GoodNight wishes (All Sorts!!) to GirlFriend ! Engaging Images


To a woman, no one matters to her more than her Boyfriend. She is very receptive to the kind words from him and wishes that her partner will appreciate her in every possible scenario.

To women, verbal communication matters a lot. It is their way of expressing themselves and they expect the same from their partner. Sending her a heart-touching message at night works wonder in a relationship, no matter how bad you two had a day or whether there is some trust issue between the two of you.

But need not to worry! We have prepared all sorts of night messages for your girlfriend. Romantic, funny, bit sarcastic, healing messages; you name it and we have it here on this post. Feel free to use these messages or customize them in your own way.

Long Romantic good night message for a girlfriend (with Images)


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Night always reminds me of my beautiful girl, who stands by me through the thick and thin. You are the gem of a person and I pray to the Lord that every day brings us joy and laurels. Good Night Darling!


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There is no cozy and warm place for my head to rest than your lap and chest. You recuperate me like no other thing! Good night darling!

When I look at the stars in the sky, they remind me how perfect our universe is. And my life has never been flawless than today, all because of you! Good Night my love!

It is amazing to see what the right woman can bring into a man’s life. Ever since you have come along, my life has turned upside down, and for the good. I wish you a long restful night sleep. Take care!


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When I think of you, it feels as if you are the other half of my soul. No one knows my vulnerable heart more than you. The heart beats for you only. Enjoy your beauty sleep darling!

No matter how busy my mind is, sending you a sweet good night message is sacred to me. You rule this heart my darling and I love you with every fibre of my being. Good night!

The clear night sky and the radiant full moon is reminiscent of your beautiful face. Elegant, and full of wisdom. Good night my gorgeous girl! 

Your handsome prince charming is now going to arrive in your dreams and take you to another world of adventure and pleasure. Good night beautiful!

I have a vision to make it big in my professional endeavors and you are definitely going to be a prominent figure in my life now. Good night Darling

May the warmth of the blanket and softness of the pillow give you a deep restorative sleep. You worked hard for it. Enjoy it dear!

My love! It baffles me how I got such a great woman with exceptional emotional intelligence, knowledge and work ethic. You are the type of girl that every man would desire on this Earth! Good night my gorgeous girl!


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I don’t care what dinner I eat. As long as you are there with me, it feels damn delicious and wholesome. May the Almighty bless us with amazing little moments like these forever. Good Night!

I may feel like a king only because I have such a beautiful submissive queen who will go to any extent to satisfy his king. Is there ever a woman like you!!! Good night beautiful!

There is no greater vivid imagination than to imagine you reading this message with your mesmerizing eyes, feeling the exuberance of our youth, with your perfect hair lying against your skin. Good night my love! Love you a lot!

Flirty good night message for girlfriend


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When people ask me about my enthusiasm and ferocious tenacity at work, I feel helpless because the reason would make them blush very hard! Good night darling!


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Prepare for a deep, restful sleep now because I am going to come in your dreams tonight! See You there. Good Night!

I can bet that there is nothing better in heaven as compared to my life because my girl gives me so many reasons to stay in bed in the morning!!! Have a good sleep sweetheart!

When a man has such a hot woman by his side, it is really difficult to be energetic throughout the day as the night can be intense labor work!!!

Hey darling! Enjoy a good night sleep sweetheart because I am gonna blow your mind tomorrow! Good night my gorgeous!

I didn’t have time during the day to pamper you with all the love but I am gonna lavish you with it in your dreams tonight! Good Night beautiful!

The night may be chilly, but what do I have to worry when I have got such a hot woman in my bed! Good Night sweety. See you tomorrow!

Distances cannot wither away my love for you!!!


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We may be far away from each other but my love has never dwindled away amidst the long distance. We will be united soon my love. Good Night!

The cool soothing night breeze reminds me how grateful I am to have you! We are miles apart and yet our hearts feel entangled with the invisible strings of love, respect and loyalty. Good Night!


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I may be many miles away from you but your umbrella of love and care is always upon me through every moment of day. I know that you are always praying for my success. Love you sweetheart! God bless us. Good night

I miss the innocence of those nights when we would lay side by side under the blanket of clear night skies with those tiny little stars as if infusing hope and courage in us to tackle the hardships of life. The days will come soon again! Good night!

I am waiting for the surreal moment when I will return back and wrap you in my arms like your knight in armor, to kiss you as if there is no tomorrow and to make love to you like a ravaging beast. I hope the day comes soon. Good Night my love!

Good night messages after conflict, arguments and disagreements at the day


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We may throw some unwanted words to each other during the arguments, but that only proves our love and fondness for each other. Good Night dear. Have a restful sleep!

Sometimes, banters and arguments keep the spark alive in the relationship. I do enjoy it every once in a while and I know you too! Good Night!

There is no relationship that is immune from misunderstandings, fights and arguments. But love is the power that not only resolves the conflicts but also brings harmony and tranquility. Good Night girl!

Whenever I am angry, I think about your mesmerizing eyes, that infectious smile and that benevolent personality that only wants the best for me! Good night sweetheart! Enjoy your beauty sleep!

I may not be very good at expressing myself with the right words but my heart beats for you only and that you are the center of my universe. Take a good night rest dear. Everything will be fine soon!

Healing lovely night texts if she is sick!


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My love is paramount for you honey and I adore you with all my being! I am sending you my love and wishes from here because I know it will propel you to healing! Good Night Darling! Take rest

There is no better medicine than love that can bring amazing transformation to health. I just wish that my love, prayer, hugs and kisses will immune you to ailments. Take a deep sleep Darling! Let Go and Let God!

Some Funny (and Sarcastic!) messages


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Nothing can make me lose sight of my goals and vision except your smelly fart which you always bestow me after an appetizing meal. Hahaa!!! Sorry for being blunt. I thought you loved my honesty. Good night darling!

Losing weight for me is not going to be difficult because you make blunders sometimes while making lunch! Haha! Just kidding dear! Good Night!

I admire your love and support. But I am in love with your coffee making skills with which you greet me every morning! I wish you could make dinners too! Lol! Good Night!

Sentences of Encouragement at night!!


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What good a journey is if it is not thorned with obstacles, ups and downs! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel sweetheart! Don’t lose faith now! Good night darling!

My Gorgeous Girl! Do know that when the going gets touch, the tough gets going! I know you have it in yourself to move the Earth and heaven and I am always there for you! Sleep without and worry darling! Everything will be fine! Good night!

Hey beautiful! Know that I am your knight in shining armour who will leave no stone unturned to bring a smile on your pretty face. Do not be worried at all. Good Night!

No matter how the circumstances will turn out, you will have my undeniable love and support. Stay strong sweetheart! Take rest and sleep tightly. Good night!

You have infused so much positivity and altruistic values in me and now it is time to pay you back! Dear Love, our companionship and faith in the Almighty will cruise us through this difficult phase of life surely! Good night my angel!

Christian Religious Good night message to Girlfriend


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Life is nothing short of heavenly when the Almighty brings two beautiful souls together! We complete each other like nothing else. Good Night Darling!

The Lord Christ has certainly rewarded me with you who brings out the best in me all the time. I pray that this adventurous journey continues till eternity. Good Night!

It is only a miracle of the Almighty that how well we understand each other from so far without actually meeting face to face. Feel blessed to have you! Good Night my love!

Short And Sweet One line message

It is mind blowing how a simple smile of yours at night is enough to rejuvenate me from the entire day of stress. Good Night sweety!

The eerie and yet revitalizing silence of the night compels me to feel grateful for important people like you in my life. Good Night Darling!

The moon is in its full glow tonight and radiating you with all its seductive beauty. Good night

Want to write, prepare (or modify) your own special message for her? Use the thoughts, adjectives and phrases given below

Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, cool breeze of the night, radiant moon, shining in armor, cozy and warm place, recuperate me like no other thing, flawless, Elegant, and full of wisdom, handsome prince charming, professional endeavors, warmth of the blanket and softness of the pillow give you a deep restorative sleep, exceptional emotional intelligence.

Knowledge and work ethic, submissive queen, mesmerizing eyes, enthusiasm and ferocious tenacity at work, hot woman by his side, yet our hearts feel entangled with the invisible strings of love, respect, umbrella of love and care upon me through every moment of day, wrap you in my arms like your knight in armor, to kiss you as if there is no tomorrow and to make love to you like a ravaging beast, also brings harmony and tranquility, Enjoy your beauty sleep, you are the center of my universe and etc.


Night is the time when our brain processes the day events. It offers a calm, relaxed state of mind and makes a human being extremely receptive to our suggestions and messages.

And this is why you should send a good night message to your girlfriend as she very much expects it from her loving partner. Doing so helps to keep the vivaciousness alive in the relationship.

We hope that you have enjoyed the various tones of good night wishes in this post. We will add some more relevant messages from time to time. Feel free to provide your valuable feedback in the comment section. Until the next time, good bye and take care!

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