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retirement wishes for teachers

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After parents, it is the teacher who instills not only education but also the right guidance, mentorship, and values of life. All his life, a teacher is devoted to only one thing and that is to impart the education to his students. 


But teachers are definitely more than the knowledge instillers. They also impart the very important traits of success apart from education alone. Students learn traits like leadership, teamwork, hard work, and work ethic usually through their teachers only.


Therefore, after devoting their entire life to building the foundation of success, every teacher deserves a befitting retirement wish from his students. And that’s what this post is all about. We have curated some top-notch retirement wishes for the teachers under various tonalities such as funny and emotional.


Retirement Wishes for Teachers and Professors


An era of great service has come to an end. Sir, you have imparted great values to your students apart from the education alone. I will never forget the time when you made special efforts for me during the low phase of my student life. I hope that you now enjoy all the hobbies that you had to sacrifice during your time in teaching! Happy Retirement!




Dear Mam, as much as we want you to continue this very noble profession, I truly understand the limitations that come with age. You have been a source of inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom and I can’t the Almighty enough for giving me a teacher like you. Enjoy the retirement phase!





Dear sir! While you surely are taking retirement, I definitely don’t want you to retire from the joy and exuberance of life. Despite so many years of knowledge, you still are a breath of fresh air and it has been my honor to be your student! Have a great retirement life, Sir!




If there is a sole reason for my intensity and hard work, I would probably credit you for it. You have been instrumental in tuning my mind for success and hard work. It is unlikely that there will be any teacher like you. Happy Retirement dear Sir! We will always be in touch!




Despite years of success and achieving financial freedom, I still remind myself of the hard times when we used to ponder over our math problem. The nostalgia of that time is something that I will never forget. Your aura and way of thinking were amazingly refreshing! I am sure now you will have plenty of time to contemplate your ideologies and philosophies. Enjoy the retirement, Sir!




There was a time when I was afraid of your strict demeanor. However, upon knowing you deeply, I came to know about your tender-heartedness and the love that you had for every student. There is no student I know that doesn’t think highly of you Mam! I feel sad about your retirement but I am happy that you will now find plenty of free time! Happy retirement to you Mam!




Wishing of retirement to the female teachers by the male students




Dear Mam! As much you had a stern demeanor around us, we did realize how much your heart cared for us! Chemistry and you seemed inseparable! But it was your affection and your support to us during the times when we are vulnerable to distractions. You may not have spoken too much but your efforts have made us extremely successful in our lives. And all that is credited to you! We wish every student gets a teacher like you! All the best and luck in your retirement!




Funny Retirement Wishes for the Male Professor  (Male to Male)




Dear Sir! I have never said it before but your antics were hilarious during the classroom sessions! I have never seen a teacher like you with such a vivacious and bizarre personality at times! But now I guess that you all did that to make the classroom teachings funny so that we could grasp it easily. Teachers like you come once in a while only! I wish you all the best wishes for your retirement. Now you can take a sigh of relief that notorious students like me will not bother you!




Your aura had an unspoken fear around it which made us study harder at times! But after getting to know you personally, I thought myself as so stupid for being so afraid of you! Under the surface of a strict demeanor, I saw a gentle compassionate man who has a razor-sharp focus for the betterment of the students! It’s been one hell of a ride being in a student-teacher relationship with you. I wish that you retire only from teaching and not from the joy of life. Life still has plenty to offer you Sir. Enjoy your retirement!





Congratulating your teacher with the wonderful wishes of retirement on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms




You have not only given the knowledge and education but your heart, soul, sincerity, and wisdom which is so rare in teachers of the modern generation. I feel blessed to be mentored by a breed of teacher like you. Your words and motivation has been the hallmark of your teaching career. Time has now to take a back seat and take a sigh of relief. You gave me everything! I wish you a very happy retirement!




Unfortunately, every good run has to come to an end! You were not only the source of knowledge but of exuberance, effervescence and joy. Your positive aura was extremely contagious and we deeply relished our time spent with you. My parents still remember you for the efforts you invested in me during the exams! Some great nostalgic memories with you which I will never forget! Do enjoy the retirement with utter vigor my friend! God bless you!




After our parents, the guidance and mentorship that came was from people like you. For you there were many students, but for me you stood apart from the rest of the teachers. You combine the magnanimous, altruism and education perfectly! Your teachings and values have made me a better human being! I wish you all the luck and good on your retirement Sir!




Hilarious tribute to a female retiring teacher  (Female to Female)




Dear Mam! Your funny accent and weird analogies to explain the things made us laugh at times. However, it would be an understatement to say that you had in-depth knowledge and passion about your subjects which is what we admired about you! Even after so many years, you have retained the vivaciousness and effervescence. You are one of your kind and will always be! Happy retirement Mam!




Your shiny silky hair, sparkling eyes, great sense of humor and expertise on the subject made you the embodiment of a great teacher. I used to copy your facial expressions, your way of making notes and even wearing the spectacles to fully copy your avatar. Needless to say, I am a successful teacher today who has only you to credit for the success. While you may retire, do know that you have inspired thousands (if not millions!) of students like me to become teachers. Happy retirement Mam!




Special Tribute to your best school teacher who is about to retire




If there was someone who brought color to my personality, it was you, Mam! You taught me the values of life, taught me to be grateful and propelled me to reach the success that I enjoy today! Apart from my retirement wishes, I guess that my success of students like me is a gift to your hard work and sincerity in your teaching profession. May we have more teachers like you in the coming future! Enjoy the retirement sir! You deserve every bit of it! My respect to you and your family!




My father and mother surely have given me all the financial and materialistic comfort for my studies, but it was you who dispersed the seeds of success, altruism and hard work. We had an amazing journey and I really put your teachings into practice! I am happy for your retirement! You will now have more time and energy to do the things that you have always done for years! Happy retirement Mam!




How to write a thought-out retirement wishes for a music teacher




Hello Sir! Over the years, your music has transpired me into a different person. It taught me so many things like being flowing with the highs and lows of life. Your lessons have inspired tranquility and enormous invaluable lessons of life! It was an honor that I was your student! Thank you for everything! Happy retirement Time!




Ever since childhood, all I wanted was to learn a synthesizer! The difficulties I faced were enormous but it was only your constant propelling of me that I achieved so much ease in playing it. Music has changed my life and all the fame and monetary success that I enjoy, I owe it to you, Mam! I am sure my success has made you immensely proud of me and I wish it to be the best gift that a student can give to any teacher! Enjoy the retirement Mam!




Perfect retirement wishes to your maths teacher




You always knew that Maths wasn’t my favorite subject initially. However, your ability to build up curiosity and passion for this subject was inexplicable. Your guidance on spirituality, the relationship also came valuable. I guess I am lucky that the Almighty sent a teacher like you into my life when everything of mine was in shambles. Thanks for all of that! I hope your retirement will be joyous, adventurous and full of life! Enjoy retirement.




I will always know you for befriending me and maths. It takes a strong eye to catch hold of talent, and I am so glad that I was at the right place at the right time! Your ability to view challenges has really helped me to spike up my curiosity for every aspect in life. Such was your influence on me! Your retirement news makes me sad but unfortunately, all good things can’t run forever! I wish you a great retirement and thank you for all you did for me!




Example of Short and sweet retirement wishes for teachers




You are the embodiment of excellence and a lovable teacher! Now it is your time to enjoy the activities off from your teachings. May your retirement life give you loads of health, happiness, and vitality! Happy retirement!




While many teachers will come and go, there will never be another one like you! Your strict demeanor on the surface and constructive criticism has only pushed me for monumental success. I wish you the same in your retirement. May the Almighty fulfill all your remaining wishes!




Being a 90s kid, there will be nostalgic memories of Spiderman, Tin Tin, Star Trek and of a teacher like you! Time always flew by in your classes. Everything was captivating about you! The charm, charisma, and persona was and still is astounding. May you have a great retirement!




Sample Farewell speech for a retiring teacher by a student



Respected Sir!


There have been only a handful of occasions in my life till now, where I have felt deeply emotional for something which doesn’t involve my brother, sister and parents, and friends! In all these years, I never thought a bond of teacher and student would become so enormous and sentimental.


Your decision to retire came as a sudden jolt to me out of nowhere. Even though you have been my teacher, my mentor for nearly 9 years, it only feels yesterday that I had my first session of science with you.


I remember the memories where I despised you for complaining to my mother about my mischievous activities. Needless to say, but when I grew up, I realized the lesson that you wanted to teach me.


Studying with you has always been fun and exciting. Your analogies were hilarious, right on point and immensely helped me in the preparation of the subjects. Just like every other relationship between two people, we too had the highs and lows, ebbs and flows, troughs and crests but your maturity and guidance tremendously helped in overcoming those problems.


I respect for you has grown stupendously over the years, not solely due to our knowledge of the subjects, but for your altruism, for the relentless efforts that you strive for perfection in your notes and for the social causes that you are devoted to! It would be an understatement to say but you not only impart education to me but also made me a better human being! And I am quite sure of making you proud in the upcoming years through hard work and persistence, qualities which you have sowed in me in all these years.


While life will certainly go on and on, it would quite a while to become comfortable with your absence from now on! Your shoes will not be filled easily by some other teacher! I wish you all the happy retirement years. You have done all the hard work and now it is time for you to take a sigh of relief. May Almighty give all the love, happiness and joy to you and your family. Thank you for everything, Sir!




What do you write in a retirement card for a teacher? Examples covered




The biggest reward for any teacher is the success of his students! But it was you who sowed the seeds of success in my mind. The branches of the tree of success that you sowed into my being are now giving me fruitful returns and I can only thank you for that! I hope you are only retiring from this profession and not from the joys of life! Happy Retirement Sir!




Dear Mam! Ever since I came upon the news of your retirement, I could not hold my tears! While on one hand, it makes me sad to see you retire, and on the other, I am happy that you will now be free from the annoying students, school politics and laborious work. You will now have plenty of time to pursue your hobbies, outings, and vacations. Enjoy the retirement Mam!




Emotional cum sorry wishes to your teacher on his retirement day for your unintentional wrongdoings in the past




Students can be notorious at times. Spreading rumors, creating pranks and making fun of teachers behind the backs can certainly hurt the sentiments of a teacher. Being elderly and mature, they tend to forgive every such act of student! However, if you feel that you unintentionally hurt the sentiments of a teacher and regret it, then the retirement occasion is a perfect way to say sorry and give your teacher a nice blessing.




On this day, where my eyes are swelled up with tears of retirement, I can only say sorry to you for not giving enough credit and respect during our time as student-teachers. We may have uttered some wrong words in the past but call it naivety and rush of youth, we didn’t mean any disrespect to you! However, my actions in the past may have hurt you but on this retirement day, I can say with all my heart that you will be one of the finest teachers that I ever had in my life. I hope you all love, joy, and health on this retirement.




Our mischief and pranks may have caused you a lot of trouble during our time, but we didn’t realize the gravity until we saw it happening with us! I never had the balls to offer you an apology but after coming to know about your retirement, I mustered up the courage to say I am Sorry! You are a man of big heart and I know that you have already forgiven me! I pray to the Almighty to give you and your family an astounding fulfillment in life! The world now has one less immensely talented teacher and mentor!




How do you honor a retiring teacher?




A profession like teaching deserves more than the praises and words for their noble work throughout their life. To honor a retiring teacher, you can do the following things for him


  1. Give him a bouquet of flowers acknowledging his hard work and sincerity in your upbringing.


  1. Preparing a retirement speech that you can say out loud in front of the entire school, college or university.


  1. Wish him retirement messages on Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. In the video, you can include various pictures of him during his teaching tenure!


  1. Gift him his favorite books. As a nostalgic gesture, you can even give him the books which he taught you when you were his student.


What to keep in mind while preparing such messages for your retiring teacher?




For giving you the knowledge, time, and effort and for propelling you to success, they crave nothing more than the respect and appreciation. While you can include a funny tone in your message, you have to be careful to not write it in a disrespecting manner.


You can thank your retiring teacher for making the subject (whatever it was) easier for you to comprehend! Then you can also include his emotional and altruistic attributes such as patient, energetic, helping the needy students without giving a second thought. And lastly, you can mention the golden period of his life which he is about to live, which is retirement. You can mention all the activities that he would be able to do now as he will now have ample time to enjoy it!




Final Thoughts!




We hope that you have enjoyed the various retirement teachings of your teacher. Being a student ourselves a few years back, we truly acknowledged the contribution of a teacher in shaping our mind for success, empathy and altruism. The profession of a teacher will always remain noble and will ever be so! On behalf of our team at TyoHaarUtsav, we give our warmest retirement wishes to all the teachers in the world. Until next time, take care!

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