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There are some colleagues who always tune with our hearts, beliefs, and thought processes. When these co-workers retire or move onto other jobs, the heart really aches as we have shared some great memories with them.

Great Farewell wishes for colleagues are an excellent way of reminding them of their value in our lives and at the organization. In this post, you will find plenty of send-offs, goodbye messages for your colleagues and co-workers if they are moving onto next jobs, taking maternity leave, or have deceased.

Plenty of heart-warming, meaningful and thought-out thank you and farewell messages also for your senior and junior colleagues who have given their resignation too.

Simple Farewell Messages for a Colleague

While the heart will miss your optimistic presence, astounding talent and your warm personality, I am happy that you have got a better opportunity. Your hard work and perseverance have certainly brought fruition of your dreams. Congratulations dear!

Example of a Simple Farewell Messages for your close Colleague

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We will have a hard time adjusting to your absence. You are a gem of a person with whom we have gotten along so well. All the best mate for your next job!

Happy work-life results in harmony and peace at home too. The almighty blessed colleagues who worked along with you. You brought so much poise, knowledge, and dignity to the profession. I have had the best time at my workplace with you around. I just wished that someone like you comes again here. All the luck and wishes for your next endeavor. 

While many people will come and go but you have certainly created a name amongst us, owing to your perseverance, never say die attitude and to care for your colleagues and co-workers. All the very best to you for your next job!

Great sample of a heartwarming message of farewell for your great colleague

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There has always been the kind, friendly spiritual aspect of your personality that has allowed people to feel joyous around it. Your fervent aura and self-sacrificing work for your colleagues will always be remembered by us. We wish for your immense success in your next professional encounter.

Short, Sweet and emotional goodbye messages to a colleague for the maternity leave

Congratulations in advance for becoming a mom. I pray to the Almighty to bless you with a healthy child. The workplace will be so dull now with you. I hope you come back soon! Take care throughout the pregnancy!

Pregnancy Wishes Farewell for a dear colleague

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It is a rare mix of sadness and happiness when we got to know about your maternity leave. Thankfully, you are only going on maternity leave and not abandoning us in this strenuous environment. Lol! We wish all the wishes so that your pregnancy goes smoothly. We will wait for your return and also of the adorable newborn. Take care!

There is no better gift to a woman than motherhood. The Almighty is blessing you with sheer joy and I want you to enjoy every bit of it. We hope to see the adorable one soon in our office too. All the best for your pregnancy!

I am so happy to hear that you will be having a cutie-munchy pie very soon. Lots of love and wishes to the soon to be born. Work will keep on going but this precious time of pregnancy deserves a lot of fun and relaxation. Make the most of it.

Second Example of a maternity farewell message for your female colleague

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They say that a good pregnancy is exactly what makes the child healthy. Of course, the colleagues will miss your energy, effervescence, and vitality. But we are more than willing to wait for your maternity leave. Have a safe and happy pregnancy and delivery. God bless you!

Inspiring Sendoff messages to Colleagues fired for redundancy

Inspiring Send-off wish for your Co-worker and colleague

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When the Almighty closes one door, it opens a plethora of others. Do not feel discouraged, your talent and ability will certainly land you up to a much better place. Keep the faith dear!

There are times of our life where the divine wants us to prove our mettle in our career. The time has now come for you to prove our bosses wrong for firing you.

It is quite obvious that this work doesn’t acknowledge the hard work that you have done for them. You brought so much with you. Strong-willed, teamwork, leadership and a great sense of humor. I am certain that the Almighty has lined up loads of other offerings for you. Don’t worry. You will land up another one for sure!

Motivtional message for your co-worker friend for getting fired for Redundancy

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I certainly despise the management for taking such a ridiculous decision because I know about your talent and skills, which are rare in today’s market. I know job finding is not easy but you have me for all your support. Willing to help you out in any way. Believe in the Almighty! Everything will be ok.

No matter how the circumstances may appear to be, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Trust me, you are really great at what you do. There are plenty of organizations that will allow you to max out your potential. I wish you the very best.

Lord Christ doesn’t let injustice happen to its great followers. You have been like an asset for this organization for many years. Whatever happened, let it go because you are well capable of finding a better place mate! The divine is with you! Keep the persistence on.

Funny and Sarcastic Farewell messages to your close colleagues

Sarcasm filled farewell message example for your office colleague

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The time has finally come when we will now take a sigh of relief from your constant leg-pulling! But you are leaving big shoes to be filled. Your warm smile, altruistic nature and inspiring work ethic will surely be missed. All the best for your future professional endeavors!

Your perseverance, workaholic nature, and no-nonsense attitude made us look so mediocre. Now we won’t have trouble matching up your crazy work schedule to impress the management. So glad to see you going but learned a hell lot from you. Enjoy!

I guess the pleading of our boss and management did nothing like the mighty pay package that you are offered at the other place. Congratulations! You did well. Also, get me a job there with a better pay package if possible. Lol!

We never had gossip and chatty queen like you before. While adapting your personality was quite a task, we did realize how benevolence and naive your soul is. You definitely caused a lot of headaches but we certainly got glued to you. The time of separation has come. And needless to say, but we are more than happy to let you go. Lol! Kidding. We wish you to come back and join us soon. Cheers!

Perfect Sarcasm yet lovely wishes for your farewell colleague

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It would be an understatement that you raised the temperature here only a few times. We definitely witnessed a turbulent tide with you over the years but you definitely made it up with your work and contemplative nature for everyone. We will certainly miss you. All the best for your next job profile!

I will have no one now to blame for my catastrophic mistakes! You were such an easy scapegoat who also taught the value of keeping a check on the nitty-gritty details. All funny things apart, we got addicted to your sincerest smile, and selfless work and it would be very difficult for us to adapt to your absence now. We wish you all the best for your next job.

Hilarious Sarcasm send off wish to Colleague

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We will miss the camaraderie, the silliest jokes, and your bemusing antics that have often got us stern warnings from the management. You are a rare breed of funny personality, hard work and selfless nature with whom we enjoyed every moment. We love you dear! All the best for your next job.

Thank you Card message to Senior Colleague for leaving the company

Your mentorship and guidance has not only blossomed my career but has paved the way for a better and harmonious life. You are the manager that every junior wants to be under. I will miss you for sure. Stay in touch!

Emotional sendoff message to Senior Colleague for leaving the company

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While skills and talents can only take you so far, it is the emotional intelligence that always encourages people to do the work. And I am so thankful to you for permeating such nice qualities into my subconscious. You have been a great teacher. I couldn’t have been luckier. Sad to see you go. I hope you come back.

I must say that the new workplace is incredibly lucky to have you. You will groom many deserving young talents like me. For my behemoth success and maturity, I owe it all to you. Thank you Sir/ Mam for whatever you did for me. Will be in touch!

It was only you who not only identified my raw talent but also stood by me through thick and thin. You supported me despite a lot of backlash from the seniors. I will never forget your support. Thanks, boss. I pray for all the goodness in your life. May you achieve the unthinkable in your next venture.

While you are very likely to get an awesome package at your next job, you may not get the same enthusiastic minds like us! Do you still want to leave? I hope you give it a second thought!

Senior Colleague good bye message for joining another company

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You have all the ingredients for not only a great senior but also of a great friend; someone whom a junior can trust and talk without any hindrance. Your demeanor allowed a refinement in my personality and work ethic and consequently, I am reaping the rewards of it. Thank you for all you did. I will miss you a lot buddy!

You gave every ounce of your effort, time and energy in order to groom the younger ones like me. While your demeanor was stern, it was for a good reason and you always wanted us to push out our comfort zone. No matter who will replace you, your void will never be fulfilled! All the luck for your next endeavor Sir!

Another great example of farewell message to your colleague for going to another company

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Sometimes the Almighty sent the right people in our lives at the right time. I never believed that this day will ever come but sadly you have made up your mind. Your grace, contemplate nature and tunnel-like the focus is really admirable. I congratulate the workforce to whom you will render your skills and time now. All the best Sir / Mam.

One liner farewell wishes to your Junior Colleague

You grasped everything like a sponge. I am sure you will reach the pinnacle of your field. All the best!

Simple One liner wishes to Colleagues

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Your talent, work ethic, and persistence are one in a million.  Hoping you to be the CEO of a giant corporation very soon. Stay in Touch!

Your quest for perfection is mind-boggling. You are certainly a role model for the younger generation. Keep up the good work.

Despite the toxic environment, the unnecessary stern behaviors and backstabbing politics, you survived here very well. Well done!

Good Bye message to Junior Colleague

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Juniors will come and they will go but some of them will remain etched in my hearts forever! You are one amongst them! All the very best!

It was great teaching you all the trades and the tricks of this business. You were magnificent. I am sure you will witness much more success than me! Keep going!

You may not have the best talent but your attitude and persona make up more than for it. I am really optimistic about your next future venture. Good luck!

Remember the golden rule of corporate life. Keep your friends close and your enemy even closer! All the best

One Liner farewell message to Colleague

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There is an enigma about you that is difficult to decipher but I hope that you don’t fall stray from your career path. All the luck!

Unique GoodBye and Sarcastic messages to a colleague who you don’t like

There is a likelihood of a certain individual at your workplace with whom you will not get along. While you certainly can choose not to wish them a farewell, we highly recommend it to do so in order to avoid animosity later in the future. In this section, we are giving you some very short messages that you can give to such colleagues.

We may have had a turbulent work relationship but my heartiest wishes are with you for your next endeavor. All the best!

You taught me a lot when I clearly didn’t want to learn! Lol. All that is gone now and I hope that you don’t land up with someone like me again. Enjoy your next job!

SarcsticAngry farewell msg to colleague who you dont like

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I am sure you have learned a lot about how to deal with people like me. I too learned a lot from you. We were both rights from our point of view. Happy to hear about your next job though. No animosity at all. Good luck!

You were a tough SOB but your demeanor only propelled me to bring my A-game to the work. Colleagues like you are sometimes necessary once in a while. Lol! I am happy that you have found a better package with the next organization. Enjoy your future job!

Throughout the years, I hated God for making me work alongside you. Now that you are leaving us, I can only thank you for making me stronger and fueling me to great heights of success. I am sure we will certainly collide once again later but for the time being, Good Bye! I thoroughly enjoyed the ride with you!

Sarcastic see off message to co-worker who you did not liked at all

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While our love-hate work relationship was quite obvious to the whole campus, I really admire your tenacity to get the work done. A few tweaks here and there, and you will be the perfect asset for any organization. Glad to see you joining another workplace with a better pay package. God bless you!

It was certainly a nightmare to work alongside each other, and yet it only ensured that we bring our A-game to the work. While I may enjoy a sigh of relief from now, it was a hell of a roller coaster work relation with you. All the best for your next job!

While you may believe that I had grudges, nothing could be further than the truth. But since now you won’t have to deal with me anymore, let’s just say that you thought right about me! Lol! May you pile up stacks of success in your next professional endeavor.

Heart Touching and Christian Farewell wishes to a colleague who has deceased

I am so shattered to see you gone! You were one of the brightest souls who brought so much joy in my life. I hope you are feeling a sigh of relief in the arms of the Lord Christ! May you come back to the Earth soon! I will miss you for eternity.

You taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. While you have gone into the heavens, I will carry on the good habits that you instilled in me over the years. May your soul rest in peace!

Lord Christ Christian Farewell wishes for Deceased Colleagues

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I always wonder why bad things happened to good people? You were the noblest soul that I ever knew at the workplace that had so much to give to the world. The Lord Christ certainly must have some better plans for you. You may be gone but you will not be forgotten. Rest in peace.

The divine certainly has many challenges needed to be solved in heaven and this is why he has called a skillful, benevolent and altruistic man like you. I am sure the Lord will keep its blessings upon your family. We will always miss you!

Nothing in this universe happens without the Lord Christ. You have been a phenomenal human being and I am sure you are reaping the rewards of it in heaven. God bless you, dear. May your soul rest in peace!

Lord Christ was kind enough to send me into your life before your departure to the heavens. You bestowed so many blessings, teachings, and altruism on me that my life has completely turned around. I will miss your warm soul and selfless care for the colleagues. Wherever you are, I am sure you are happy.

It is so unexpected that I got to know about your passing and yet we all can do nothing except bow our head to the Lord Christ. I will miss the friendly banter and your support during the tough times. I pray for your happiness in whichever dimension you are! All the luck in your next life.

You infused so many great things into my life within such a short span of time. I will always be indebted to such a great human being with whom I got connected. The Almighty works in an enigmatic way. I am sure you are overseeing the heavens. I am sorry for your sudden departure but you will soon be coming back!

Sad farewell message colleague

It is absolutely heartbreaking to know that you won’t be working with us anymore. Your absence will be a sad loss to the company for sure. You are truly a valuable asset and I hope your next employer will give you the desired pay package.

Example of Sad farewell message colleague

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While we will certainly have some guy or gal taking up your place, the vibes, atmosphere and work ethic will never be the same without you. You brought so much other than your obvious talent and hard work. The heart will ache for many many days. I hope you will rejoin us later!

Some things cannot be bought with money. Your presence and aura were more than enough to lure us to come to the office every day. It was a hell of a ride working with you. Feeling really sad to see you go but also happy to see you climbing the corporate ladder. All the luck with your next job.

There is no greater loss in not only losing a great colleague but also a friend with whom you shared so many secrets, great memories, and deeper bonding. I don’t know how I will survive the toxic environment of this workplace. Feels sad to lose you.

Sample of touching Farewell letter for your Colleague

Hey …(name of your colleague)….It seems that the time has finally come for which we never wanted to come honestly. Now before I jot down the positives about you and why you shouldn’t go back, let me first take the story back into the flashback when you joined our office.

I remember the cold chilly month of December when a young recruit hurriedly came into our office. Appearing shy and introverted, you were quick to catch my glance and gave me a smile. While I never saw that face before but somehow that smile reflected benevolence and honesty.

We became great friends and your work slowly and steadily started to make the rounds in all corners of our office. Colleagues began to take note of your hard work and sincerity and the results proved that too.

Everything wasn’t rosy though! We did have a turbulent ride just like it happens at every other place and even in families too. We went through thick and thin, fought many arguments but also reached staggering milestones for the company.

In all these years, a bond developed between us; a bond that was certainly more of a colleague; a bond formed on the pillars of trust and work-ethic. You became a part of the work culture. You achieve phenomenal growth for the organization. You came, you saw and conquered!

While your stallion effort was certainly noticeable, your personal side was amazingly simple, humble and down to earth. We credit your success to the fantastic spiritual foundation that you have.

Witnessing your success, we knew that soon your wings will take you to another challenge. While we always knew you will pile up stacks of success after success, we also dreaded the thought of you leaving us. After all, the office workplace would never be the same without your tranquil, inspiring and optimistic aura.

Before we end this farewell letter, we would say that you are the embodiment of a great colleague who has a fine blend of commercial affinity and emotional intelligence. We wish you all the very best in your next endeavor but we certainly hope that later on, you return to this great place.

With regards

….(Name of the organization)…

Adjectives that you can use to prepare such kind of Good-Bye Wishes to your colleagues and Co-workers

In order to prepare such messages, you can use adjectives, phrases and cues such as patient, tunnel-like vision, embodiment, smart, beautiful, handsome, focused, emotional intelligence, strong demeanor, stern message, gossips, helpful, propelling, inspiring, altruism, heartfelt and etc.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that you liked the farewell messages that we prepared for your colleagues and co-workers. It is indeed a challenge to jot down a sincerest goodbye message to them and this is why we created this post. Feel free to send us your valuable feedback through the comment section.

If you like your own message to be included in this post, you can leave it in the comment section, and we will include it in this post along with the credits, including your name.

We will add more and more passages in the coming months. Until the next time, take care and a happy farewell to your colleagues.

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