Get Well Soon          Dad

May God aid your quick recovery

TyoHaar  Utsav

Get Well soon my dear Dad! Lots of Love!

The world needs more dad like you, Because of you, I have all the success in the queue! You have given us your everything, And yet we can’t get enough of you!

When the world had its way, You came to our way! You propelled us to our dreams, And now, all we want is to fulfill all your dreams!!

Get Well Soon       Dad

This is how I always imagine you to be; smart and healthy; no matter what the circumstances are

Sleep Tight and give gratitude to the Almighty for your health

Night is when the mind and body restores

I prayed to the Almighty to extract all of your worries. He responded "Done!!!"

No matter how much you scolded us. You wanted us to be better. And we will always love you for that!

Awaiting your  cheerful ness  and  smile  to  return  just  like  this  flower

Get Well Soon Dad