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It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl, having a brother sibling is a blessing. After your father, the elder brother is your first masculine individual who vows to sail you through the difficult phases of life. And if you have a younger brother, he comes in handy on many occasions.

Needless to say, when his birthday arrives, nothing is more important for you to make him feel happy on that day. While gifts will surely bring a smile onto his face, it is the message that will move his heart.

In this post, we are writing some great messages about the birthday wishes of your brother. Here you will find plenty of wishes in various scenarios.

Birthday wishes to Brother in both Text and Images

Brother Birthday Wishes Image

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Life would have been so dull without my adorable brother! I wish him all the luck, happiness and prosperity in this harsh world! May he pile up stacks of success after success. Happy Birthday to you!

You have been a fatherly and masculine figure to me! There is so much about you that I respect. I will never ever let you down in my personal as well as professional endeavor. Happy Birthday, dear elder brother!

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Your charm, charisma and happy to go lucky demeanor is one of the few qualities that I relish about you. Your umbrella of love and care will always be over my head I am sure. I will follow your footsteps because I know you care only the best for me. Happy Birthday to my handsome big brother!

People throughout their life, crave for someone with whom they can reveal vulnerability without feeling judged. And here I am, complaining about the petty irritating behaviors about my brother. You mean so much more to me dear! Happy Birthday to you!

You taught me so much in life that I will never be able to thank you for it. You give every ounce of love, effort in our relationship and it’s no wonder that the cosmos has given you everything. May he fulfills your remaining desires too. Happy Birthday to my adorable brother! God bless you!

My vulnerable heart knows no one in this world than you with whom I can share the deepest secrets of my life. Happy Birthday to my dear brother from your loving sister!

Image of Happy Birthday message to Younger Brother

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You are the eternal sunshine of my life who only contemplates for my well-being. Don’t know how my life would have been without you! Happy birthday to our sweetest brother!

You are my armor, my pillar of strength! You believed in me when everyone in the family was against my decisions. You are a great man brother! Happy Birthday to you! I owe everything to you!

Card Birthday wishes to the same age brother from the Cousin Sister

We may not be real brothers and sister and yet our bond is more than even that of real blood. I had an adorable childhood courtesy for you. You are the best cousin brother to any sister. Happy Birthday, dear!

Image Cousin Sister Happy Birthday Wish to Brother

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The times spent with you will always serve as nostalgia for me. Your effervescence, joy, and vivacity make every moment worth living! Even though we are cousins, our bond is certainly deeper than that of real siblings. Happy Birthday handsome brother!

cousin sister birthday wish to his best brother image and Text

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I may not have been blessed with a real brother but the Almighty made up for it by giving me a cute and brave cousin brother. You know me more than anyone else in this universe. I adore you with all my heart! Many many happy returns of the day to you dear!

After our father, you are the first introduction of the opposite gender in my life. Friends will come and go but a mentor and caring brother like you will always be with me forever. Happy Birthday wishes from your younger sister!

Hilarious (and sarcastic too) wishes of happy birthday to Big Brother (Brother to Brother)

Image of Funny Sarcastic Happy Birthday Wish to Brother

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Dear, Brother! Now you have accumulated one more year, I hope your wisdom also notches up a bit higher! You are a wonderful man with whom I have enjoyed great moments of life. Happy Birthday to you! May you live forever!

With each passing year, you are overpowering me not only physically but mentally too. Lol! Have your fun until I gain some height and physicality in a couple of years. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my dear brother! While you have certainly gained some height and strength, the Almighty needs to devote a lot of work on your brain. Lol! I hope it starts to work on it soon. Happy Birthday once again!

Nothing hurts my stomach more than seeing your mimicry. You are the personification of a laughter brother who uses all the tricks in the world to bring laughter on my face. Happy birthday dear brother! May you continue to make us laugh!

Humorous (and Sarcastic) wishes to elder brother from Younger Sister

Being a younger child has its own set of privileges. And that includes pulling your leg from time to time. However, today I give you my sincerest blessings to have all the goodness in life. Happy Birthday brother! Where is the party tonight!!!

You really do know how to score beautiful women like our sister-in-law! After all, credit goes to me for giving you valuable insights for scoring such a hottie! You certainly owe me a lot. Happy Birthday dear brother!

After the arrival of our sister-in-law, you seem to be giving me a cold shoulder every now and then! Very understandable with men! Lol! Happy Birthday to my handsome brother!

There is no one in the world that knows the ins and outs of you like me. Happy Birthday to my dearest brother! The party better be good tonight or else I will reveal all your dirty secrets to Mom Dad. Lol! Kidding only!

Birthday wishes to baby brother on his 1st birthday

sister to baby brother happy birthday message Image

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It has been a beautiful one year since you came into our lives. You are the cutest baby I have ever seen and I promise that I will be like a second mother to you! Happy Birthday my baby brother! May the Almighty bestow you with all the luck and prosperity in the world!

It was always my wish to have a little brother like you! And the Almighty has certainly fulfilled it! It’s my promise to you that under my guidance and tender love, you will have the time of your life. Happy Birthday, dear!

It is a miracle that we are seeing you alive and healthy. The 1st year has been challenging but the Almighty cruised you through it. I am so grateful to adore a beautiful brother like you who will shield me in all the difficult moments of life! Happy Birthday young lad! Lots of love

Blessed are the souls to whom the Almighty gifts a younger baby brother! We will have an eternal bond of loving brother and sister and I will surely pamper you with all the love, gifts and everything that you will ask for! Happy Birthday to my cutie-munchy pie brother! Love you a lot!

Hey buddy! You know how lucky I am to have you in my life! Coming fresh from the divine, I can only admire your cute innocent and benevolent smile. You have with you the best brother in the world who will leave no stone unturned to make you prosper in this world. Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes to brother from another mother

Sometimes we form great brothership with individuals from other mothers. After all, love, friendship is not confined to siblings of the same mother only. In this section, we are writing down messages that you can share for your unbiological brother.

Happy Birthday wish to Brother from Another mother Image

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It is so strange how the Universe works. While we certainly came from different wombs, it’s amazing how our thoughts, beliefs, and perception of the world resonates well with each other. Happy Birthday to my amazing brother from another mother!

Our chemistry is at an altogether different level than the one I enjoy with my real siblings. Needless to say but with you, I feel as we both are one. I am so grateful to the Almighty to bring us together. Happy Birthday, dear! I will always be there for you!

Our souls are certainly intertwined with each other. You have been a great mentor to me. And there will be a time when I will certainly pay you back for all the good that you have bestowed in my life. Happy Birthday, dear! I love you a lot!

I owe you a lot for the tremendous success in my career. The Almighty didn’t bless me with a real brother but he made up for it by bringing us together. You are the concave reflection of my inner self and I can certainly credit for a lot of goodness in my life. Happy Birthday to you dear brother! May we live for eternity!

Short, One-line, cute birthday message to your brother on Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, and other social media platforms

One Line Brother To Brother happy Birthday message Image

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Happy Birthday to my brother whose soul is intertwined with mine. May you live for eternity with prosperity!

Let bygones be bygones! Let’s keep the water under the bridge. Happy birthday dear brother.

May the Almighty lavishes you infinite love and wisdom. Happy Birthday to my handsome brother!

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing yourself hard. Success is near! Happy Birthday, brother.

Let go and let God! Everything will be a fine brother. Happy Birthday to you!

How to write a belated happy birthday wish to your brother?

Writing a belated birthday wish is not easy! Not only you have to convey heartfelt sorry to your brother but you now also have to make up for it. We are jotting down messages, both normal and funny belated too for such scenarios in this section.

Hey buddy! It’s such an awful mistake to forget the birthday of my loving brother. It was on my mind until the last moment. Apologies for it. But worry not. I am gonna make up for it. Happy Belated Birthday to my handsome brother!

Belated Happy Birthday To Brother Image Message

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I did not forget your birthday brother! I am intentionally sending you a belated happy birthday wish to annoy you dear elder brother! Lol! Kidding! Just slipped out of my mind

Very rarely I have asked for your forgiveness. This time I do ask for it as I am sending you a belated happy birthday wish. Happy belated birthday dear brother from your loving sister.

My birthday wishes may come late but my blessings will always be with your younger brother. I lost track of time. Sorry about it. I am sending you a perfect gift for you! Happy belated birthday!

Sometimes the dates that we want to remember the hardest, often slip out of our mind at the last minute! I am sorry for the belated happy birthday wish! I hope it went well!

Christian Religious spiritual Birthday message for your dear brother

The Lord Christ has given me the most benevolent, and altruistic brother who is keen to bring a change to the world. May all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday to my dear brother!

The Almighty has blessed us with more talent and ability that we will ever use in our lifetime. Our gift to the Lord Christ is to use the maximum of those talents and abilities we can in this lifetime. Happy Birthday to my dear brother!

My dear brother! Lord Christ only tests the strongest of characters with challenging scenarios in life. He has bestowed you plenty of potential and skills to cruise through this difficult phase of life. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t lose faith. Happy Birthday to you!

It is only the blessing of the divine and that of Lord Christ that today you enjoy the finest lifestyle known to man. The time now for you to give back to the community. Happy Birthday to dear brother!

Birthday wishes for a twin brother

It’s a rare feeling that very few brothers get to feel. In every moment of life, I feel your pain, I feel your happiness too. Our thoughts may be different at times and still, I can feel your world inside, as we are almost similar. Happy Birthday to my identical self and to me too. May we live for perpetuity.

It is almost surreal how we twins get to feel almost the same thing at most times. I am so thankful of the Almighty for giving me this rare and unique experience. And many thanks to the partner in crime. Happy Birthday to both you and me! 

Heartwarming birthday wish for your disabled brother

Having a disabled brother is certainly challenging. But that doesn’t mean that we love them less. Coming up with a special birthday message for your disabled brother does require some work though. In this section, we are giving out some well-thought-out, contemplative messages for such scenarios.

My Dear Brother! I know life at times can seem daunting but you have the best brother in the world by your side. You have nothing to worry about. Everything will be taken care of even if tomorrow I get departed to the heavens. Stay happy, stay blessed. Happy Birthday to you

Hey dear! You know that you are like my first child. I have and will give every ounce of my time, effort and energy to make this world heaven for you! Happy birthday to my sweet brother!

I know dear that you are afraid of losing me after my marriage. I promise that even after my marriage, I will take care of you just like I do now, and whatever that will be required to do, I will do it, I promise! You are my dear brother and I will move heaven and Earth to make life easier for you! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Humorous, teasing and Leg-pulling Birthday wishes for brother turning 18, 21 and 50

Dear, brother. Congratulations on turning 18. I am sure your raging hormones are making you crazy and certain scenarios might not feel logical to you! Don’t give in to the hormones so easily, if you understand what I mean! Happy 18th birthday to you

Hey brother! You are entering an era of your life which will be the pillar of your success later on. Do have all the fun too because this time will never come again! However, keep the responsibilities in your head too! Happy birthday on sweet 18!

Hey brother! It’s so amazing to have a brother like you. At 21, you have the whole life ahead of you while at that time, I wasted many years chasing the opposite sex. Beware of them. Lol! Happy 21st birthday again to you!

There is something about the early twenties that makes life so vivacious and vigorous. You will enjoy the unadulterated versions of human beings at this age. Enjoy this time to your heart out as this may not last forever! Happy 21st birthday to you!

It is so unbelievable that even at the age of 50, you haven’t lost your charm, charisma, and childlike benevolence. I envy you for that! Lol! Well, Happy 50th birthday to you. Upon entering the 5th decade, I would advise you to be easy on the prostate! Happy Birthday once again!

Here is a toast for your 50th birthday! Only God knows how much craziness of yours I have endured over the years. But you certainly brought so much vivacity in my life. Enjoy your 50th birthday. Lots of love and blessings!

Special Birthday messages for your crazy same age brother

Even though we are of the same age, and yet you are far ahead of me in terms of emotional intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. I wish all those permeate into me too. Happy Birthday to dear brother! Our good times have only started!

When it comes to the perfect personification of an ideal brother, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. You have been a crazy brother with a tender- caring heart. I wish every brother would be like you. Happy Birthday to you buddy! Lots of love to you!

It’s an unbelievable rush of endorphins, excitement, and adrenaline when one has a brother like you of the same age. You complete me fully! You can do things which I lack and vice versa. When we two are together, we are invincible. Happy Birthday to you brother!

How to write an emotional heartfelt happy birthday message to your sweet brother who is far away?

Life usually throws circumstances where the siblings have to be at far away distance from their siblings owing to jobs, education or family settlement. Writing a special message for your brother for such a scenario is not easy. In this section, you will find plenty of such messages here.

Image of long Distance Brother Birthday wish message

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No matter how many miles are between us, my thoughts, well-wishes, and love will find a way to reach your heart! I hope you are doing well there my brother. Happy Birthday to you! May the Lord give you tons of happiness in every aspect of your life!

Having you away from us, it has made me grateful for you. I miss your smile and cheerful energy. On this birthday, I pray for your long health and prosperity. Happy birthday to you

For love, there is no time and space. While we may be far apart, yet it feels that our hearts lie in close proximity. And rightly so. Every day and night, I wish for your well-being. And I know that you reciprocate the same too. Happy Birthday to my far apart loving brother! Hope you come back soon.

It is a preconceived notion that a sister and brother cannot maintain the same bond after years of marriage. But our sibling love has only multi-folded over the years despite the seas, continents, mountains, and oceans between us. May it stay surreal like this for perpetuity. Happy Birthday to my sweet brother!

Special Emotional Birthday wishes for the late brother

The birthday of a brother who has gone to the heavens often gives us the nostalgia of great memories. While he is certainly at a much better place now, you can still give him a heartfelt and emotionally happy birthday wish. In this section, we are presenting with such messages.

Image Birthday wish to brother in heaven

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Dear, Brother! The altruistic lessons that you bestowed upon me have helped me to reach great heights in my career. But no matter how much success will be lavished upon me, there will never be any substitute for your presence in my life. You did everything for me that a brother could have done! Happy Birthday to my brother who has passed away!

Hey buddy! I know you are dead but I am sure that the divine is taking great care of you in the heavens. Or maybe you have come back to this Earth in some other body. Who knows? Wherever you are, know that the nostalgia of our good times will never be dead till my last breath. Happy Birthday to my wonderful deceased brother.

Lucky are the women who were blessed with a brother like you! Your enigmatic personality, charm and compassionate heart for all the living souls were a real inspiration for mankind! Happy Birthday to my deceased brother!

Dear, Brother! While you may have departed to heaven, your memories will forever be etched in your sister’s heart. You may have passed away, but I am glad that you lived a fulfilling life until your last breath. Happy Birthday to wherever you are.

Dear, Brother! Because of my monumental success today, I am sure you certainly would be proud of me! The seeds of hard work, perseverance and work ethic that you planted in me, are reaping me rich dividends, and all the credit goes to you. Happy Birthday to my brother who passed away.

Birthday wish to deceased brother Image

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To my dear brother in heaven! I miss the beatings and scoldings of which I hated you in our younger days! Later I understood your intent to make a better human being. Now it is my sincere desire to be the man that you always wanted me to be! I will move the heavens and Earth to become the man like you! I will probably meet you after many years. Happy Birthday to my dead brother!

Birthday wishes for brother in Jail

Dear, brother! While you may have done the wrong deeds but I am sure that you have now the reformed heart. The Almighty will certainly forgive you. Take care of yourself and know that we will always be there for you! Happy Birthday, dear!

Hey Buddy! Happy Birthday to you. I understand that life may not be the best in jail time. But don’t worry. There is not much too much time left for your parole. The Lord Christ has certainly given you remorse for the sin you did. As humans, we may make mistakes, but the only thing we can do for forgiveness is to repent. Things are certainly on the right track! Happy Birthday once again!

Inspiring wishes of happy birthday from the Elder brother

Dear, brother. Not only you are smart and handsome but funny too. I adore your altruistic values and I am sure that you will go on to achieve staggering success in your professional and personal endeavors later on. Happy Birthday to my younger brother.

You know the best thing you have done in your life is to heed to your elder’s brother advice at the right time. You are now a fully grown man, fully capable of leading your life at all fronts. Happy Birthday buddy!

While it is the elder brother who usually looks after the family and provides mentorship, in our case, I must swallow my pride to say that it is you from whom I have learned a lot. Your wisdom and knowledge exceed well beyond your age. You have a bright future head, my young brother! Happy birthday to you!

If there is a quintessential noble, obedient and hard-working younger brother, it is you. I appreciate your affinity to absorb good habits like a sponge. Great times lie ahead for both of us. Happy Birthday to you!

A short letter of Happy birthday to your dear brother

Hey buddy!

Nothing in this world gives my heart more content than to see my brother smiling with joy and having a great time in his life. We have been through ebbs and flows, thick and then, troughs and crests and what not and yet we have always backed each other in moments of crisis.

We may not hug tightly like we used to do in our childhood but my love and fondness for you has only grown over the passage of time. On this birthday, I pray to the divine to propel you to a behemoth of success in not only your professional but personal life too.

You are the embodiment of a perfect brother and I am sure that you will improve the quality of your life even more. Happy mightiest birthday to my dear brother! May God bless you!


…..(Your name)….

Adjectives, phrases, and thoughts that can be used to prepare such messages for your brother

Aura, personifies, gladsome, infinite love and vigor, concave reflection, preconceived notion, raw talent, emotional intelligence, knowledge, hard work, noblest of intentions, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, stupendous, tenacity, dreams and aspirations, where there is a will, there is always a way, companionship, jubilation, Iota of doubt, Very much a perfectionist, umbrella of your love and care, quintessential and etc.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that you have enjoyed the various birthday wishes that we prepared for your elder brother and younger brother. We wrote messages for different scenarios including the ones from elder, younger, same age, brother and sister.

In the coming months, we will add more meaningful and heartfelt messages for your dear brother. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section. Until the next time, goodbye and happy Birthday to your dear brother from Tyohaarutsav!

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