Good Night Wishes for Wife (With GIFS & Images) Various Moods!!!

It is rightly said that behind every man’s success, there is a woman. A man is heavenly happy when he has a loving, caring and beautiful wife by his side through the thick and thin. She is the one who multi-tasks and makes several compromises for you and the kids. Needless to say, giving her sincere appreciation is not limited to special occasions only but you can give it to her every night with a lovely message.

This post is all about the Good morning wishes to Wife. Apart from the wishes, we have also included attractive GIFs, Images, and wishes for saying good night to your wife. Feel free to send these images and GIFs to your beautiful wife.

Romantic Good night wishes to wife GIFS and Images

Romantic GN wishes for Wife Download GIF Video

You are the embodiment of a beautiful wife that every man on this Earth would love to be with. I pray to the Almighty for our longevity, happiness and eternity. Good Night my sweet wife!

It amazes me that despite many years of marriage, I still crave for every inch of your mind, body and soul. I love you with every fiber of my being! Sleep Tight beautiful!

There is no better sight for me than to lay by your side and see your gorgeous face. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful Wife. Hoping every day brings us excitement and thrill. Good Night to my beautiful lovely wife!

It is so heart-melting to see you take care of the family and kids! You are the intangible thread of love, respect and loyalty with whom every member of our family is connected! Good Night Dear! Love to my cute wife!

No one could be a better mother to our kids than you. I wish every man gets a wife like you! Good Night Sweetheart!

Sexy Flirty GN msgs for Her


Your tender lips rejuvenate me; your soft skin gives me goosebumps and your mesmerizing eyes makes me lose everything of time and space. Good Night gorgeous!

Of all the pleasures I had in my life, sharing the same bed with you is the most addictive one! You make me feel like a king. Love you sweetheart! Good night!

I love how masculine you are when it comes to sorting the solutions and how submissive you become when we romp like rabbits. You are amazingly gorgeous! Good Night!

Whenever the Almighty wants to sculpt a beautiful baby girl, he uses your template for reference!!!. That’s how supremely gorgeous you are! Love you Darling! Good Night

Funny Tone


Sometimes, your lack of understanding makes me go nuts but you compensate it with your benevolence, altruism and supremely stunning looks! Good Night Wife!

I admire your vivaciousness, infinite love and vigor to deal with a moron like me on regular basis. Lol! Speaks volume about our unconditional love. Good night Dear wife!!

It is so hard to relax and sleep side by side with a gorgeous woman like you. All I want is to make love with you all night! But I should sleep now. Good night beautiful

It is funny that you sleep so peacefully despite my terrible snoring. Makes me believe that everything is possible when there is love involved! Hahaa! Good Night my gorgeous wife!

Sorry Msgs after conflicts, fights at day


We may throw undesirable words at each other but the night compels me to be grateful for having you in my life! Good night Darling! Love you!

Sometimes my word’s don’t justify what I really mean to say! But the heart always yearns for your love, and care. Sorry for today babe! Good Night!

Far Away Msgs

We may not be very far away but my heart feels your absence terribly. I wish you were here! Missing you a lot! Good Night Babe!

Our hearts will always be connected with intangible strings of love, loyalty and respect even if we are not near to each other. Sleep Well my darling. Good Night!

No matter how many seas, mountains and oceans are there between us, our love and respect will only prosper with time. Good night darling! Coming back soon

Short GN SMS texts

You are the pillar of my life! And my love for you is Eternal. Good Night

The moon is shining in its full glory as if to illuminate you with all its beauty! Good night to my beautiful wife

Just like praying to God, it is sacred to wish you good night every night! Enjoy the sleep dear!

Just the mere thought of you wipes out all my stress and anxiousness. I sleep like a baby because you always come in my dreams. Good Night!!


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel my love! Life is all about moving through the ups and downs but I am glad that I have you by my side to cruise through these difficult phases of life. Love you sweetheart! Good Night!

My dear lovely wife! Know that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Have faith. Everything will be alright because I will be with you for perpetuity! Sleep well and take rest. Good night!

Prepare your own message with thoughts, adjectives and phrases mentioned below

Qualities to describe wife: – Beautiful, gorgeous, charming, crazy, sultry, Independent, caretaker, benevolent, altruistic. And etc.

Verbs: – make me calm down, take care of the kids, multitasker, fulfills all my needs, the other half of my mind, body and soul and etc.

Idioms and Phrases : – 

  1. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel
  2. Where there is a way, there is a will
  3. It is the will of the Almighty….
  4. You look like a million-dollar every night!

Final Thoughts!

We hope that you have enjoyed various messages, GIFs, images for good night wishes for your wife. We will add more relevant images, GIFS and wishes later on. We would greatly appreciate it if you would leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. Until the next time, good-bye and take care!

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