How to wish Happy Birthday to your LDR Girlfriend? Funny, inspiring and Sarcastic messages

It is a preconceived notion that long-distance relationships cannot work. However, countless couples over the world have made it work despite the exorbitant challenges.

This post is all about the happy birthday messages for your LDR girlfriend with images. These messages include the tonalities of emotional, romantic, funny, sarcastic and inspiring. We have also added some great belated birthday messages.

Birthday wishes for my Long-Distance girlfriend (Both Image and Text)

Image of Birthday messages to your LDR girlfriend

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Hey beautiful! On your birthday, I pray to the divine to give you more beauty, immense happiness and satisfaction. The heartaches without you but I know we’ll be together soon. May the exuberance, vivacity, and zestfulness of our relationship keep rising higher and higher. A very happy birthday dear!

Image and Text of birthday message to Long Distance Girl Friend

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Happy Birthday, sweety! I miss your beautiful eyes and fervor smile! You are the rock and pillar of my universe and I adore to have a woman like you in my life! Come back soon here dear and we will have a blast here too for the birthday!

There is so much about you that captures the heart, mind, and soul of a man! You may be far away but my heart feels your proximity every day and night! Happy Birthday to the most gorgeous girl in the world! Enjoy dear!

I miss the little pat on my back from my adorable girl! Hey, amazing. A very happy Birthday to you! I miss the adrenaline rush, the feel of the endorphins with you and pleasure that our bodies shared so much! I hope we get back together soon! Lots of love

There may be seas, mountains and the oceans between us but our hearts will always be connected via the intangible strings of love, respect, and admiration. A very teddy bear hug from your handsome guy on your birthday! Lots of love!

It has been a roller coaster ride of our relationship. From the time we met to today, my heart knows no other vulnerable companion other than my sweetheart! You are the epitome of a girlfriend. I just hope you come back here soon! Happy Birthday, Dear!

To the angel from the divine, may this birthday elevate you to another level of success, beauty, and longevity! We may be far apart, but each day of your absence has reminded me of your joy and effervescence! I hope God bestows us with plenty of love and health! Happy Birthday, dear!

Life becomes so simple and stress-free when a mature, emotionally stable girl comes along away. We may be several miles away but it feels like that our hearts, mind, and soul are intertwined with each other. I hope this distance diminishes with every passing year.

It sometimes amazes me how come we got together despite having so many cultural differences and upbringing. It only shows that love and respect for each other overpower every other thing. Happy Birthday to the sweetest angel! Come back soon

The day feels less inspiring without you; the night doesn’t feel rejuvenating without you. However, the mere thought of your face wipes out all the stress from my daily life. To my gorgeous girl, very happy birthday to you! I hope you come back soon!

No matter how far we are, our thoughts, well wishes, and love will always find ways to reach each other. On this birthday of your’s I only pray to the Almighty that we have the grandest of life. May all our dreams come true! Happy Birthday to an amazing girl from heaven!

My heart is swelled with your love; the body yearns for your touch while the mind dwells on your aroma. Happy Birthday to an unbelievably beautiful girl. We will have an amazing outing once you come back here. But in the meantime, have a blast there!

Our relationship is quintessential of LDR where love, loyalty, and respect only multiples with time. I am so proud to have a girl like you who shares the same vision and dreams despite having a 360-degree personality; which I absolutely adore. Happy Birthday, dear! God bless you.

You are a funny woman who sometimes gets on my nerves!!

Funny Sarcastic message to LDR Girl Friend

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There are times when all I want is to be away from you for some time! Coincidentally, your birthday arrived in between. Lol! Happy Birthday beautiful and know that I will return back there soon. Yay!!

Another year has gone by and I hope when you come back, you are more receptive to my creativity at night time. Haha!! Happy Birthday to you!

You might not be the best girlfriend I ever had, but you certainly turn me on like no one ever does! Hahaa! Kidding dear! Lol! You are good in many ways that you cannot fathom. Happy Birthday by the way. I hope you are having a great time there.

Funny message to your LDR girlfriend Image and Text

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On this birthday, I only hope the Almighty inculcates some patience and temperament in you! Lol, kidding dear! I may be away but my heart and mind keep dwelling on you! Happy Birthday, dear! May you achieve staggering success this year!

Sometimes what you lack in brains, you definitely overcompensate for it with your charm, charisma and stunning looks! Haha, Kidding girl! You are a beauty with brains and I love you a lot! I will be coming back there and we are going to have an amazing night! Happy Birthday!

It is so good to be away for some time. Hahaa!! After enduring your constant pulling, I am now much more receptive to the jokes and criticism of my peers. Thank you for that! Lol! But do know that you have that certain flavor and spiciness which is missing amongst the millennials these days. Happy Birthday my Darling! I love you!

Every time we have fought like crazy, we have rebounded stronger! This only means that we can strangulate each other when angry and forget all the next day. Hahaha!!! Happy Birthday my dear love! I hope the birthday party is going to be special there! Lots of love

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Inspiring wishes of Happy birthday to your Long Distance GirlFriend

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Despite the age differences and being so many miles away, we have come so far in our relationship. It only shows that love conquers every difference; and that it soothes our emotional well-being. Happy Birthday my dear love! May the Almighty propels you to great success this year.

There is no greater life than the one without challenges. It only helps us to max out our potential to achieve big. I hope this year brings immense success for you and for our LDR. Happy Birthday to you dear!

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to pass through the day without your infectious smile; to sleep on the bed without your cozy hug. But distances make us realize the worth of our partner and I surely do realize you’re every waking hour. Happy Birthday to my angel. May you come back here soon!

Hey sweetheart! I hope you are doing fine by the grace of God there. A very happy Birthday. Things may have been rocky but do know that the challenges are the gateway to newer opportunities. All the best sweety.

Despite not being there, I am so optimistic about your goals and visions. I know you can survive this difficult phase of life dear. My sincerest blessings and the Almighty wishes are there with you. Stay strong! Happy Birthday!

It’s a blessing that I feel no respite from your love despite having so many miles between us! The mere thought of you gives me endorphins and adrenaline. I can’t wait for us to get back together. Happy Birthday my love!

Living away from your loving partner can take a toll on the emotions but that is what makes us stronger I guess! I am so glad that I have got a mature, hot and loving partner that can withstand such monumental distance. Happy Birthday my dear GF! Stay strong!

Special wishes if things have not been too pleasant recently between the two of you

Special message to your ldr girlfriend if things are not right image and text

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There is immense joy in cultivating a partnership amidst differences of opinions, and egos. Hey beautiful! We may say some angry words towards each other but our hearts will always be there to pick one another in times of need. Happy Birthday to you gorgeous! I urge you to come back soon.

My dear girl! Every now and then, we may throw unparliamentary words but that only means that the love and fondness grow for each other with every passing day. On this Birthday, I pray to the divine to strengthen our bond for eternity. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

We both have a knack of speaking our hearts out but our magnanimous is what makes the two of us amazing. You are the perfect girl for a guy like me. Let us have a change of heart and contemplate our future, instead of being so far away!! Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

Sometimes distances between the two people eliminate the conflicts and egos. I hope the same happens for both of us. Happy birthday to you dear! Know that I love you a lot! God bless

There is nothing in this world that is immune to fights and disagreements. But maturity, emotional wisdom, love and care for the other helps to bring out the best of each other. Wherever you are dear, know that my love knows no boundaries for you! Happy Birthday to you!

No matter wherever I go, every place seems mundane without your proximity. I am sure you feel the exact way too! Let us allow the love to blossom again between the two of us. I hope this physical distance between us recuperates the emotional turmoil of so many months. Happy Birthday, Dear!

Since the occasion is special and you are far apart, today I want to confess wholeheartedly that how much your presence in my life has elevated me to success and prosperity. You are a girl that every man desires and I feel blessed to have you in my life. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I hope you come back here soon

Your presence in my life is as good as Carbon is to Steel. The more of you, the better I become. Love you sweetheart. Happy Birthday to you from your handsome partner from thousands of miles!

Short Happy birthday messages for LDR Girlfriend

Short messages of happy birth day to your LDR girlfriend

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Happy Birthday my dear love! You are the embodiment of beauty with brains. Enjoy a ton there and we will have a blast upon your return too!

My love and fondness for you have only elevated since we started this LDR. I hope it keeps notching up every day.  Happy Dear lovely!

While you are away, the nostalgia of our memories from last year helps me to feel your proximity. I wish I could come back there soon. Happy Birthday beautiful

There will never be anyone like you. Unbelievably gorgeous, smart and down to Earth. I would have made the birthday special if you were here on this birthday. Happy Birthday my love! Stay blessed

My dear stunning Girlfriend and future life partner! It amazes me how deeply you understand me despite living so far apart! Not everyone is blessed to have a woman like you. Happy birthday adorable! Love you

I wish there would be many more GFs like you, of course for the other guys! Hahaa! You are so many miles away and yet I can feel your tender love and care every waking hour. I wish you all the best this year gorgeous. Happy Birthday!

How to write her the belated messages?

belated HBD to Girl friend who is miles away Image and text

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I couldn’t believe that I missed out on this birthday! I am so sorry sweetheart! So much turmoil and stress got the better of me this time. But worry not, I am gonna make up for it when I return. Happy belated birthday gorgeous!

Sometimes the recipient gives more attention to the belated messages and this is why I am sending you this message late! Lol! Kidding! The people I adore the most, I often forget to wish them on their very important day! I am going to lavish you heavily once you return back here. Happy belated birthday dear!

You often vent out your frustration on me and this is how I take revenge; with a belated message! Haha!! Kidding my dear! I am sorry for the date to slip out of my mind. I hope you had an amazing time back there. We will surely do the necessary outing once you come back here. Happy belated birthday from miles away!

I may have forgotten to wish you on time but don’t think that I love you less. My whole life revolves around you, except on the date of your birthday! Kidding! Happy Belated Birthday dear and know that we are going to have a rocking time once you get back here.

Want to write your own message? Use the below-mentioned thoughts, phrases, and adjectives!

Seas, mountains and the oceans between beauty, immense happiness, and satisfaction, exuberance, vivacity, and zestfulness of our relationship, beautiful eyes, and fervor smile, adrenaline rush, the feel of the endorphins with you and pleasure that our bodies shared so much, intangible strings of love, respect and admiration, handsome guy, roller coaster ride of our relationship 

Hearts, mind, and soul are intertwined with each other, love and respect for each other overpowers every other thing, The day feels less inspiring without you; the night doesn’t feel rejuvenating without you, unbelievably beautiful girl, rebounded stronger, age differences, optimistic about your goals and visions, cultivating a partnership amidst differences of opinions, and egos, magnanimous, eliminates the conflicts and egos, There is nothing in this world that is immune to fights and disagreements, maturity, emotional wisdom, love, and care, seems mundane, recuperates the emotional turmoil of so many months, the embodiment of beauty with brains, the nostalgia of our memories, gorgeous, smart and down to Earth and etc.


Long-distance relationships are certainly far from easy and require serious commitment. However, if both the partners have chosen their one with thorough understanding, they definitely make the LDR going! We have thoroughly enjoyed writing some really cool birthday messages for your LDR girlfriend.

Feel free to put your valuable feedback in the comment section and we will come again with some really amazing messages for another topic. Until the next time, take care and goodbye!

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