Makar sankranti wishes for best friend

Makar sankranti wishes for best friend

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While you can send a unique and highly appreciable Makar Sankranti wishes to everyone, don’t you think that your best friend deserves a special wish from you on this Makar Sankranti 2020?

And this is why we are bringing to you some really special Makar Sankranti wishes for Best Friend, which will certainly give him elation and joy. We have prepared a lot of them for different scenarios. So enjoy reading those below and send it to your best friend.

Makar Sankranti wishes for Best Friend

May this Makar Sankranti bestows your charming and effervescent personality with its mightiest blessings. I hope it invigorates our friendship for more happier times till eternity. May the excitement and jubilation continue to be upon us from the divine. Lots of wishes to your family also.

How to say Makar sankranti wishes to your best friend

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Soak in the beautiful gleaming lights of the SunGod. May the primal center of your well-being be invigorated with infinite energy. May cut all the kites in the sky today. Enjoy the fervor and gaiety of the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti.

I pray this Makar Sankranti, that this friendship of ours reaches the ceilings of the sky. May the sky be the limit for our awesome camaraderie. May our joy witness exponential rise, and hopefully our bond will remain unbreakable for the eternity of life.

This Sankranti, I pray to the God of the sun to forge our pillar of friendship with more love and trust. May the Cosmos empowers us to take our success to the pinnacle. May the festival of Sankranti harvest our gargantuan action into a beautiful tree of success later on.

I wish the vigor of this Makar Sankranti instill in fearlessness and competitiveness. May we propel through the dark phases of our life. May our appetite for success be voracious. Let us clear all the kites in the sky this Makar Sankranti.

This Sankranti, let the bright sunshine and the chirping of the birds revives our tranquility of mind. May the sorrows of the past vanish away in the clear blue sky of this festival. May the vibrant colors of different kites pours in all kinds of luck and wishes. Convey my sincere wishes to your family also.

The time for bright illumination has arrived. The auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti has arrived. May this festival showers us with affluence, may the friendship of us remains unbreakable for lifetimes.

May this Makar Sankranti opens up a galore of opportunities in our lives. Let grace and elegance become the reflection of our personalities for life. The Sungod is propelling us to pile up stacks of success, may our proximity of each other never withers away in life. Convey my sincere wishes to your mom and dad also.

May the divine elevates us to the pinnacle of life. The scorching sunshine and the tranquil chirping of birds want to bathe us with the exuberance and vitality of life. Our bond is always going to be eternal, may the blessings of the SunGod propels us to surpass the wildest expectations of our life.

I wish this propitious festival brings exorbitant joy and happiness in our friendship. May the bright rays of SunGod illuminate your life with lots of exuberance, vitality and wealth. May our camaraderie always remain the talk of the town. You are the source of Sunshine in my life. You are my everything.

May the aura of Makar Sankranti, heavenly sky and beautiful birds brims your heart and mind with stupendous joy. May the delectable dishes give you lots of adrenaline to clear all the kites in the sky. Our bond of friendship will always be unbreakable, may our happiness reaches the zenith of the sky.

Our brotherhood and camaraderie will only become more formidable this Sankranti. May the SunGod adds in more liveliness and exhilaration to your jolly nature. May the intangible strings of our comradeship always remain unbreakable. Do convey my sincere wishes to your family also.

Perseverance is to success what Carbon is to steel. May the almighty Sungod empowers you to adopt more fearlessness in life. May your exuberance reaches the ceilings of the sky. Let the aura of this Makar Sankranti festival makes you more determined to achieve stupendous success in life.

How to Wish Makar Sankranti to your best friend when he is angry with you?

No matter how much anger and resentment we hold towards others, our friendship is the precedent of brotherhood and I wish the SunGod to catapults us out of this difficult phase of life. May the mighty Sun God trickles down all his blessings onto us through the strings of the kites. Convey my sincere wishes to your family also.

Let the mistakes and unspoken differences of the past get sidelined. May the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti compels individuals to resurge the camaraderie and effervescence in the relationship. May the collaboration comes to life again. My heartwarming wishes to your family also.

Let bygones be bygones, and pray to the SunGod to help us forge a new chapter in our movie of friendship. Our camaraderie has always been invincible and unstoppable and I wish to leave no stone unturned to be with the best buddy of my life. Know that you are a precious gem.

Sankranti wishes for your best friend when he is ill

May the red hot and blissful sunshine of this Makar Sankranti awakens your spirits. May your heart and mind recuperate at an exponential rate. Let the tranquility of the bird’s chirping shakes up the strings of your heart, may the pleasant breeze carries all your pessimism into the highs of the sky.

The Sungod has arrived for our self-healing and mental peace. The aura of Makar Sankranti has arrived to invigorate you with all the vitality and exuberance. May the extra dosage of adrenaline awakens the cells of your being, may the God Of Sun leaves no stone unturned to bring you back from the hibernation of life.

Let the benediction of this auspicious occasion revives your health and well- being. Let the bright rays of the SunGod shine your face with joy. The world may not understand the gravity of the situation regarding your health but your best friend will always stay by your side. My sincere wishes to your family also.

May the omnipotent Sunshine resurges your health to the same vitality and exuberance. May the Sungod radiates the uncomfortable circumstances of your life with its bright light. The strong breeze is waiting to take your pessimism into the ceilings of the sky, may the divine trickles down all the blessings to you through the strings of the kites.

Wishing your best friend Makar Sankranti when is far away

While we may far apart with oceans, continents, and seas between us, yet our hearts and souls will always remain interconnected through the intangible strings of love and respect. May this Makar Sankranti inspire us to always be there in times of need and low phases of life.

There may be thousands of kilometers between us but know that my feelings are synced with yours and that my heart beats in rhythm with yours. This Sankranti, my only wish is that the aura of this festival lit up a fire in your belly. May you find infinite energy to turn your life around. Know that you will always be my best buddy.

I wish this Makar Sankranti lits up a fire in your belly. Know that my mind is always dwelled on you silly! May the SunGod of this auspicious occasion invigorates you for all the hardships in life but know that my back and support will always be there for you in life.

May this Sankranti make your New Year’s resolutions even more formidable. We may not in each other’s proximity but know that the pleasant breeze and bright Sunshine of this Sankranti will carry away my galore of well- wishes and blessings to you, no matter how far you are.

Motivating Makar Sankranti wishes for your best friend

May the sunniness of this festival brings along the jubilation and jolliness to your life. I pray to the sun God to give you blessings so that you can unleash your hidden potential in life.

Let this Makar Sankranti, you sow the seeds of difficult labor in your profession. May the blessings of the Sun God takes you to the behemoth of success this year. May all of your energy be channelized for obtaining success. 

While the sun starts to enter the Zodiac Capricorn, may your life also be inclined towards the path of altruism, hard work, and persistence. I wish that the blessings of the SunGod help to bring the deep reservoirs of your potential to the surface. May you achieve success beyond your wildest expectations.

I sincerely hope that this auspicious occasion of kite flying marks the resurgence of your jovial and exuberant personality. May this new decade witness the new you full of vitality. May there be no dearth of blessings from the SunGod and may the almighty fulfill all your desires and wishes.

May the fervor and gaiety of this auspicious occasion bring immense joy to your family. May you enjoy the camaraderie of your closest people. May the divine bestows you with lots of fortune and health. My best regards to your family also.

Let your wildest expectations be surpassed easily. Soak in the blessings of the SunGod this Makar Sankranti. Your fruitful rewards are there in the incubation of ether, may the Sungod gives you the patience to welcome your fruition with ecstasy.

May the SunGod, showers garlands of wisdom, altruism and vitality on my best friend. May the divine lavishes him with a series of opportunities. His vivaciousness is the source for many, I pray to the almighty to lavish him with prosperity.

This propitious occasion of Makar Sankranti is the perfect time to seed the labors of your hard work. Do know that the blessings of the Sun God will give you handsome rewards through the virtue of patience. This Sankranti, I sincerely wish that you leave no stone unturned to transform your visions into reality. Know that you deserve nothing but jubilation.

May the divine and blessings of the Sungod remind you that the world is your oyster. Know that you are invincible and unstoppable. May the sunshine its rays through your soul and invigorates you for all sorts of hard work.

Time has now arrived to wake up from the hibernation of your potential. I wish the aura of Makar Sankranti propels you to explore all the difficult yet worthwhile avenues of your professional areas. May the Sungod pours in all sorts of blessings onto and your family.

Your life may require a Gargantuan action, but your hidden potential can certainly propel you to do that. May the fervor and gaiety of this Sankranti propel you to achieve greatness in life. You are brimming with talents and I only pray the SunGod to open up a galore of opportunities in your life.

There is no better day than to feel good about your previous accomplishments. Your character is the epitome of humility and altruism and I only wish the God of Sun to bring more liveliness in your life. May you find a galore of opportunities in your professional endeavors.

May the scorching sun rays of this Makar Sankranti stimulates you to undertake actions in your life. You deserve an exponential rise and may God invigorates you with all the energy. Hoping that the aura of the color sky and the pleasant breeze recuperate you to work harder in life. All my good luck to you.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading some of the best Makar Sankranti wishes for your best friend. I will add a lot more to this post from time to time so that next time you will find even more quality wishes for your best friend.

I hope you enjoy this Makar Sankranti with your best friend to the fullest. May the almighty Sun God deepens the trust and admiration in your friendship. Until next time, have a great day!

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