Birthday Wishes for Myself

If there is anyone who deserves the best of you, the truest of you, it is absolutely you! Your self-happiness is very important!

It is the day when you came from your mother’s womb, the day when you witness the first sight of this beautiful planet

With every passing year, I am acquiring more wisdom and knowledge. Last year taught me so much! May the upcoming year neutralize all the bad experiences of the last one. Happy Birthday to me!

Never in history has been a better time to be alive than now! I am so grateful to the divine for sending me on this planet in this era. May I become a centenarian! Happy Birthday to my dear self!

Lucky are those on whom the Almighty has bestowed so much luck, talent, and beauty! I may be turning a year older but I am living my life with full joy, effervescent, vigor, and vitality. So grateful for being alive! Happy Birthday to myself!

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! On this birthday, I vow to never let circumstances control my beliefs and perception! Happy birthday to myself!

Oh Lord! Yet another year has gone by! It only feels yesterday that I celebrated my previous birthday! Time really flies by when one is doing nothing in life! Lol! I hope to accelerate my actions this year! Let’s do it!

Can there be a perfect blend of weird, funny, smart and foolish man? Yes, that’s me. And I am grateful to the Almighty for making me that way. Or maybe not! Happy Birthday to my crazy self!

There can only be one version of me! Hopelessly single, and aging but obviously like a fine wine! I hope to see some action this year! Happy Birthday to me!

To my dear self,

It has been a phenomenal journey of ups and downs, ebbs and flows, troughs and crests. You have been a diligent student of life and despite the circumstances that you faced, you have achieved inspiring success! There is not a single thing that you should regret!

Life is Good!!

God gave me more talent and ability that I will ever utilize in this lifetime. My gift to him is to make the most of the talent and ability in this lifetime.

For the people who have hurted me, I should forgive them and move on because they are insecure and not ready to be vulnerable. My heart and mind are evolved and therefore, I know that sooner than later they will regret what they have done to me in the past

But I need not hate them, in fact hating them will burn and ache my heart only. There is a certain sense of liberalness we feel when we forgive people and move on. I wish them all the best in their life and may the Almighty put them on the path of Enlightenment.

For the wishes that I deeply yearn, things certainly are on improvement and I will reap the rewards. And, legends and ancient scriptures have rightly said that the joy is always in the journey and never on staying at the destination. Have faith and keep grinding.

I thank the Almighty for this birthday!