Autistic, Special Child Heartwarming Birthday Wishes From Mom Dad

special child Autistic Son Daughter Birthday Wish Message From Mom Dad

Parents with special needs children such as those having Autism, disabled and handicapped children deserve sympathy, encouragement and a pat on their backs. Taking care of such a child is both physically and emotionally challenging.

Just like with all kids, even a special child craves love! They deserve our unconditional and selfless love and care and no other occasion could be better to write beautiful messages for them than the Birthday.

And this is why we are writing this post. To give you some beautiful, thought-out and special messages. After all, your special child deserves a special message.

Birthday wishes for Autistic Son (Daughter) From Mother

My Dear Son (or daughter)! It makes my heart so swollen with joy to see you come so far in life! No matter what the circumstances are, you will always be my lifeline! I adore you and will do so till my last breath. Happy Birthday, dear! Lots of love from Mumma!

Hey sweetheart! There are many things in life which I absolutely cherish and you are absolutely one of them. The warmth of your smile, benevolence, and innocence makes me feel proud of you. You may have certain limitations but the Almighty has sent you to us to be taken care of. I assure you that you will have the time of your life my dear! Happy loving birthday! We love you!

Emotional sentimental Autistic Child Birthday wishes from Father

My adorable daughter! You know how much daddy loves you to the moon and back, don’t you! You are a ray of sunshine in our lives and there is nothing in this Universe that I will not do for you to make you a cheerful and joyous life! Every day, you bring a smile to my face! On this Birthday, I wish you decades of longevity and great health! We love you! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

I used to pity myself for having you! But over the years I realized how the Almighty wants me to take care of a happy go lucky child who just wants to enjoy every moment of life. I feel now that the Almighty has handed over to me a big responsibility which he bestows to only a few people. You may be different, sort of challenging but I have no regrets about having you. I will always love you and will take care of you till my last breath. Happy Birthday, Dear!

It only feels yesterday that you opened your eyes for the first time in my lap. Feel astonished how time has flown by! I admire your cheerful bursting energy and the Almighty has gifted you this life to live to its fullest. I am so glad that I am your father sonny. I will fulfill all your needs and desires to the core! Happy Birthday my love! Daddy loves every bit of you!

Inspiring birthday wishes for handicapped / disabled child

My dear sonny! It is a moment of pride for me to bring you up with all the challenges. You have taught me to be grateful for life. It doesn’t matter if you have certain limitations, the Almighty has given many avenues to allow you to express yourselves. It has bestowed us the responsibility to fulfill every desire of yours, and we will do so with all our hearts. We are with you for every phase of your life. Happy Birthday, dear!

At times, we may blame the Almighty for giving us a challenging life. He may send us here with limitations but he also bestows with a will, desire and persistence for other avenues. Your tenacity to achieve something in life is so inspiring. The warmth of your smile is so contagious. Your attitude surely inspires similarly disabled people on Earth. I have nothing to complain about from the Almighty. I am glad that you are enjoying your life to the fullest. God bless you, dear! Happy Birthday!

Despite the challenges, I am so elevated to see how you have achieved fabulous results in your life. You are an inspiration to so many, including your parents too. May the Almighty propel you to even more success, wealth and fortune. Happy Birthday, dear! So proud of you!

Religious Christian Spiritual Birthday wishes for a special child

My dear child! Always remember that the Lord has plans for every child of his. While you may not completely comprehend my words, know that my heart beats for you, know that my soul is dedicated to you. Christ has given us the responsibility to ensure every need of yours, and we will do with all our might! Happy Birthday my child! I will always be there for you!

There is only the Lord Christ who understands the nitty-gritty of how this Universe runs. You are a beloved part of it, maybe like a speck but you certainly have his gracious blessings. On this Birthday, may the divine infuses you with more of the supreme traits of a human being. Happy Birthday my dear child! Love you to the moon and back!

Lord Christ is the supreme juggernaut of this Universe. You may have certain limitations but he has gifted you to us so that we understand life from a different perspective and value it. Your spiritual DNA is perfect and we love you with our core. We promise that we will pamper you with all the love, affection, gifts and encouragement to make your worth living for every second. We adore you, sweetheart! We will be with you in every phase of life and so will be Christ. Happy Birthday!

Special Birthday wishes for autistic daughter from parents

Birthday message to Autistic Daughter from Mother

We had always prayed for a girl child from the almighty. While you are certainly special, there is no one like you who has brought so much joy, effervescent and gratefulness in our life. We pray to the divine to give you longevity and great health. Happy Birthday dear 

Dear ……(name of the daughter)…… You are the angel who has brought so much luck, happiness and joy in our lives. While you may not speak like us, but know that our hearts are intertwined with yours and that we understand the well-being of you to the core. You are a special child from the divine and we will take care of you all through your life.

Happy birthday wishes for teenage Autistic Child

Hey sweetie! I know these teenage years are challenging. But you need not worry. Both mommy and daddy have ensured that you will enjoy these teen years. On this Birthday, both your dad and I have vowed to pamper you with all the goodies and adventurous outings, just like every child deserves on this planet. We love you to the core! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

My Dear special child! You may not believe but as a mother, I feel only blessed to have you! There are millions of mothers in this world that do not have the luck to even bear a child. No matter the limitations, we will always take care of you!

Wishing Your grownup Autistic child a very happy birthday

Hey buddy! A very happy Birthday to you! It feels so great to see you growing perfectly. It may feel to you that Life is not easy but do know that I will be sure to give you every joy, gift, and experiences that other children crave for. No matter if you have certain limitations, I will make sure that your life will be as good as ours. Happy Birthday once again dear. God bless you! More happy years to come!

Hey buddy! Lots of Birthday wishes to you. You may not realize how lucky you are! The divine has intended you to enjoy life to your heart’s content. And you have us who will give every ounce of their effort to smoothen the challenges of your life. Your future is well secured and safe with us dear. Just enjoy your life and make us smile with your zestfulness. Happy Birthday once again!

Heartfelt Birthday letter for my Autistic/special needs child

Dear ……(name of the special son and daughter)…..It has been an amazing journey of love and laughter. While you may be different from the other children, you have taught us so much! Your zest and smile is a reflection of your pure innocence, just like the Almighty intended for each of his children.

You are so much more to us than just our son. We were so anxious about raising you but the Almighty gave us strength and courage to take care of a special child like you. You may not understand our words but know that our feelings are synched with yours. We feel proud in seeing your tiniest of progress. You are the apple of my eye and I love you very much!

Apart from us, you have all the blessings and well-wishes from the divine too. We certainly faced difficulties and frustration before learned to handle you properly but every bit of that moment has taught us something and today on this birthday I can honestly say that there is nothing in my life that I will you trade you for. God bless you, dear! You may not be like other children but you are perfect the way you are! Very happy and joyous birthday to you! May the Almighty give you lots of health and longevity.

Sample Birthday letter for an Autistic Daughter

We have time in our lives when we question the Almighty and ask “Why me”? I will admit that I was no different either. I cried and cried for several days upon coming to know about your Autism. After contemplating about your condition, I decided to accept the fate that the Almighty has bestowed upon me.

I thought of a life full of trouble. But they say that the divine gives strength and courage to the one on whom it bestows the heaviest of responsibility. Over the years, seeing you growing up, I felt a deep sense of joy, enthusiasm and content also, because I was able to keep up with the challenges of raising you, to be able to feed you, to buy the clothes for you and to give you all the reasons to smile, just what every kid desires.

What to keep in mind before preparing such messages?

We definitely agree that more often than not, it can be really hard to not get engulfed in grief while preparing such messages for your child. It is important to write the messages from a perspective that the child has special needs but they do make you happy! Their smiles bring a smile to your face and that their happiness is yours too.

If you have made solid arrangements regarding their future, then there is no reason for you to be grieving while writing them a happy birthday message.

Adjectives and phrases that can help you to prepare a heartwarming birthday message for your special child

Some of the adjectives and phrases that you can use for writing down such messages are the following

My lifeline, the special one from the divine, my cutie pie, my sweety, handsome son, beautiful daughter, adorable sweetheart, love you to the moon and back, daddy’s princess, the apple of my eye, etc. 

Final thoughts!

It is certainly challenging for me to come up with such birthday messages for children of special needs. We hope that you and your child live a memorable life instead of dwelling upon their limitations. Easier said than done though!

While I do care about the feedback from my visitors, I especially care about it for this particular post. I have taken care to not be hurtful in any way but still if there is a message that does not seem fit for this post or if you want to jot down a special message on this website for your special child, feel free to let me know through the comment section.

Until next time, goodbye and many many birthdays wish to your dear child. My love for him/her too. Take care!

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