Perfect Birthday wishes for Long Distance Boyfriend | Funny, Emotional, Sarcastic and belated ones

Long Distance relationships aren’t for everyone! They require immense sacrifices and dedication to the partner. No instances and occasions can be left out where you have a chance to connect to your soul mate on a deeper level!

While birthday wishes are easy to prepare, writing them for your long-distance boyfriend requires creativity and effort! But worry not, in this post we have jotted down romantic, emotional, lovey-dovey, funny (and even sarcastic!), short and belated birthday messages for your Long Distance (LDR) boyfriend.

Happy birthday message for Long Distance boyfriend

Birthday messages to Long Distance LDR Boyfriend

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I am one heck of a lucky girl who has got such an amazing partner. While we may be far away, our hearts will always be intertwined with each other! Happy Birthday to the most important man in my life!

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Hey Sweetheart! Many many happy returns of the day to you! Despite living far away, you are the embodiment of the loving man which every woman desire! Loads of love to you!

There may be oceans, seas, and mountains between us, but I still feel your heart beating deep inside my chest. Happy Birthday to my handsome guy! Hope we will be together soon!

There does not go a day when I do not feel your absence. It is our faith in the Almighty and your vivaciousness that has poured in so much life in this relationship. I hope this physical distance between us will be over very soon. Happy Birthday to my beautiful guy!

Sometimes we do not realize the value of our near and dear ones until they are far away from us. While I have always adored you with all my heart, this long-distance between us makes my heartache. I may not there with you but am sure but I know I am going to be there always in your heart. Happy Birthday my handsome!

It doesn’t matter how far you are from me, my heart feels your presence every single day! The mind, body, and heart are stamped with your pleasure, your love, and immense gratitude of the Almighty. Happy Birthday, Dear! Loads of love!

Lovey Dovey cute Message of Happy Birthday to Long Distance LDR Boyfriend Image Text

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Happy Birthday to the most handsome guy in the world! We may not be celebrating the birthday together but it doesn’t keep our wishes, blessings far apart from each other. You are the pillar of my life. I hope that you come here soon to my arms! Love you

Dear Love! I may not be there with you but know that my love and wishes have no restrictions! They are pure, uninhibited and bring effervescence, vivacity to the recipient. Happy Birthday to you dear!

Hey, my sweetheart! I may have all the luxuries in the world but my world will always be incomplete with you. You are the center of my universe and I will always be your loving gal. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

People may have preconceived notions about the long-distance thing, but loyalty and dedication are all it takes to let it blossom into a beautiful relationship, like ours. On this birthday, I pray to the Almighty, that you bestow you with all the success in the world. May all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday, charmer!

We both may be at the other corner of the world, and yet my fondness for you increases every day. I yearn to see the day when we will get hitched together. I hope that day comes soon. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

There is nothing sadder than to not be with my man and spend the grandest birthday with him in solace. He has bestowed me with all the happiness that I could have asked for and I only hope that he will be with me for the rest of my life. The mighties birthday to you dear!

The flowers don’t smell fresh, the sun does not appear brighter, and the chirping of birds doesn’t seem sweeter to the ears when you are not around. I miss you terribly on this birthday. Happy Birthday to you and come back soon so that I can give you loads of surprises!!!

There is lovegasm when you come back and wrap me in your arms! You are far away and each day, I yearn for your touch, your hugs, and kisses. Come back here soon!  Happy Birthday to you!

Hey, my dear! Happy Birthday to you! I really admire your tenacity to make things work when all seemed done and dusted. Our relationship has stood the test of time despite the distance and I am sure that the future beholds great memories for both of us!

Funny Wishes for Long Distance Boyfriend

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You are a fine young man who tends to go berserk every once in a while! Sometimes, it is relieving to not have you around. Hahaha!! On this birthday, I ask for sincerest blessings from the Almighty to move sense into your thick brain. Lol! Happy Birthday to my loving boyfriend

Image of Funny Birthday message to your Long Distance Boyfriend

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You are the only man in this world who arouses every emotion in me! When you are not around, I feel gloomy doom while your presence gives me a rush of endorphins and adrenaline! I hope I don’t get mad for feeling different things because of you. Lol! Happy Birthday, dear!

You may be far away from me but my love and wishes will always traverse the space and time to reach your heart and also the other organs (wink wink). Happy Anniversary dear.

Your absence creates a void in my heart as if my heart has come to a halt, only to be revived later on when you lavish me with perfect gifts every time upon your return. Hahaa! Just kidding dear! Happy Birthday to you!

I miss those wonderful nights laying beside you, with you of course not snoring and polluting the air with your farts. May you come back soon and we relive those moments like never before. Happy birthday to my long-distance guy.

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After a considerable time away from your gorgeous girl, I hope you come back and make ravishing love with her. Hopefully, this birthday will make you more creative in our nighttime! Lol! Happy Birthday to my handsome and come back soon!

It astounds me how my heart dwells more on you just because you are thousands of miles away from me! You really have wooed me perfectly! Haha!! I will keep getting swept off the floor from you darling! Happy birthday!

You get on my nerves sometimes!! But I still love you!

Sarcastic Happy birthday message to Boyfriend Long Distance Image and Text

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I may not be a perfect girl but neither are you the perfect partner! Lol! But despite that, I yearn for your presence, your warm hugs, and your kisses every day and night! I hope that on this birthday, the divine loads your (and my) life with the vivaciousness and effervescence. Many many happy returns of the day my lovely! God bless you!

My dear love! We may hold strong opinions about certain things but that only gives me one more reason to love you deeply. I may be far away from you but no one is closer to my heart than you! Happy Birthday to the hunk!

I may not have the perfect man in my life but he certainly is the one who makes my life complete. The mere thought of him wipes out all the stress and anxiety. He is far away but I can feel his proximity every day and night! May the blessings of the divine on this birthday elevate you (and our relationship) to greater heights of happiness and joy! Happy Birthday my love!

Funny Sarcastic cutie message to your LDR Boyfriend Nice Image

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There is an immense joy that I derive from our funny banters from time to time! Luckily, we are far away for some time, otherwise, we would have blown each other’s heads by now! But every night, I miss you in my bed;  the miss of your touch; the miss of your kisses and the infinite pleasure that you gave me so many times. Happy Birthday to my handsome guy!

The divine may have you given you thousands of faults but the few positive qualities you have (just kidding!) are hugely compelling to stay with you even though we are separated by miles! I hope you improve more or at the least, don’t get worse!. Hahaha. Kidding! Happy Birthday dear

Our Ldr may have been marred by many conflicts and egos, but my love for you is pure and unconditional. This physical distance between us has made me feel more grateful for you in my sweet life sweety! The very happiest Birthday to you dear handsome!

Our journey has been a roller coaster ride, filled with joy, effervescence, and vivacity of life, coupled with fights, disagreements and what not! No relationship is whole without the constant drama, understanding, and lust and we two are the perfect souls for each other. Happy Birthday Dear

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

How to inspire your long Distance Boyfriend on his birthday Image and text

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There may not be any heroic connotation to the word perseverance, but it is exactly like Carbon, the presence of which determines the quality of Steel. Keep up with grind dear! We may have the distance between us right now, but this soon shall pass. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

The cosmos has a habit of throwing obstacles to individuals in order to propel them to great heights of success. But I am so blessed to have a guy that only feels grateful for the challenges because he knows he can have it all! Happy Birthday, dear! I hope you are doing fine there! Lots of love

My dear love! Despite our differences, we have come so far! It only proves that the Almighty has meant us to be together! I vow to be your heart and soul for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday to the most adorable man on Earth! I am missing you terribly here! come back soon!

Dear Love! The circumstances may feel overwhelming right now but always remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You will certainly get through this phase of life because my love and wishes will always be there with you, even though am far from you! Happy Birthday, dear!

There is a behemoth of happiness, love, and pleasure that you have given me in your life and in this tough time, I want to give my everything to you! I am sure you will sail through this difficult phase of life. Happy Birthday to my handsome! We will be together very soon!

Love is the glue that can overcome the mightiest of crisis. No matter how far you are, my heart, mind, and soul will always be dwelled upon by your success and well-being. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

They say that there are polar opposites of every situation. And I believe that every conflict between us has only elevated our tolerance for each other. Therefore, this birthday, I pray to the Almighty that fight a lot more and learns to adjust with each other., if that means fighting over the phone in an LDR. Haha!! Kidding dear. Happy Birthday to you.

Special Birthday messages if things have been far from pleasant recently

Special birthdaywish to your LDR boyfriend in the rough patch Image and Text

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There is nothing in this world that is immune to the ebbs and flows of life. Our relationship may go through ups and downs from time to time but the aim has always been to bring out the best of each other. Happy Birthday to you handsome

Every time we have had our fair share of conflicts and arguments, we have rebounded back stronger than ever! I hope the same is the case for this time also. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, Dear! We may have hit a rough pack but your absence only reminds me of your love; your grace and your effort that you put me to smile on my face in every situation! Happy Birthday!

It is only your enigmatic charm, charisma, and personality that I always forget your mistakes, and mine too. Lol! You are the personification of a great boyfriend and I have full faith in you! Happy Birthday, Dear!

Short messages of Happy birthday for your LDR boyfriend

You may not be here and yet every cell of my being feels your proximity! Miss you a lot sweetheart! Happy Birthday

You have sown so many seeds of love, gratitude, lust in me that it is now impossible to be without you! Happy Birthday to my handsome guy! I miss you. Hope you come back soon!

I wish there were many boyfriends like you in this world, for the other women of course. Hahaha!!! May you (and me) only get better with time! Happy Birthday, Handsome!

May this year bring you immense success, happiness and vivacity in our professional as well as personal endeavors. Hoping that we get back soon together! Lots of love! Happy Birthday!

Hey sweetheart! I hope this distance between us will only make ourselves crazier, happy and more loving towards each other. Happy Birthday to the perfect gentleman!

You are the man that makes me feminine. You make me blush, you make me crazy. Even when you are far, my cheeks get red just from the nostalgia of our relationship memories over the years. Come back soon here dear and a very happy birthday to you!

Despite many miles away from you, I feel the gaze of your beautiful sharp eyes! The mere thought of your gaze moistens my thighs! Happy Birthday to you handsome!

Hey sweetheart! Many Many happy returns of the day to you! We are so far and yet our hearts feel entangled with each other’s love. May the divine give great health and longevity to both of us. Happy Birthday once again!

How to write him the belated messages?
Sorry belated message for your LDR boyfriend With nice text and Image

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Oops, dear! I don’t know why sometimes I miss the dearest dates of my life. Too much stress plus your absence slipped the birthday from the mind! So sorry! I hope you had a blast on the birthday back there! Happy belated birthday to my loving guy!

There are only a few times in our relationship that I make mistakes! This mistake is certainly one of them! When you return back to me, I am gonna make it up for you in a mind-blowing way! Sorry for being late. Belated happy birthday to you!

You didn’t give me my desired gift last time, and this is why I am sending you this belated birthday message! Haha!! Kidding dear! I had to go through too much in the last 24 hours. not feeling too well. I hope you had an amazing birthday last night there! Come back and take me to my arms! Happy Belated Birthday!

Want to prepare a message on your own? Use the below-mentioned thoughts, adjectives, and phrases

One heck of a lucky girl, an amazing partner, hearts will always be intertwined, the embodiment of the loving man, oceans, seas, and mountains between us, I still feel your heart beating deep inside my chest, vivaciousness, stamped with your pleasure, pillar of my life, uninhibited and bring effervescence, vivacity, you are the center of my universe, preconceived notions about the long-distance thing, fondness for you increases every day, lovegasm, stood the test of time, berserk every once in a while, yearn for your presence, proximity every day and night, roller coaster ride, When the going gets tough, the tough gets going and etc.


Long Distance relationships are far from easy. You have to give every ounce of your time and energy to make things work. However, according to a leading newspaper, long-distance relationships are more successful than you think. If you and your partner checklist each other’s preferences on all levels, then no distance can wither your love and commitment to each other. We hope you enjoyed our post of happy birthday wishes for your long-distance boyfriend. Until the next time, goodbye and take care

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  1. They are not only friend but if they are so close then they are like a family member.we can share each and everything with them.we spend some memorable moment which can not be forgettable. It is very difficult to meet all friends in the busy schedule.
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