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We all know the value of money, especially when it is difficult to acquire it during the hard times. I am quite sure that we all have faced situations where we desperately needed some money and one of our close friends or even an acquaintance lent it to us.


As a courtesy and respect, it is imperative for us to at least return the favor by saying a heartfelt thank you wishes to your friends who gave financial assistance and support to you, especially in times of urgency. But writing great, heartfelt wishes is not easy especially at the exact moment when you want to send it.


And this is why we have come up with some well defined, unique and heartwarming thank you wish that will forge the bond of two of you with great respect, admiration, and trust. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started!


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Thank you wishes for friends for helping you financially for buying something


While I may not be able to return your money at the earliest, the least I can do is offer you sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your help really came in handy for me at the time, when I desperately needed to buy me……………… Thank you once again, and I know that this sincere help of yours will not be forgotten soon.


You made it so much easier for me to buy my …………., otherwise, I would have to wait for at least a couple of more months. From the bottom of my heart, a very sincere thank you. Friends like you are what we truly become to aspire.


You are my savior. I had been longing to buy the ……….…for such a long time and finally, with your assistance, I can use it for my personal/ professional use. I will never forget this financial assistance of yours. You are a great man. Thanks for helping mate!


Thank you wishes for money help (From Male to Female) for buying your favorite thing


You are not only gorgeous, but your heart is clear as the crystal water. Your financial help came in at the time when I needed the ……………desperately for my ………………. I am so glad to have you in my life. May the bond of our friendship continues for eternity.


You have proved why you are my best friend. While our friendship was forged on mutual admiration, trust and respect, you have given me an extreme amount of money when you could have denied it so easily. I appreciate such help from the depth of my heart. Thank you so much dear!


Thank you wishes for money assistance (From Female to male) for buying your favorite thing


You are such a sweetheart seriously. You were so thoughtful about helping me financially when I was not getting help from anywhere else. And this is why you are such a pure soul who always lend his hand with money. I wish the world had more people like you.


Funny sarcastic thank you wish for financial assistance from your friend


May the God send people like you to every corner of the globe. May all the needy people come in contact with you! Haha. Just kidding! Your financial help is greatly appreciated and I will return your good money at the earliest. God bless you!!


I hope the divine gives you all the blessings for helping a person in need of money. May you keep on continuing to help great individuals like me in your life. Just kidding! Know that you are a gem of a person and I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Lots of love to you!


Funny sarcastic thank you wishes (From Male to Female) for financial assistance


Asking you for financial help is just one way to getting to see your beautiful face. May the divine notches up your appeal even more. Thank you for the money when I was in extreme distress. May I get to see more of you for any reason.


It would be an understatement to say that you are the epitome of a friend who really helps in desperate times. I wish to test your helping hand in the deepest of urgencies! Simply kidding! Many thanks for your financial assistance. I was glad you were there for help.


How can God make anyone so kind and beautiful? Your altruistic help of lending me money is greatly appreciated. The men in this world are seriously deprived of beauty cum kindness. I promise to return the money at the earliest. May our friendship remains tranquil like this forever.


Funny sarcastic thank you wishes (From Female to male) for financial assistance


Your pillar of help has always lent me support in the difficult times. May this pillar become even stronger for the turbulent times that lie ahead in the foreseeable future. Just kidding! Thanks a ton for this money. I greatly appreciate your help.


I wish all women get wealthy friends like you! Kidding! Your heart and conscience are clear and you always strive to help your best possible. I wish the almighty to give you lots of love, joy and prosperity. May our friendship stands the test of time.


Funny sarcastic thank you wishes (From male to male) for financial assistance


It’s been so grateful of you to help me out financially for the ………… Please do not expect the repayment anytime soon. You know me. Mine lavishes onto my friends and dear ones may come late, but they come in huge quantities.


The world has a serious dearth of friends like you, who are rich, smart and handsome. Your financial assistance will always be remembered, no matter how much nuisance I might continue to be for you! Simply kidding bro! I am so grateful to have you in my life. You rock mate!


I wonder how it feels to help guys like me who need money sometimes urgently. If you don’t mind, I have more friends of mine who would be happy to receive financial help from your hand! I am totally pulling your leg bro! You are the best friend one could ever have!


Funny sarcastic thank you wishes (From Female to Female) for financial support


You are such a darling my dear! I cannot thank you enough for the help. Don’t worry about the repayment though! You can come to my house for a delightful delectable and aromatic meal which I will especially prepare for you. Oh don’t worry sweetheart! I will repay you at the earliest.


A sincere thanks from the core of my being darling. Be assured that your financial help is of immense value to me. I wish more people in the world have friends like you! You are amazing! Lots of kisses.


Thank you wishes (male to a female) for friends for lending you money for your business


It has always been my passion to start this business of ………… And now with your money, I can finally chase my dream full-heartedly. Thanks immensely for the help. You will always be close to my heart.


There will definitely be a time when I will be lavished with lots of wealth. And at that particular moment, I would recall this money of your’s which got my business rolling. Thanks a ton for the help. It means a lot to me, dear!


Funny Sarcastic thank you wishes (male to a female) for friends for lending you money for your business


You have invested money in the best venture i.e. helping me for my business. Wait until I become a millionaire and return your money tenfold times. Just joking dear! I cannot wait to start my own thing. And I am truly grateful for your help. Thanks for trusting me!


I can certainly say that God truly helps those who desire their vision with a sincere heart. And this is why your kind soul came forward to help a big visionary like me, who is going to earn riches very soon. Don’t worry. I will reward you handsomely for your financial assistance. Know that your money is being invested into the finest of ideas!


A real thanks to you from the bottom of my heart. Please note that this money is surely going to earn me millions of dollars, of which I will return only the amount which you gave it to me! Kidding dear! My heart and hands will be open to lend you insane money if you needed later on, when I have earned the riches. May our friendship continues till infinite time.


Thank you wishes for friends for lending you money for your business dream (Female to male)


I love the fact that you trust me for the success that I am aspiring to achieve. Know that my gratitude in response to your help goes beyond words. It has touched my heart and is so grateful to have a friend like you. May the cosmos bless our bond with more trust and admiration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Funny and Sarcastic thank you wishes (Female to male) for the business


I can promise that this assistance is by far the most valuable one of my life. While I may have asked for numerous help in the past, know that all of them will be repaid with a big heart and lots of wealth, once I earn millions of bucks. You are a great guy and that I cherish our friendship!


Thank you wishes for your friends for financial support even when they are not well (Male to Female)


Even when you are suffering from viral/ fever, you still made a great effort to do the needful for lending me the money. I cannot thank you enough from the core of my being. May the almighty keep our friendship fresh, vibrant and full of prosperity.


Thank you wishes (Female to male) for your friends for financial assistance when they are not well


You are such an inspiring individual. You always do the needful for your closed people, even if your body is aching from fever/viral. I wish I also would be capable of lending so much money in the near future to my near and dear ones. Lots of love and thanks again for the money. I greatly appreciate it!


Perfect thank you wish for financial assistance when your friend lent you money for studies (Male to Female)


They rightly said that behind the success of a man is a strong woman. And I will be glad to credit my success to you, the woman who has always supported my beliefs and vision. A thank you would be an understatement for the help that you have given me. Lots of hugs sweety!


How to say Thank you wishes (Female to Female friend) for financial support for studies


Sweety, I cannot fathom the thankfulness that I am feeling for you for such immense financial help! You are the best girl in my life. I am quite hopeful that the studies will help me a lot in getting the job of my dreams. May the divine always lavish our bond with respect, love, and fun.


Great Thank you wishes (Male to Male) to your friend for financial support for studies


Hey buddy! Thanks truly mate. I promise you to make the most of my studies with the help of your money. And I assure you that someday down the line, I will repay you big time. You are great human being deserving of all the love. Call me for any assistance and I would do so without the drop of my hat.


Perfect thank you wish for financial assistance when your friend lent you money for studies (Female to male)


Your charm personality is equally on par with your altruistic values. Your assistance would immensely help me in making a good career for my future. I am obliged for the sincerest thank you to an individual who has never thought a second for helping other people financially. God bless you, my dear!




I hope that you liked the above-written thank you wishes for friends for financial assistance under various circumstances. I will be adding more and more wishes and messages from time to time. 


It’s also very important to know that not every friend would be able to help you out financially as they may not have the required finances at that particular time for themselves, let alone helping you out. Life is short and the only thing that will remain will be the beautiful memories of your friendship.

May you and your friends enjoy a beautiful journey of friendship for eternity. Till next time, goodbye!

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