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Nature has arranged two polar opposite polar forces in order to take care of the child. While the mother bears the child for nine months in her womb and tackles excruciating pain in bringing it to the world, it is usually the father who gives his everything to provide clothes, food, and shelter to his children.

Father is an instrumental figure for giving exposure to the outer world to the children under his protection, love, and care. In many cases, he gives many sacrifices in order to provide the best for his children.

Needless to say, a father deserves all the appreciation from his children. And his birthday is the perfect time to remind him of how grateful you are to him, how much he means to you and how much you love him! This post is all about the birthday wishes for your father.

Long Birthday Wishes to Father

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Dear Dad! Despite the troublesome childhood that I faced, I want to let you know that I have nothing against you and that you will always be my hero. Whatever the undesired words we have thrown on each other, let’s credit to Ignorance! The only thing that I care about is you. Happy Birthday Dad

Dear father! No matter how much I will achieve in my life, I will never forget your immense sacrifices during our struggling period! We owe you tremendously for the success we enjoy today! I hope that every child gets a father like you! Happy Birthday to my loving Dad! May God bless you!

Blessed we truly are as the divine has given us a father like you! You have propelled us to mountains of success and your altruistic teachings have made us give back so much to the community! On this Birthday, I pray for your longevity, effervescence, and vivacity. Happy Birthday Dad

It is only a preconceived notion that a good father needs to be rough and tough with his children. You are a cool Dad with whom I can share my most vulnerable mind. You are no less than a friend to me. Dear Daddy, many many happy returns of the day to you!

There was a time when I used to run away from your scoldings and criticism. Now I empathize with you for molding the mind of a challenging child such as me! I have done very well in my life, and you certainly deserve a pat on your back! Happy Birthday to you Daddy! You are the best dad in the world.

Daughter to Dad Birthday Wishes Both Image and Text

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Hey Dad! Despite being a single parent, you never shied away from showing your softer side and have always supported me in all my endeavors. I wish every daughter gets a father like you! Happy Birthday to the greatest dad in the world!

There is really no substitute for a father who vows to leave no stone unturned for giving the very best to his children. You are a gem of a person and we admire your grit and tenacity to bring up in the harshest conditions. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Emotional Birthday wishes to Dad from Son (Images and Text)

Hey Dad! When I see myself, I see a replica of you! And I feel nothing less than a proud son upon whom there is always an umbrella of love and care of his father! You do a lot for us and I will always be grateful for it. Happy Birthday, Daddy! May the Divine give you many many years.

Every son wants to transform the dreams and visions of his father into realities. I may not have achieved much but I am certainly on the right track owing to you Dad. On this Birthday, I pray to the divine for your great health. Happy Birthday, Dad!

I am fortunate to have witnessed such a strong and calm leader in my life; the one who infused all the right qualities in me; the one who always stood by me during the dark phases of life. I will never forget our friends like camaraderie. Happy birthday to you Daddy! Love you!

Blessed are the sons whose fathers are their very best friends. Your companionship has exposed me to so much wisdom and knowledge that has laid a strong spiritual foundation for my success. You nested me when it was needed, and you also pushed me out of my comfort zone when it was needed. In short, you are the perfect Dad that any child could have! Happy Birthday, Dad!

There may not be any heroic connotation to the word perseverance, but the quality is what Carbon is to steel. You permeated the value of it into me and I have reaped tremendous success from it, and the deserving credit goes to my Dad. Happy Birthday, father! You are the best!

It is a promise that no matter who much we fight or debate, I will always be there to ensure your safety and comfort for you. We may not get along on various issues but I will dutifully do all the duties as your son. I pray to the Almighty to keep you in excellent health and shape. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Unique, Heartfelt and Inspirational Birthday greetings to Father from Daughter in both Image and text form

They say that the daughters are closer to their Dads! And my my, it was right! Ever since I came into this world, you have lavished and pampered me with all the happiness, love, care and respect. There is literally nothing that I could have asked more from you. Happy Birthday Dad from your lovely daughter!

While I am super grateful to Mom for bringing me into this world, my loving dad is equally responsible for bestowing me with all physical, emotional traits and for empowering me to achieve any desire that my heart truly wanted. Happy Birthday to you Dad!

There is no place in this world like the teddy bear warm hug of my handsome dad! Your love, ebullience and sparkling personality can enliven the mood of any daughter. May you keep smiling always. Happy Birthday handsome father!

Time and again, I have successfully escaped from the most challenging scenarios of life, owing to heeding to your advice. I may have proved my mettle, but you certainly propelled me to achieve the milestones. Thanks a lot for all that Dad! Very happy birthday to you!

You are the first male that came into my life! You are the embodiment of a man who is handsome, loving and caring and I only look for your shadow in my life partner! I wish your health and well-being stays at its best for many more decades. Happy Birthday to my handsome Dad!

Hey Dad! Having you in my life, I have high expectations from my life partner to be! You are the epitome of a great father, a great husband and a loving loyal member of the family. Every daughter should have a father like you. Happy birthday to you Dad!

When I look at myself and my peers, I realize how lucky and grateful I am to have a father like you! You instilled with the right values so early on. But you also never shied away from pampering your princess as if there is no tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Dad!

The world definitely needs more women at the helm, more women to curb the ego, but it also needs equally supportive Dads like you who can propel talented daughters at such reputed positions. Happy Birthday, Daddy! 

Funny (And Sarcastic) birthday wishes to Father from Both Son and Daughter

Dear Dad! Seeing your naughty grandson, I can now totally relate to the madness that you must have gone through while raising me! And I must say, that you did a great job. Lol! I hope I become a great dad just like you! Happy Birthday, Dad!

You are an amazing reservoir of talent and ability! I wish you had some more space for patience too! Lol! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It feels so amazing to share the ups and downs of my relationship with my dad, my best daddy and not get judged, or scolded in any way! I wish I could have shared the same equation with mom too! Happy Birthday, Dad!

I am so glad that we have now grown up and don’t have to endure your unnecessary criticisms. But whatever our relationship may have seen, we will always love you and we accept the way you are! Happy Birthday, daddy!

I have never seen any individual like you who could flick instantly from a happy to super angry mode! God bless you! Happy birthday!

Hey Dad! Thanks for all those years of hiding from mom about my various affairs. May every son get a father like you! Happy birthday to my super Dad!

While you certainly are good at many things, I will always be grateful for you for protecting me against the beatings and scolding of the mom. You truly deserve an Oscar for it! Happy Birthday by the way!

Dear Dad! Thanks for allowing your naughty girl to fly in the sky! You gave me a lot of liberty and needless to say, I had a lot of fun too! Happy Birthday to you!

It has been 52 years of you on this Earth, and yet you still look one fine, dashing handsome man. I wonder what those genes are doing inside me! Happy Birthday, Dad!

According to Mom, there seems a strange correlation between your age and being wise. It appears inversely proportional. Just kidding! Happy birthday Dad

Hey Dad! Happy birthday to you! Keep the wallet open. As we are going to lavish you heavily with nice gifts from your own money only. Lol! Happy birthday!

Dear Dad! You deserve a stunning pat on your back for raising an already intelligent, well-behaved and obedient child like me! You are always there at times when I really don’t need your help! Lol! Jokes apart, very happy birthday to you!

Dear Dad! I want you to press the acceleration of your eating desire, as you may not have the left teeth after a few years. Happy Birthday to you!

When I look into the mirror, I see a perfect concave reflection of you. Thankfully, my anger didn’t go your way too! Kidding! Happy birthday Dad

While we may have given you a hard time growing up, we certainly aren’t responsible for those premature greying hairs. Lol! Dear daddy, stay blessed! Happy birthday!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! You clearly showed it when I was passing through my teenage years. An absolute mess I was, who could only be tamed by an assertive and calmed individual. I am so grateful that you were there to guide me back then. Happy birthday to you Dad!

Belated Birthday Messages to your Dad

Another Image of Belated Birthday Dad from your Son

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There is something special about the belated messages that receive more attention from the recipient! Apologies for the joke! But now I do have your attention, therefore I want to say sorry for the belated message. The day slipped out of mind. But worry not, I will make up for it when I do return home! Happy Belated birthday Daddy!

As I am still growing into maturity, I can be a complete idiot at times. I may have forgotten to wish you on time, but the sentiment, love, and fondness have evolved so much in my heart over time. I love you Dad and no matter wherever you are, my blessings and wishes will always find a way to reach your heart! Happy belated birthday to my handsome father!

There are mistakes that I rarely commit but unfortunately this time I forgot to send you the birthday wish on time. I hope that you celebrated your birthday with all the vigor and enthusiasm. Happy belated birthday to you dad!

Special Birthday wishes to Step Father

StepFather Birthday wish from Son and Daughter

Hey Dad! While we may not have real blood between us but I appreciate the effort that you put into our relationship. You bring us a smile and that’s truly what matters to us! Happy Birthday to our Step father

After the passing of our dad, there was a big void. But the divine had some other plans and sent you into our lives. You are a great father and we cherish your presence in our lives. Happy Birthday to you!

You have left no stone unturned for giving us immense happiness and comfort. You are more than a stepfather to us! Happy Birthday Dear

Hey StepDad! While I was hesitant to call you Dad first, but you have earned my trust and respect over the years. I hope our journey will be filled with more fun, love, care, and respect over the years. Happy Birthday to you!

If my real dad was alive today, he would have been so proud of you! As a daughter, I am ever grateful for the Almighty as he sent you in our life at such a crucial time. Happy Birthday dear stepdad!

While society may have a different preconceived notion about a StepDad, I can vouch for myself that you are much more to me than just a stepdad! I have made great progress over the death of my real father, and you certainly have given me hope that a stepdad can be equally, if not less, caring and loving. Happy birthday to our stepdad!

There is a reason why mom chose you after the passing of our real dad! And I can say that she certainly made the right choice. Happy Birthday dear stepdad!

You not only lifted us from the deepest of dark phases but also propelled us to be independent in our life; exactly what our real father would always dream of. The Almighty will reap you heavily for such a noble effort. Happy Birthday my dear stepdad! Lots of love.

Whenever I feel like crying for the passing of our real dad, I also take a sigh of relief in knowing that the Almighty has sent us an equally caring and loving stepdad. I am so happy to be your stepson (or step-daughter). I hope our relationship will be more than that of stepfather and stepson. Happy Birthday, dear!

It feels to me that the divine has brought so many souls together who were searching who were yearning for the right relationship all the time. You are a proud member of our family. Happy Birthday dear stepdad!

I may not have the physical attributes from your gene, but you have certainly instilled all the great emotional traits of yours into me. I thank you for that! Have a great birthday dear stepdad!

Beautiful Birthday message for long-distance father from Son and Daughter

Dear Dad! There may be mountains, oceans, and sea between us, but our love and wishes always find ways to traverse through the time and space to reach you. On this birthday, we wish you effervescent health, immense joy and loads of prosperity. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It is true that we realize the immense value of things when they are far from us. Dad, while we always love you, you being far away has made me realize the gratefulness of your proximity. I hope you come back soon. Happy birthday Daddy

Whenever I feel depressed, the mere thought of you brings a smile to my face. We may be far apart, but our hearts will always be entangled with the strings of love and respect. Happy Birthday, Dad! May you continue to live till perpetuity!

Hey Dad! We admire your tenacity and hard work. We appreciate the daily painstaking effort that you are undertaking there in order to provide roof and shelter to us. We hope you come back soon here. Happy birthday to you!

My handsome Dad! Your princess is missing you a lot today on your birthday! I may have grown up but I will always remain a cute little girl for you! Come back soon. We all miss you! Happy Birthday, dear daddy!

We may be thousands of miles away but our heart and soul will always be connected to each other. We may not be together on this birthday, but I assure you that we will have a blast on your next birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Birthday wishes for father in heaven

Image Text of Happy Birthday Wish to Late Father .. Father in Heaven

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Dear Father! You may have departed to the heavens but your memories will always remain etched in my heart. I vow to myself to become a man that you always dreamt of! Happy Birthday to my dear father in heaven!

Every night I stare at the sky and I always see a glimpse of you in the tiny shining star. I hope the angels are taking good care of you. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Image Text of Deceased Dad Birthday Wish From Children

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Hey Dad! Very very happy birthday to you. I hope you are having an amazing time in the laps of the great Almighty! I know that your blessings will always be there upon us! I will move heaven and Earth to make you proud up there! Happy Birthday to you.

It is such an irony that I always despised your scoldings when you were alive but now I always follow your footsteps in every aspect of my life. I am sad that you are not here, but I know that you are in a much better place. Happy Birthday dear late father!

The amazing moments I spent with you will always serve me like nostalgia. I feel blessed to acquire so much altruistic values from a dad like you. You were a great man and I will follow your footsteps till the last day of my life. Happy Birthday to late daddy!

Every daughter dreams of a handsome, charismatic, loving and supportive father and you were the perfect blend of it. You propelled me to staggering success. While you departed early to the heavens, I know that your umbrella of love and care will be there upon me! Happy Birthday to my late father. May God bless you!

Hey Dad! I will forever be thankful for you for sowing the seeds of success so early in my life. The rich dividends that I am enjoying rightfully belong to you as you really bent your back for instilling the right values in me. I wish you would have been here too to enjoy my success. Hopefully, you will be my dad in the next lifetime too! Happy Birthday, dear!

My dear late Dad! I am sure by now, you must have taken birth in a new body! I hope that wherever you are, you are doing amazing in your life! The Almighty will certainly reward you with great life because of your great deeds in the past life. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Birthday wishes for father turning 50

Dear Dad! Congrats for entering the 5th decade. It amazes me to see you hearty and healthy and I wish you will continue with your benevolent smile, contagious energy, and top-notch health! Stay blessed Dad and a very happy 50th birthday to you!

At this age, when folks are sitting in their homes, or doing the things that they don’t like, you are living the life of your dreams. And I admire you for that. Happy 50th birthday daddy! May you live for infinity!

Hey Dad! Throughout the years, you have worked day and night to provide us the best of all. And it’s my promise to you that we as children will leave no stone unturned to give you the very best in this age. Happy 50th birthday Dad!

Short Simple happy birthday wishes to father

You came, you saw and you conquered! You have done the best with what the Almighty bestows you with. Happy Birthday, Dad!

For a man like you, the sky’s the limit. It’s great to see that with growing age, you are throttling more in your endeavors. Happy birthday, Dad!

Dear Dad! Enjoy a glass of wine. Watch your favorite movie and let the Almighty bless you with great health! Many many happy returns of the day to you!

There is a serious dearth of sympathetic, understanding and motivating dad like you in the world. I wish every son and daughter would get a father like you!

Hey Dad! Happy Birthday! Here is a toast to your mighty birthday! May you live long and hopefully we will surpass all your expectations! Happy Birthday once again.

You are not only a quintessential coolest father but also a supreme calm leader who goes by the rule of action speaks louder than words. I hope you will live for another hundred years and more! Happy Birthday to my loving dad!

Dear Dad, thanks for infusing the belief in us that we could achieve any goal in this world that our heart wants! You gave us every ounce of your time and energy. Happy Birthday!

Religious Christian Birthday wishes to Father

Hey Dad! It has only because of the blessing of the Lord Christ that despite all the arguments, debates and conflicts, we still care and love each other from the bottom of our hearts. May the Lord always bestow us with the right values and ethics. Happy birthday wishes to you!

Where there is a will, there is away! And the Lord Christ has always shown us a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope that the love between us continues to grow. May love prosper, and conflict diminishes! Happy birthday you Dad!

The doom and glory of the dark phases often compel us to quit the grind and hard work. But your motivation and support plus the blessings of the Lord Christ have only propelled me to push through that barrier of the comfort zone. I am glad that my mind is in such a great company. Happy Birthday to my dear Dad! 

Birthday wishes for estranged father

Dear Dad! We may have never met but I do know that wherever you are, my prayers and blessings will always be there for you! Happy Birthday!

There are times when I cry to sleep thinking about you. But I am sure you are fine and healthy wherever you are! Happy Birthday, Dad!

While I have never met you, I look myself into the mirror to have a picture of you! People say I possess great emotional traits and I believe that you certainly have a part in it! May the Almighty take care of you until your last breath! Happy Birthday to my estranged Dad! God bless!

What adjectives, thoughts, and phrases can be used to prepare birthday messages for your dear father?

Vivacity, infinite love, and vigor, concave reflection, handsome Dad, quintessential, noblest of intentions, altruism, emotional intelligence, knowledge, hard work, the sky’s the limit, umbrella of your love and care, Pillar of motivation, behemoth, contemplate, supreme leader, embodiment, nostalgic memories, tenacity, carve out a better future, where there is a will, there is always a way, admire your grit, bend your back, saturated, applaudable, iota of doubt, surpass the wildest expectations and etc.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that you have enjoyed the various birthday wishes for your father in various tones. Your parents will be the most selfless people you will ever encounter in your life. When you will have your own children, you will then realize the immense sacrifice that a father has to give, just so in order to accommodate the desires, wishes, and choices of his children.

Feel free to mention how you liked this post! We will add more relevant images and text in this post from time to time. Until the next time, take care and a very happy birthday to your father!

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