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When it comes to Makar Sankranti, this festive occasion always has its significance, especially in the Hindu Calendar. It is celebrated on a day when the sun enters Capricorn zodiac, and from there on, the night starts to become shorter and the days become longer and warmer too.

There is a definite joy when you are able to give an Advance Makar Sankranti Wishes to your friends, family, and relatives. And this is why we have brought to you some heartfelt Advance Makar Sankranti wishes, filled with gratitude and will surely bring a smile on the face of the reader. So without wasting any more time, let us get started.

Advance Makar Sankranti Wishes

May the crisp sounds of the Birds chirping, the delightful sunshine and the pleasant breeze bathes your heart and mind with utter joy and prosperity. May this Sankranti propels you to achieve greatness in life. Happy Advance Makar Sankranti

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The blessings of the SunGod wants to engulf you with its sunniness. The pleasant breeze of this festival wants to propel you to forgiveness. May your whole life is comprised of jolliness, I hope this Makar Sankranti lavishes you with beautifulness.

What goes out, comes back ten times. What you sow is what you reap 10 times. May you harvest the labors of your hard work, and may this cheerful kite flying festival be effectual for staggering accomplishments in our lifetime.

May the scorching sun of Makar Sankranti lavish you with all the blessings. May the camaraderie of your friends and relatives soar high into the skies for eternity. Let this upcoming Sankranti, your life changes for the better.

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Let the new year resolutions of this year be strongly glued to your heart. May the upcoming Sankranti showers the blessings of the SunGod and instill in you the values of persistence and hard work. May you achieve the very best this year.

May the blessings of the SunGod lavish you with all the delight, prosperity in this world. May the kites and your success reaches the ceilings of the sky. May this new year and Sankranti turn out to be very lucky for you.

May this Makar Sankrant lits up the deep fire inside us. I wish the vibrant sunshine radiates the inner being of us. May the SunGod gives us enough vigor to stand the test of time, I hope the divine takes us to the behemoth of success in this lifetime.

Wishing your best friend an advance Makar Sankranti

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May this Sankranti, a galore of opportunities lands up in your career just like the strings of the kites. May the tranquility of your mind soars high like the colored kites in the sky. May the God of Sun propels our friendship to eternity.

Let this Sankranti takes us to the peak of ecstasy. Let this auspicious occasion instills in us more humility. May we cut all the kites in the skies. May the blessings of the SunGod propels us to take our success to the ceilings of the sky.

Let us dance our hearts out this Sankranti. Let us cut all the kites in the sky with all our might this Sankranti. The Sunrays of opulence and altruism are awaiting to bathe us on this auspicious occasion. May the bond of our friendship keeps rising higher every year.

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Let the bright Sunshine of Makar Sankranti radiates our friendship with fun, joy, and care for each other. May our hearts and minds be filled with different colors of exuberance, vitality, and effervescence.

With the arrival of this Sankranti, let us vow to the SunGod to carry each other through times of highs and lows. May the pleasant breeze and scorching sun instills in us the values of altruism and hard work.

Your constant backing has been nothing but exemplary. Your presence in my life is nothing but simply a ray of bright sunshine. May the SunGod of this Sankranti agglutinate our souls for eternity. Let us soar our ecstasy to the ceilings of the sky for a lifetime.

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The sun is entering into the Makar Rashi, let our lives also get onto the track of prosperity. The SunGod wants to bathe us in his glory, let the naivety of our friendship grows into maturity. The clear blue sky is awaiting us to color it with different kites, may we achieve stupendous achievements in our lives.

I wish this Makar Sankranti to take us through the limits of ecstasy. I wish the Sunlight to bestow us with its vitality. May we thrust each other in the difficult phases of life, may our bond becomes the precedent of friendship for everyone in our lives.

Wishing your family an advance Makar Sankranti

May the jollification of this Sankranti takes us to the zenith of ecstasy. May the love, respect and admiration continue to soar high like the kites in the sky. May all the strings of the kites find their way into our hands. Let us have a blast on this propitious occasion of Makar Sankranti.

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Makar Sankranti is one of the festivals which illuminates our life with liveliness and passion. May the SunGod promotes our life to staggering success.

I hope the Sunshine of this Sankranti radiates love, peace, and harmony. I wish the pleasant wind fills our hearts with tranquility and love. On Sankranti, let us clear all the kites in the sky; on this gracious occasion let us vow to soar high in life.

May the blessings of the Sun God keep our brotherhood and camaraderie intact for eternity. May the Makar Sankranti lavishes us to achieve stupendous success for eternity. The clear blue sky is awaiting for our kites on this Sankranti, may the grace of this occasion engulfs us with prosperity.

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Let this Sankranti reminds all of us that the world is your oyster. Let the bright sun rays gleam your face. May the strong breezes carry all the negativities of our life with itself. Let our comradeship propels us to stupendous achievements in life.

Funny Advance Makar Sankranti wishes for your friends

May this Sankranti deluges you with all the fortunes of life. May your roof be flooded with all the kites from the sky. My constant backing and encouragement will always be with you so that I will also enjoy the material wealth of your life!

May the Sungod pours heaps of luck, prosperity and wealth onto you. May the divine bestows its mightiest blessings onto you. I wish the affinity of your career inclines towards material wealth so that I can also count my luck on you.

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I wish this Sankranti, the SunGod lights up the bulb in your head. I wish the chirping of the birds inspires some creativity in your head. While the possibility of such wishes may lie below the datum line, may this auspicious occasion of Kite flying still try its very best

Funny Advance Makar Sankranti wishes for your husband

May the upcoming propitious occasion of Sankranti urges you to lavish your wife with clothing and footwear. May the God of Sunbeams excitement and strength in our life. May we carry each other in times of highs and lows of our life.

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I wish this auspicious festival inspires my life partner for result-oriented actions. I hope the vivaciousness of this festival is contagious for my husband. May your desires (and eventually mine too!) get fulfilled this year.

May the blessings of the SunGod and the wallet of yours always takes care of me. May the almighty lavish us with different colors of love, lust and excitement for eternity. Let our kites soar high in the sky this Sankranti. May we always hold the strings of our life for perpetuity.

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I wish the bright scorching sun of this Sankranti gives you some ferociousness that I have been lately missing in the night time. May the breeze of this auspicious occasion lights up the core of your being for the extra adrenaline that I desperately need.

How to wish a funny advance Makar Sankranti to your wife

This Sankranti, I will pray to the SunGod to elevate your beauty. I will pray to him to mitigate the level of your insanity. Your presence in my life has certainly brought me immense joy. May your bond continues for eternity.

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If there is anything a man desires in his wife, it is vivaciousness, which apparently needs a lot of lifting this year for the wifey. I pray to the SunGod of this Makar Sankranti, to direct some of those into my wife. May the holy relationship of our’s bring immense joy and happiness this year.

May the warm blessings of Makar Sankranti make your New Year resolutions even more formidable. May the pleasant breeze, scorching sunshine and clear blue sky of this occasion inspire you to become an early riser.

This Sankranti, may the blessings of the SunGod makes you consume less of my wallet. May this festival propels you to make homemade festive dishes for your workaholic husband. May our kites clear all the kites on Sankranti. May the SunGod clears all the pessimism of our life.

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I wish this Sankranti be like an aphrodisiac for you. While your love is for eternity, I wish this propitious occasion inspires you to be the epitome of lust for your husband. May the blessings of the SunGod holds our holy relationship for the infinite.

May this beautiful festival of kite flying inspires you to be an early riser. May the chirping of birds propels you to witness the first ray of light every day. The bright sunshine of this Sankranti is awaiting to bathe us in its blessings, may it also illuminate our life with different colors of joy, exuberance, and vitality.

Advance Makar Sankranti Wishes for your Boss

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May the SunGod gleams its rays from your cheerful face. May the birds sing for your prosperity on Sankranti. May the different color of kites trickles down health, prosperity and lots of wealth on you and your family.

The world is your Oyster and I wish this cheerful Sankranti to lift off your mood from the stress and worries. May the blessings of the SunGod increase your fortune and our remuneration too!

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You are the epitome of a great boss. You are the bright Sunshine that extracts the best out of everyone. May this Makar Sankranti rejuvenates you to accomplish even bigger goals this year.

Give unique and well-written advance Makar Sankranti wishes to your employees

There are instances when many offices observe a holiday on Makar Sankranti. In such a situation, the organization can choose to send an advance Makar Sankranti wishes to their employees, which is what we have kept in mind while preparing them.

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Let the eternal sun grants you superior health. Let the blessings of the SunGod amazes you with enormous wealth. The bright sunshine is waiting to bathe you in its light, the pleasant breeze wants to soar all of your might.

May the vibrant sunshine of Sankranti invigorate you with with the vigor and vivaciousness for hard work in life. May the breeze and winds carry away all the sorrows of your life to the sky and bring down the blessings of the Sungod through the strings of kites.

Let persistence and vivaciousness be instilled in you this Sankranti. Let the warmth of SunGod propels you for greater heights this Sankranti. May your kite touches the ceilings of the sky, may the blessings of the divine opens up a galore of opportunities in your life.

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We hope this Makar Sankranti inspires you to harvest the labors of your work so that the almighty rewards you handsomely in the foreseeable future. May the vigor and zeal transfer to and fro between us. Let pinnacle of life be your ultimate destination, may the blessings of the Sun God lavishes you with all the wealth.


I hope that you have enjoyed our advance Makar Sankranti wishes which gave us immense joy while writing. I will be adding more and more of such beautiful advance Sankranti wishes from time to time. Please let us know your feedback and share this post as much as you can.

Until next time, goodbye.

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