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There is no doubt about the rush of endorphins you feel when your friends send you your birthday wishes. And sending a heartfelt thank you message to your friend for the birthday wishes only elevates the good feeling.


There is no substitute for the joy that our friends bring in our lives. And the occasion of your birthday gives them a reason to bestow all of their love and wishes messages onto you. 


Needless to say, but a sincere thank you message to all of your friends is absolutely invigorating not only for you, but for your friends also as they feel appreciative of their effort in wishing you on your birthday.


So without wasting any more time, let us get on to some of the best thank you messages to your friends for your birthday wishes.


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Gratitude filled thank you messages to all friends for the birthday wishes


It gives me so much joy in receiving all the heartfelt messages from everyone of you. You guys mean a lot to me and am grateful to the almighty to have you in my life. May the strings of our soul forever be connected through love, admiration and respect. Love each and everyone of you!


Your birthday wishes are invigorating, inspiring and brings my heart to its full senses. It is brimming with pure love and tranquility which you guys have bestowed upon me through your birthday wishes. No matter wherever we are, may we always stay in touch with each other. Thank you everyone!


Sincere acknowledgments of thank you message to friends after birthday wishes (Male to Male)


Thanks a lot buddy for your exhilarating birthday wishes. I can sense a lot of sincerity and authenticity in your birthday wishes for me. It is always great to have people like you in my life and I am sure that my friendship with you adds value to your life too. Thanks a lot for the wishes.



You messages are really like a ray of light in the dark nights of the sky. No matter what the scenario is, they always illuminate my mood with optimism and exuberance and this birthday wish of yours is truly extra special honestly. Thank you for those kind blessings. Looking forward to reciprocate the kind gesture upon your birthday too.


How to write a nice thank you note to a friend for a birthday wish (Female to male)


Your wishes really lit up my mood always. The message was very special. Needless to say, I feel special courtesy to your heartfelt birthday wishes. May the cosmos bless our friendship with lots of ecstasy moments. Thank you once again!!!



I seriously cannot comprehend the joy that your birthday wishes has given to me. You are one bright soul in this universe. No matter how many friends I will have, you definitely stand apart in so many ways. May our friendship remains alive till Perpetuity.


Birthday wishes acknowledgment message to your friend (Male to Male) who is far away from you


No matter how far we may be, your birthday wishes always resonates with my feelings. Reading your birthday wishes makes my heart tranquil and I am truly appreciative of God for giving me a friend like you. Come back and lets catch up soon mate!! Thanks again!


The sign of genuine friendship is that the thoughts, feelings and well-wishes always find their way to each other’s heart, no matter how far apart we are! Know that your birthday wishes mean a lot to me mate! You are one of my closest people and I am so glad to have you in my life.


Reply message to bestie for her birthday wishes when she is far away from you


Hey dear! Your birthday message is truly special. Know that while you may be mighty far from me, our hearts are always synced and our thoughts and concerns will always be there for each other. Come back soon and I will give you a grand welcome! Many thanks again for the wishes sweety! Love you!


There is so much sincerity and authenticity in your messages. Even your one line messages conveys astounding emotions. Rally humbled to receive your birthday wishes. May the divine always bless us with more joy and exuberance.


Hey sweety!!! I wish I was there to lavish you with all my love and teddy hugs! You are one fine of a girl and I truly adore you. A big big adorable thanks to you for the birthday wishes! Returning back soon and we are surely going to have a blast!! See you soon sweetheart!!!


Lots of thank you note to friends and family for birthday wishes


God has really grant so many wonderful people like you who have always wished for my best interest. My life would be so dull without you guys and gals. Really appreciate the blissful life and you guys who are a part of it. My sincere thank you all your wishes on my Birthday. The party is at 7 p.m. tonight. Everyone has to show up at the party!!!. No excuses!!!


Say a nice thank you message to friends on WhatsApp for their birthday wishes to you (Msg for all genders)


Time and again, you have blessed me with all of your wonderful help at the crucial moments in life. Your birthday wishes for me are surely an extension of your benevolence and I am so grateful to the omnipotent almighty to have you in my life. Thank you for such wonderful wishes mate!!


It is rightly said that having friends in life is the ultimate joy. And friends like you are a source of enjoyment, inspiration and exuberance. I can never forget the times when you have lent your ears to hear my concerns genuinely. Thanks for always being there dear! Cannot imagine my life without you!


Cheerful Examples of messages to send your friends for their advanced happy birthday wishes


Wow!! You really do remember my date of birth. So nice of you to send the advanced wishes. Know that this kind gesture will not be forgotten anytime. Will reciprocate the favor upon your birthday. Thanks buddy


You really made my day today with those advanced wishes. Those wishes are so much more than the words. I am so filled with gratitude that friends like you are so inclined to wish me good things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Flirty thank you messages to your female friends for their advanced happy birthday wishes (Male to Female)


You really are a dime for sending me a special advanced birthday wishes. Your kind notes, thoughtful conversation and those mesmerizing eyes are more than enough to make a guy fall for you! Just kidding (or maybe not!!!!). Thanks once again for the awesome advanced message. Says a lot about you!! Haha!!


You are one hell of a woman seriously! Your demeanor, intelligence, and selfless acts are really amazing. Feels really amazing to receive your advanced birthday wishes.


Flirtatious thank you message to a male friend for his advanced birthday wishes (Female to Male)


Wow!! I couldn’t believe that you remembered my birthday! Felt so amazing after receiving your message! Thanks a ton dear! Great friends like you make life worth every moment! Wish my husband to be in future be like you! Many thanks from the bottom of my heart!


You are not only handsome, but smart, attentive and caring too! I really adore such advanced wishes from your end for my birthday! You are one of the finest gentleman that has ever touched my heart simply with his wishes! Thank you so much!!


Humorous and Sarcastic messages to your friends for their belated happy birthday wishes


Well, you finally came to your senses and sent me birthday wishes. Thanks for them, however, don’t expect a birthday party in exchange. I don’t give it to friends who don’t send me wishes on time. Kidding mate! Come by anytime today or tomorrow and we will have a blast!


It is really funny how almost everything in your life runs behind the clock time. Isn’t it? Thanks for the wishes. Could have felt a bit happier if you have wished me at my precious birthdate.


Funny and Sarcastic Thank you messages to your friend (Male to male) for the birthday wishes


Thanks for the wishes but do remember, no parties and freebies this time to you! Only a small get together!! Kidding buddy!! Let your hunger pans drive you crazy. We are going to have a blast of a party tonight with all the friends! Will give you thanks for your wishes when you will come to the party!


Glad to see that you remembered my birthday this time. I was expecting belated birthday wishes from you, just like every year. However, no cake and party is planned this time! Lol! Just kidding! The celebration will start at 6 p.m. today. Feel free to come!!


Humorous and Sarcastic Thank you messages to your friend (Male to Female) for the birthday wishes


May such sweet, well-crafted and caring message to me, be without any expectations of a grand party! Just kidding! Feel free to come by the house in the evening as there will be a blast of a party tonight!


Sarcastic and funny thank you messages to your friend (female to male) for their birthday wishes


Just saw your message. Thanks for it. Surprised to see that you still remember me!! I thought you forgot me as you didn’t respond to my lots of messages early on. Thanks for the support!


Heartfelt thank you reply to your female friend for your birthday (male to female)


You are not only extremely gorgeous but a ray of sunshine in my life that always illuminate my moods with her joyous messages. This birthday wishes surely brought a big grin on my face. Lots of sincere thank you to you for it. May our friendship stays like this forever!


Simple thank you message to your female friend for her birthday wishes (Female to Female)


Hey Dear! Just saw your birthday wish. Must say it really held my attention. Perfectly written and conveyed all your gratitude wishes for me. I feel nothing but pure joy. Feel great that the almighty has brought us closer to each other.


Hey sweety!! I can’t fathom how much joy your message brings to my face. I am certain that your kind gesture will only forge our friendship with a deeper trust and admiration. Kudos to our friendship sweetheart!!


Thank you message to a best friend (Male to Male) for birthday wishes


Hey buddy! Thanks a ton for the wishes! My heart always dwell about your well-being. Know that all my excitement and jovial outings revolve around you. Our friendship is something special beyond the words. May it continue like this till eternity.


Appreciation filled thank you a message to a friend (Bestie) for wishing you happy birthday


Hey bestie! It is so rejuvenating to read your birthday wishes. I could sense your pouring of love and joy for me in the message. While wishes come from all my friends and relatives, yours is the one that truly stood out and made me feel grateful for our friendship. May our bond remain enliven for the time being.


Tons of examples of Thank you message to facebook friends for birthday wishes


Wow!!! So many wishes and prayers on the birthday!! Phew!! A mighty bear hug thank you for making my birthday special. Your wishes and prayers mean a lot to me. Life would be so different without the presence of anyone of you in my life. May the strings of our heart always remain connected with love, admiration and respect for each other. Thank you everyone!!!


How to write a thank you message for birthday wishes on whatsapp group


Blessed are those people who are surrounded by so much love, enthusiasm and vitality from their friends. I will be eternally grateful to all of my friends who have been with me through thick and thin. Your birthday wishes has really brimmed my heart with so much love, contentment and tranquility that I feel like the blessed man on this planet. A sincere thank you to everyone for their wishes.


Things to keep in mind while creating a perfect message to send your friends for their birthday wishes


While it may not be possible to create a custom message for all your friends who sent you the wishes, it feels great to include some of your own perspective into the message. 


The perspective can be taken from the following points


  1. Vibe that you share with a particular friend
  2. How long the friendship has been?
  3. And to take special circumstances into account while creating the message. 


You can certainly take help of our messages which we have shared in this post.




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Your motivation and support really inspire us to create even invigorating messages. We will add more messages in this post from time to time for sure. Until the next time, goodbye!!

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