Makar sankranti wishes for husband in English

makar sankranti wishes for husband in English

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While festivals always make us special, but the joy of them in our life amplifies when we share it with other people, especially with our life partner.

The relationship of a Wife and husband is always tricky and requires a constant effort from both sides. Wishing your husband a sweet makar Sankranti message will surely lighten his mood and will bring a smile to his face. 

And this is why, in this post, we are jotting down some of the finest Makar Sankranti wishes for Husband in the English language. For the wishes in the Hindi language, we will have a separate post.

Makar Sankranti wishes for Husband

May the SunGod radiates peace, love, and harmony upon our beautiful relation. May our bond remains strong for eternity. Happy Makar Sankranti my handsome husband.

Just like the sun will enter the Capricorn Zodiac every Sankranti, I hope that your life also moves in the direction of an abundance mindset, health, and prosperity. Lots of blessings from your wife.

Every Sankranti marks two important things; days get longer and winter starts to become shorter. Just like that, I hope that our fortunes also witness a change for the better.

How to Write the perfect Makar Sankranti Wish to your Husband

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You are the center of my solar system. You are the pillar of my love and care. May this Sankranti strengthens our bond for all the next lifetimes. May God grants us all the happiness that this world has to offer. Happy Makar Sankranti to my handsome husband!

May the almighty bestow its blessings onto our family this Sankranti. May your mind always stay focussed on the positive polarity of circumstances. May your heart be brimmed with love and care. All my love to you on Sankranti!

Wishing this festival of Makar Sankranti bestows a lot of masculine energy that can be channelized into your professional endeavors also with ease. Lots of luck and love.

May the colors of the kites and the bright sunshine illuminates our heart and soul with infinite love. May you conquer the world and achieve immense success. Lots of Sankranti wishes to you!

very nice sankranti message for your husband

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The cold days are finally making their way out. May the brighter sunny days from now on, also bring luck, prosperity and lots of fortune to you this season. May you witness staggering growth in the business.

I pray to the SunGod to make our lives as vibrant and beautiful as the colored sky on Makar Sankranti. May the youth, exuberance, and vitality also trickle down in our life.

May this bright and propitious occasion of Makar Sankranti blesses you with incredible accomplishments and fortune. May you achieve the pinnacle of success in your career.

God couldn’t be more grateful to me than by sending you in my life. You are the sunshine of my universe and my entire world revolves around you. Happy Sankranti my love! May you achieve all the wealth and give it to me!!

Give the best makar sankranti wish in English to your husband

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Your love for me cannot be measured, because it is infinite. May the festival of Makar Sankranti bless you with all the talents. May all your desires (and mine too!) come to fruition this year. Lots of Sankranti wishes to you!

Let this Makar Sankranti glues our relationship for eternity. May the sorrows of our past flies away into the sky filled with colored kites and may the blessings of the divine trickles down onto us from the sky.

Makar Sankranti 2020 wishes for Husband when he is far away

You may be far away, but the strings of our hearts are always connected. May this Sankranti radiates infinite love, prosperity on our families. May our relationship soar high, just like the kites in the sky.

This Makar Sankranti will surely amplify your absence but also gives me hope that you will return to your beautiful wife very shortly. I hope this auspicious festival pours its vibrancy, vitality, and prosperity on our relation.

simple wish of sankrant to my husband

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We may be separated by the seas, oceans, and continents, yet our blessings and love will never find an obstacle to travel to each other. On this Makar Sankranti, I wish you the very best of luck.

Let this radiant festival of colorful kites reminds you that my heart yearns for your presence, that my mind craves for your sight and that my breathing is always synced with yours. Happy Sankranti my love. Your beautiful wife is waiting for you!

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Your presence may not be in my proximity but my blessings and prayers will always travel to your heart, no matter how far apart we are. May the joys of Sankranti bestows all the exuberance and vitality onto you. Your beautiful wife is waiting for you. Happy Sankranti my love!

I miss the warmth of your hugs. I miss the sight of my love. May this Sankranti remind my husband that he is the center of my Universe. Know that my wishes, prayers, and blessings are always with you. Happy Sankranti!

Our souls are intertwined with love and respect. Our hearts are blanketed with trust and admiration. While we may be far away from each other, may the wishes Sankranti stamps our surreal relation for eternity. Lots of blessings from the wife.

Makar Sankranti Wishes for your Husband when he is not well

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May the SunGod inspires the resurgence of your health. May the divine brims you with lots of energy, and vitality. May you soar to the peak of your health very soon. Happy Sankranti my love!!

Let your mind and heart wander away from the stress of business. Allow the occasion of Makar Sankranti to re-energize your heart with love, and warm blessings. This Sankranti, I pray to the almighty that it notches up your health.

The colors in the sky are incomplete without your kite. The camaraderie on Sankranti is incomplete without your presence. Fine-tune your health because all the prayers and wishes are with you for a speedy recovery before Makar Sankranti.

Let the energy, love, and blessings of Makar Sankranti reach the core of your cells. May they energize on this auspicious occasion and your health gets back on track. Lots of love from your beautiful wife.

I wish this Makar Sankranti brings with it the cheerfulness and vigor to your health. May your body and mind recuperate faster and that the colorful sky of this festival propels you to try out new things in life.

Wishing your husband funny (and Sarcastic) Makar Sankranti Wishes

Let this kite flying festival teach you the values of perseverance, especially with your wife. Of course, it will take time. But let’s give it a start this Makar Sankranti.

simple child image flying kite on sankranti

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A childlike attitude has always been a key ingredient of your success. May the zeal and passion of celebrating the Makar Sankranti urge you to adopt such an attitude forever.

They say perseverance is to success what Carbon is to Steel. May this festival of Sankranti teaches you the value of perseverance so that you are able to win your wife in every argument.

On this festival of Sankranti, I pray to the divine with full sincerity to give you all the energy for earning crores of rupees. Know that your partner has already planned her shopping spree list. May the wish come true soon.

sarcastic funny sankranti message to husband

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May the divine gives you some much-needed luck for cutting the kites by yourself. I hope you do not run out of kites this time in just a span of 24 hours. My Sankranti wishes to you handsome!

May this Sankranti, all your professional endeavors turn into lakhs of profit, and then hopefully you will present me diamond jewelry on my upcoming birthday. Happy Sankranti Jaan!

I wish this calorie-burning festival of Makar Sankranti inspires you to adapt your fitness routine on a daily basis. I know it can’t happen, but I wish this festival comes daily.

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May the scorching sun of this Sankranti makes you more handsome. May the sight of different colors of kites rejuvenate you for the night time, if you understand what I mean. Happy Sankranti handsome!

Let this kite flying Sankranti festival teaches you the reward of delayed gratification so that some of it can be applied in our sessions! I hope you understood my Sankranti cryptic wishes!

They say that different colors are the perfect aphrodisiac for the husband. So  I hope this Sankranti shows you an immense number of different colored kites. Happy Sankranti my love!

They say that the door to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So this Sankranti, I urge you eat your heart out the ladoos and Posh Bade, without upsetting your stomach by the way.

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There is no better sight in seeing my husband catching strings of other kites jumping from roof to roof, as it immensely helps in burning off his calories. I wish a festival like Makar Sankranti comes every day.

They say that the combination of bright sun and a strong breeze is a powerful aphrodisiac for men. On this day of Makar Sankranti, I am hoping to be very lucky, if you understand what I mean.

Sending perfect Makar Sankranti wishes to your Husband when he is upset with you

Let the fragrance of the breeze, and the chirping of the birds of this Makar Sankranti rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul and propels you to move forward towards the resolutions.

May the tranquility of this auspicious occasion quench the anger and Ego. May the beautiful sight of the colored kites resolve all the differences, for eternity love and perseverance have always been the message of Makar Sankranti.

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May the blessings of the cosmos resolve all our differences and make us the perfect versions of ourselves. Let this Sankranti instill in us more altruistic values, love, and admiration for each other. Let love conquer. Happy Sankranti Love!!

Let tranquility, and enlightenment fill up our minds. May the festival of Sankranti propels us to understand each other even more. Lots of love on this auspicious festival.

May this Sankranti propel us to greatness. May this colorful festival takes us on the path of enlightenment. May the gods forbid us from any misunderstanding. Lots of gratitude and blessings on this Makar Sankranti.

Inspiring Sankranti wishes for your husband

May this Makar Sankranti gives you blessings to forge a new path in your life. Know that my wishes, prayers and support are always with you. Know that you are the sunshine of my soul solar system.

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May this new year, new decade along with Makar Sankranti brings all our dreams into reality. Let the work ethic finally reveal some fruition. May this festival proves to be lucky for you my dear husband!

May the effervescence and joy of Sankranti be contagious and reignites your lost passion and jovial nature. All my love, wishes and prayers to you for getting your life back on track.

There is no better day to start a new goal or harvest a new plan than the Makar Sankranti. May you achieve a behemoth of success in your venture.

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Let adrenaline be your friend this year. Let fearlessness be your trademark this year. I wish Makar Sankranti blossoms this year with lots of accomplishments and rewards for you my love.

Perseverance and hard work are always the lessons that kite flying teaches us. May this occasion of Makar Sankranti transpires some of the lessons into you so that you start to work on your dreams.

May the God of Sun brims you up with exuberance, vitality and great health. May you work hard and fulfill all yours and my dreams too. Happy Sankranti my handsome.

There is no greater passion than to follow your heart’s calling. There is no better reason to work hard than to forge your own path. May the greetings of Sankranti speeds up our fruition and hopefully, our vision will transform into reality.

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I hope you have enjoyed the various Makar Sankranti Wishes for your husband under different scenarios. I will be adding more and more Sankranti wishes with time. Till then, a very happy and prosperous Sankranti 2020.

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