudos to you for the free lunch!


Funny Sarcastic Thank you message to your friend  (male to male) for the free lunch


May every guy on this planet get a wealthy friend like you! Know that the blessings of the divine are upon you! Keep repeating this kind gesture towards me and all your dreams will come true! Jokes apart! Thanks a lot buddy for the wonderful free lunch. Had a flavorsome meal after a long time honestly.


I am sure you had an amazing time having a sizzling lunch with such a cool and charming personality of your great friend. You can repeat such kind gestures over and over again and your mind will feel fresh and rejuvenated. Just a sarcasm bro! Enjoyed my heart out today. Let me know when to repeat this amazing lunch experience again!


How to write a thank you message to your friend (male to female) for the free lunch


I can’t thank you enough for the amazing meal we had today. It was great fun and the food, needless to say, was delectable and brought my cells to life. I will catch up again soon and the next meal will surely be on me! Have a good day!


This was one of our best lunch meet for a long time. The food made my mood vibrant and exuberance. And I can only thank you for this exorbitant sumptuous meal. A very big thanks to you from the bottom of my heart. Next lunch is on me!


You are not only gorgeous but a kind soul too. I needed this food outing so severely in order to freshen up from the daily mundane tasks. Really had a great time with you. Needless to say, the food was stupendously amazing. Thanks for the free lunch. Hope to catch you up soon!


A very heartfelt gratitude and thanks for taking me out on lunch. The (name of the restaurant) was a great choice and the environment was lively. But the hallmark of the place was the food which was truly yummy, juicy, and succulent. Thanks a ton again and know the next meal, I will be taking you to even a better outlet.


The restaurant was simply amazing. The surroundings and interiors were astounding and the taste just blew my mind away. Thanks for such a kind gesture. Will repeat this experience once again!


Funny Sarcastic (male to Female) message of thank you to your friend  for lunch


The lunch was truly amazing. May you keep doing this altruistic stuff over and over again with me and the almighty will surely lavish you with all the blessings. Just kidding mate! Thank you very much for the amazing meal!


I must have done some very good deeds in life that God has allowed me free sumptuous meals! I would highly recommend you to continue this wonderful gesture and see how the divine bless you even more. Am just kidding bro! We truly had a blast and I can’t thank you enough!


Activities in itself rarely bring joy alone. It is the tranquil companionship that ultimately makes the experience so much worth. The lunch meal was truly exemplary. So when are you going to repeat this experience again with me? Only kidding mate! The next lunch is on me by the way and thanks to you for today!


Wishing your friend (Female to male) a nice thank you message for the free lunch


That was an awesome experience. I had a really nice hearty meal after a long time. The ambiance of the restaurant was too cool. It felt really nice. All thanks to you. May our friendship remain like this for eternity. See you soon!


Frankly speaking, I was too tired today to go out for lunch but thanks to your persistence that I went for it. The lunch was fantastic, to say the least, and the entire outing was rejuvenating. Feeling a rush of endorphins today after a very long time. All thanks to you! I really enjoyed a lot.


This was one of the finest lunch outings of ours. The food surpassed my expectations. All thanks to you. Feel amazingly fortunate to have a friend like you in my life. May the almighty preserve our friendship for eternity.


When it comes to knowing the best food around the town, no one can be like you, my dear! The food joint was unbelievably good. I really enjoyed the vibe of that place and the sumptuous meal really got me worked up for the good. I really needed this outing. Thank you so much!


Humorous and Sarcastic thank you wishes to your friend (Female to male) for the lunch


I finally got to go out with you, even if it is for a free lunch only. You were amazing. And the meal was even better. Kudos to our jovial friendship. I haven’t felt amazing in a long time. Many thanks for the free lunch dear!


I hope you continue to take me out for the freebies just like today! Hahaa. Simply kidding, Just wanted an excuse to thank you for the great lunch today. The meal was truly fantastic.


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I disagree. The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach too. This was a meal that truly uplifted my mood after a long time. Oh God savors our friendship. May every woman get a friend like you!! Thanks for today!


Thank you message to your friend (female to female) for the free lunch


What a wonderful day it was sweety! We truly ate like a pig. And the meal was amazingly flavorsome and delectable. The place was really cool. The meal bought my senses alive honestly. Thanks a ton for taking me to this free lunch ride. Know that the next lunch is on me! Catch up with you soon!


I hadn’t enjoyed so much on a lunch outing than today. While I was feeling a bit lethargic, I am glad that you dragged me to this stunning place. Thanks for the wine and dine. Enjoyed the meal immensely.


You know you are such a sweetheart for taking me out for today for lunch. I really needed someone today to lend her ears to me. And needless to say, the restaurant and the meal surpassed my expectations. Feeling the rush of good feeling hormones today. All thanks to you darling. Another Lunch outing very soon? What do you say?




I hope that you that this post of thank you messages to your friend for lunch has provided immense value to you. I really love to jot down beautiful messages more often than not, and therefore, I will be adding some more words to this post. 

Feel free to let your feedback known to us in the comment section. Until the next time, good bye!

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